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Allergic disease has become a major feature of Western Society, both in terms of medical management and quality of life. However understanding diagnosis and management becomes complex because not only are there multiple allergen sources involved but also a large number of diseases. Hay fever, perennial rhinitis, chronic sinus disease, urticara, atopic eczema, anaphylaxis, food allergy, and asthma each affect large numbers of patients. Because of the overall numbers (15 % – 20 % of the population 1) there are inevitably a large proportion of patients who are allergic or think they are allergic and attribute other symptoms to this mechanism. One of the striking features of allergy is that each disease varies from very serious to trivial with no clear distinction.


For each of the major allergic diseases there are a vast number of individuals whose symptoms are not sufficient to be diagnosed by a doctor as allergies, and those with diagnosed allergies whose lives are miserable and threatened by their body's hyperreactivity to normal everyday substances.


Understanding and managing the factors contributing to a broad spectrum of allergic diseases is where Naturopathy and Bioresonance Therapy excel.


The body can also often have a tolerance threshold for airborne particles, foods, chemicals and environmental factors, which once breached, will launch a host of symptoms similar to allergy.

  • Hayfever

  • Sinus congestion

  • Runny nose

  • Sneezing

  • Frequent colds

  • Cough, uh-hum bug

  • Asthma aggravation

  • Blocked or runny nose

  • Dark circles under eyes

  • Sensitivity to cold air

  • Mast Cell Activation Syndreom

  • Urticaria, welts, wheals

  • Headaches, migraines

  • Gut problems, IBS, colitis, IBD, Chrohn's, GORD,

  • Reflux, colic in babies, restless sleep

  • ADHD, behavioural issues, restlessness, irritability, irrational frustration

  • Sensitivity to shopping centres, public places, people, classrooms, the soap aisle of the supermarket, bedding


An allergic reaction can be caused by any form of direct contact with a sensitising substance or allergen— food, ingredient inhalant or brushing against an allergy-causing plant (direct contact which generally results in hives).

When people say they have 'allergies' they are often reacting environmental factors. When it comes to hayfever and other more common allergies, the following are often at play.

Common allergens that we screen for include :

  • Dust

  • Dust mite

  • Pollens – tree, shrub, grass

  • Animal dander – cats, dogs, cattle, feathers, wool

  • Moulds

  • Perfume, aftershave

  • Chemicals

  • Soaps


The latest sensitising agent is Electromagnetic Radiation, which has a subtle bio-accumulative effect. Once body threshold levels are reached, symptoms begin to arise the longer exposure continues.

  • burning skin

  • redness

  • itching

  • burning tongue

  • tingling

  • brain fog

  • headaches

  • restlessness

  • anxiety



Regulating the immune system and how it reacts to allergenic substances is the forte of Bicom Bioresnance therapy. An allergy desensitisation program can help people manage hayfever, sinus and skin complaints associated with allergenic substances.


Identifying problematic substances is the first step. Following which, a holistic program incorporating Bicom Bioresoance therapy will be put together for you. The number of sessions you will need depends on the severity and extent of the substances that we need to harmonise, and how quickly your body is able to regulate and restore itself. We continue until your mast cell activity is stabilised, inflammation is regulated and your symptoms are resolved. For some people this is three sessions, for others, this is ten. 

A few recent Case Studies from our Clinic

Amanda was 32 years old and suffered severe hayfever every spring and summer. She reacted to cats and dust all year round,, but when the blossoms and pollens came out, she was virtually incapacitated, just like her mother. The two of them would suffer their symptoms together and had done so for many years. Through Bio-energetic Testing for food sensitivities, Amanda also discovered what her hayfever triggers and decided to treat them with the Bicom machine. She felt better straight away. From that point on she was reminded of her progress as she watched her mother struggle with the regular hayfever she used to get, no longer affected by the seasons, cats and dust as she was. She also found that she didn't get sick as much, being a teacher she had often succumbed to the colds circulating the classroom. Understanding her triggers and how to manage them helped Amanda get on top of all her health issues, with the hayfever resolution and immune strengthening being a particular blessing.

Claire, 25, had suffered from severe vasculitis for over six years, and when I met her, she was confined to the house unable to walk because her legs were swollen, cracked, painful and bleeding. She would spend her days inside with wet cloths on her legs trying to alleviate the pain. In her first session, we reviewed Claire's health history and undertook her food and allergen sensitivity thoroughly at her second visit. At her two-week follow-up Claire had embraced her new diet and supplements with gusto, and in just two weeks she had a 30% improvement, which was already life-changing as she was no longer in pain and could move around freely without bleeding and cracking her skin. Her one month follow up had her 70% improved, and three months later she no symptoms of vasculitis at all. Amazing results from a very motivated client.

Suzie, 56, had severe, chronic sinusitis. At her first session we reviewed her health history and then did a short testing to find her diet and nutrient starting point needs. At her second appointment 2 weeks later, she 80% improved from her initial prescription and some basid diet changes. One month later she felt amazing, she had no sinus issues, was sleeping better than she had in many years, had lost 5kg of excess weight, and her mood was noticeably better t the point that the people around her were commenting and asking what she was doing that was making hers so happy.

Loulou was a 9 month old baby with severe eczema in the lower half of her body. We tested all of her stressors and discovered that she was reacting with a stress response to tap water. We worked with this, together with a few simple diet tweaks and some nutrients she was showing low in, and within just a few weeks her eczema completely cleared up.

Alice, 24, was diagnosed with POTS, which was debilitating to her, and she had chronic digestive issues, overwhelming fatigue, inability to lose weight, a recurrent skin condition, and painful irregular periods. Alice's thyroid reading was very strange so we ran a full functional thyroid panel and began Bioresonance therapy. Her thyroid tests came back with elevated Reverse T3 and high antibodies, which we wove into her treatment. Within one month Alice's skin cleared up, her periods became more regular and stopped being painful, she was sleeping better, and her energy improved vastly. At her six month follow up she had no migraines and no episodes of dizziness at all. Her food sensitivities were retested and most of the foods were brought back into her diet, with the exception of a few foods which she knew were a problem, as she noticed whenever those foods crept back in. Prior to this, Alice had been under the care of a medical team for over five years to no avail. You really can't beat health when it comes to disease recovery.

1. Allergy in Practice - Johannes Ring -


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