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Food sensitivities & Hidden Allergenic Reactions

Sometimes stealth or hidden, food sensitivities can be a major contributor to autoimmunity and flare-ups. Eating trigger foods drives up inflammation and can disrupt the gut microbiome, causing leaky gut, which is highly correlated with autoimmunity.

In functional medicine, no matter what the chronic ailment is, nutrition is always a component of treatment. Determining your food sensitivities is key because avoiding food triggers has a positive impact on many chronic conditions, including autoimmune diseases, SIBO and IBS, and can help with mood disorders, skin problems, pain, sleep issues and more.

If there is one thing you can do to make the biggest impact and start your healing journey right now, it is finding out your body's food triggers, while you start the process of healing the gut.

Airborne Triggers

Airborne and environmental substances can also lead to 'leaky lung', triggering or exacerbating asthma or breathing problems. Knowing what is triggering your symptoms helps a great deal, giving you the ability to treat at the cause, and make changes in your environment to reduce your allergenic risk potential.

Supporting the body to heal mucosal barriers & calm immune reactiveness

Before physical symptoms arise, issues occur first as an energy disruption, then as a biochemical imbalance. When reactions have begun to occur we know the triggering imbalance has been around for a while. Mucosal surfaces lining the respiratory tract, and digestive tract are designed to keep the inner workings of the body protected from the many reactants in our food and environment. when this barrier becomes damaged, it's ability to discern, filter and protect from things becomes impaired, and the body's immune system can become hyper-reactive.

Part of teh process of working with allergenic potential is repairing these protective structures. this is where Naturopathy and Bioresonance work differently from mainstream medicine. We seek to repair and strengthen the body's defences, to calm and protect from reactions going forward. When we recover nutrient deficiencies, calm reactions and support the immune system to reset and regulate, we can bring resilience to the lungs, gut and skin, so that a person is not so reactive.

Bio-energetic Sensitivity Testing

Knowing what is occurring in your body, what the triggers are, and what to do about it helps put you back in control of how reactive you are,  as we become clearer on what it is your body is in need of.

The type of testing we use in the clinic is non-invasive, sensitive and safe for babies, children, adults and pregnant women.

Helping to bring clarity and healing to your health journey.


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Personalised Health Care

Each person is unique, with their own particular lifestyle factors, health history, epi-genetic characteristics and treatment needs. We regard each person as an individual, and aim work with you to identify the causative and sustaining factors in your current experience, and what you need to move forward in the most efficient and effective way for you. 


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