Australian Bush Essences


  1. Antiseptic Bush - For cleansing oneself from negative influences in one's environment or a build up over time of such influences within oneself. This essence helps a person to be amongst the different aspects of life and maintain inner sanctity by continual cleansing. In the case of negative or harmful aspects, or people, one is then able to live without a build up of negative energy.

  2. Bauhinia - For those who resist change. It allows one to grasp and accept new ideas. It enables people to be open-minded and willing to consider new points of view.

  3. Billy Goat Plum - For those with feelings of self-loathing or self-disgust with regard to sexual organs or sex acts. For those who have feelings of revulsion toward sex.

  4. Black Eyed Susan - Remedy for stress, rushing, always on the go, constant striving, impatient.  Positive Outcome: Slowing down, ability to turn inward and be still, inner peace.

  5. Black Kangaroo Paw - For those who are socially unaware or inept, have difficulty relating to others, or lack social graces. For insensitive individuals.  Socially immature, clumsy or gauche individuals, insensitive to the needs of others.  Positive Outcome: Relaxed, sensitivity, savoir faire, enjoyment of people.

  6. Bluebell - For those cut off from their feelings, fear of lack, greed.  Positive Outcome: Opens the heart, joyful sharing.

  7. Boronia - Obsessive thoughts, pining from recently ended relationships. For those who have obsessive thoughts that they can’t let go. Helps clarify the thought and quiet the mind. Positive Outcome: Mental calmness, serenity, clarity of mind and thought.

  8. Bottlebrush - For those facing life’s transitions such as pregnancy, starting school or a new job, moving, aging, etc. It gives the ability to cope and deal with the situation, as well as help one break from repetitive lifestyle.

  9. Bush Fuschia - Poor learning ability, dyslexia, stuttering, ignoring "gut feelings".  This remedy is unsurpassed for resolving learning problems. Balancing and integration of left and right hemispheres of the brain, clarity and projection in speaking, developing one's intuition.

  10. Bush Gardenia - Caught up in one's own world and affairs, taking for granted and unaware of those close to them.  Positive Outcome:  Passion, renews interest in partner, improves communication with those close.

  11. Bush Iris - Fear of death, materialism, atheism, excessive "sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll".  Positive Outcome: Spiritual insights, understanding of things beyond the material five senses, spiritual awakening.  For those who want to achieve spiritual and self-awareness. It can bring balance to those who are materialistic.

  12. Christmas Tree - This essence helps settle the person, bringing inner contentment which enhances the enjoyment of the family or group. The person can then fulfill their responsibilities and reap the rewards of consistency and shared goals. For issues of responsibility in family and group life where duties and everyday pressure is causing an individual to become distant and avoid their share of the load. This affects the whole group as they must carry the extra burden, and problems of resentment soon arise.

  13. Crowea - For those who are stressed, constantly worried or anxious.  For individuals who worry, sense of feeling "not quite right" - of being out of balance.  Positive Outcome: Peace and calm, balancing and centering the individual, vitality.  Helps to calm, control and center your being.

  14. Daggar Hakea - For those who have feelings of resentment toward others and may hold grudges. It helps to bring about feelings of forgiveness.

  15. Dog Rose - For those who have nagging common fears, such as fear of heights, darkness, violence, etc. It helps to let go of the fear. Fearful, shy, insecure people. Apprehensive of other people, for niggling fears.  Positive Outcome: Confidence, courage, belief in self.

  16. Flannel Flower - For those who are uncomfortable when being physically close or being touched by other people.

  17. Fringed Violet - Shock or trauma, damage to Aura, energy and vitality drained by other people and things, e.g. radiation.  For those who emotionally don’t feel quite right since a shock or trauma. Their aura is not whole or they lack inner peace. Positive Outcome: Removal of effects of recent or old trauma, psychic protection, energy protection. 

  18. Hibbertia - For those who are inflexible and need to be in control. For those who are very rigid with themselves with regard to knowledge. They are constantly learning in the belief that they will be better than those with less knowledge.  Negative Condition: Excessive self discipline, addiction to acquirement of knowledge, self-improvement and fanaticism.  Positive Outcome: Accepting of self and own innate knowledge and experiences, without wanting to be superior to others.

  19. Illawarra Flametree  The person who relates to the attitude of others too personally. Those who have been persecuted or continually treated unfairly. Possible symptoms: over- sensitive, anxious, paranoid, being scratchy or tearful over small matters. The person needing this flower essence is often affected by other peoples views and attitudes towards them. The person may be oversensitive or genuinely under attack, but the result is the same, their peace of mind is affected. An Essence for those who suffer from a great sense of rejection, or who feel 'left out'. This rejection is deeply felt and is very agonising for the person. The Essence is also for self-rejection, or for a person feeling apprehensive about a new experience, e.g. parenthood, or where there is a fear of responsibility. This Essence will help a person take that first step.  Negative Condition: overwhelming sense of rejection, fear of responsibility. Positive Outcome: confidence, commitment, self-reliance, self-approval.

  20. Isopogon - For those who have poor memory and do not learn from their mistakes. For those wishing to recall past memories. Negative Condition: Poor memory, inability to learn from past experience, senility, stubborn controlling personality.  Positive Outcome: Ability to learn from past experiences, retrieval of forgotten skills and memories.

  21. Jacaranda- For those who enthusiastically start projects, but never finish them. They are easily distracted and changeable.  Jumping from one task to another.

  22. Kangaroo Paw - For those who are socially unaware or inept, have difficulty relating to others, or lack social graces. For insensitive individuals.  Negative Condition: Socially immature, clumsy or gauche individuals, insensitive to the needs of others.  Positive Outcome: Relaxed, sensitivity, savoir faire, enjoyment of people.

  23. Kapok Bush - For those who are resigned to situations and easily discouraged. This remedy is for those who give up too easily. Negative Condition: People who are easily discouraged and give up easily, resignation, apathy.  Positive Outcome: Persistence, perception of how things work e.g. machinery, willingness and application to give it a go.

  24. Little Flannel Flower - For those who are too serious. It is used to bring out playfulness, for relaxation and enjoyment of life.  Negative Condition: Denial of "the child" in the personality, grim adults, serious children who grow up too quickly.  Positive Outcome: Playfulness, joyfulness, having fun.

  25. Macrocarpa - For those who are “burned out” and need to be recharged. It is used to revitalize, energize and strengthen physical endurance. Negative Condition: Tired, exhausted, burnt out, low immunity.  Positive Outcome: Strong affinity to the adrenal glands; bringing about energy, strength and vitality.

  26. Mountain Devil - Hatred, anger, jealousy, holding of grudges, suspiciousness.  Positive Outcome: Unconditional love, forgiveness, happiness. For those who feel jealousy, hatred, and/or anger. It is used to bring about joy, unconditional love and acceptance.

  27. Mulla Mulla - For those who have fear or trauma from fire, heat, or hot objects. Used to release stored radiation from ultraviolet ray exposure. Negative Condition: Trauma associated with fire, heat or even sunburn, fear of flames and hot objects.  Positive Outcome: Feeling comfortable with fire, rejuvenation.

  28. Old Man Banksia - For those who are low in energy, weary, sluggish with a slow metabolism. It is used to energize and bring about interest in life.  Negative Condition: Plethoric people in low energy, sluggishness, disheartened, weary, low thyroid activity.  Positive Outcome: Energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment of and interest in life.

  29. Paw Paw - For those who feel overwhelmed, are burdened by making decisions, and/or are struggling with a major decision. It is used to bring about mental calmness and clarity.  Negative Condition: Overwhelm, burdened by decision.  Positive Outcome: Assimilation and integration of new ideas and information, improved access to Higher Self for problem solving.

  30. Peach Flowered Tea-Tree -  Mood swings, lack of commitment to follow through with projects once bored by them, hypochondriacs, balances the pancreas. Positive Outcome: Emotional balance, completion of goals and projects, trust and responsibility in their own health.

  31. Philotheca - For those who are extremely generous and giving to everyone but themselves. They cannot acknowledge themselves. They are often shy or have difficulty accepting praise.  Negative Condition: Inability to accept acknowledgement, excessive generosity.  Positive Outcome: Ability to let in praise, ability to receive love and acknowledgement.

  32. Red Grevillea - For those who feel stuck in a situation, but cannot move on. Feeling stuck-knowing the goal but not the route, often affected by criticism and unpleasant people, too reliant on others. Positive Outcome: Strength to leave unpleasant situations, boldness. It is used to bring about independence and boldness.

  33. Red Helmet - To assist the bonding process, particularly with male figures. Also used to assist those who defy authority.  Negative Condition: Rebelliousness, selfish, problems with authority figures stemming from a poor relationship with one's father.  Positive Outcome: Helps a man to bond to his children, sensitivity, respect.

  34. Red Lily - For people over the age of 28 who are vague, split, indecisive, daydreamers.  Positive Outcome: Grounded, focused, living in the present.

  35. Silver Princess - For those who don’t know which way in their life to go next. They have no purpose or plan.  Negative Condition: Lack of life direction, aimless, despondent. Positive Outcome: Life, purpose and direction, motivation.

  36. Slender Rice Flower - For those who are narrow-minded or prejudiced, or fail to see both sides of a situation. Negative Condition: Racism, narrow mindedness, comparison with others. Positive Outcome: Co-operation, humility, perception of beauty in others, group harmony.

  37. Southern Cross - For those who feel that they are always the victim or that their efforts always go unrewarded. They can't understand or empathize with the difficulties of others. Or they may think, life's so beautiful, so wonderful, why do people have to be negative and agitate for this and that. However the time comes when the advantages are taken out of their life and a reversal takes place. They find themselves in a position where they have to fend for their reputation, economic, emotional, or physical survival. The healing properties of this flower open their minds to see outside their own lifestyle or situation, they become in touch with the problems and difficulties facing others. If they take this flower essence after the advantages are removed from their life, it allows them to laugh at themselves and to see why they have been put in that position, and how it was important for them to become far more in touch with the way life really works. 

  38. Spinifex - For those with skin conditions with cutting and/or stinging sensation. It is utilized for chlamydia and conditions of the urinary and reproductive systems; herpes, chlamydia, fine cuts.  Positive Outcome: Empowers one through emotional understanding to heal the physical, works well topically on cuts and lesions.

  39. Sturt Desert Pea - One of the most powerful of the essences. For those with deep pain, sadness, or sorrow even if felt for many years.  It is used to help let go of the pain, deep hurt, & emotional pain.  Positive Outcome: Diffuses sad memories, letting go, motivates and re-energizes. HURT

  40. Sturt Desert Rose - For those who lack self-esteem and/or have feelings of guilt. Guilt can profoundly affect self-esteem. This remedy gives one the strength to be true to their beliefs and convictions. Guilt, low self esteem as a consequence of some past action(s), easily led.  Positive Outcome: For following your own inner convictions and morality.

  41. Sundew - For those who lack focus. They have a broad spectrum of the situation, but lack the attention to details. For those under the age of 28 who are vague, split, indecisive, daydreamers.  Positive Outcome: Grounded, focused, living in the present.

  42. Sunshine Wattle - Struggle, stuck in the past, expectation of a grim future.  For those who are stuck in the past and believe the future is hopeless. Positive Outcome: Optimism, acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present. 

  43. Sweet Chestnut - For those who feel they have reached the limits of their endurance. For those  moments of deep despair when the anguish seems to be unbearable.

  44. Tall Yellow Top - For those who feel isolated and lonely or have difficulty connecting with people, workplace, etc. Alienation, lonely, isolated.  Positive Outcome: Sense of belonging, knowing that you are "home".

  45. Turkey Bush - Creative block, disbelief in your own creative ability.  Positive Outcome: Inspired creativity, creative expression, renews artistic confidence. For those who experience a creative block. It is used to bring back focus, perspective, and inspiration.

  46. Waratah Black night of the soul. Limits of endurance. depression.

  47. Wedding Bush - Difficulty with commitment in relationships - business, social, intimate, etc.  Positive Outcome: Commitment in and to relation- ships, dedication to life purpose.

  48. Wild Potato Bush - Sense of being physically encumbered and being weighed down - the body not being able to respond as one would wish. For those who are physically encumbered and frustrated as a result of the restriction, such as a paraplegic. This remedy brings about a sense of freedom. Positive Outcome: Freedom, vitality, to move on in life.

  49. Wisteria - For those women who are uncomfortable with their sexuality. It is used to bring about openness and sexual enjoyment.