ASEA Water

Asea Water 

ASEA is an saline water that has undergone a patented charging process to change the composition of the molecular structure. It is a cell signalling liquid created using a patented process that reorganises the structure of molecules into a bio-available health water.  


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ASEA for






General Wellbeing : Take 60mls on an empty stomach 1-2 times daily. 

Acute injuries or healing : 80-100mls on an empty stomach 1-2 times daily.

Athletes : 60mls on rising, 60mls before event to support stamina, and/or 60mls after to support recovery.

The standard dose is 60mls twice daily, one bottle lasts a week.

For more chronic or serious health issues, it is possible to take half a bottle 1-2 times daily.

In instanceswhere the body is extremely toxic (such as during a long term chronic infection or during/following chemo or other pharmaceutical treatment), begin with small doses  of 20-30mls one to two times daily and build up slowly.

Asea comes in a box of four, one month supply at the recommended dose.

Renu28 is Asea in a topical gel. It is beneficial as a gel application for:

  • muscle pain

  • skin ailments

  • sunburn

  • burns

  • injuries

  • scars, stretch marks

  • wrinkles

  • cellulite

  • facial rejuvenation

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