Infant & Toddler's Health & Well being

In the first two years of life a baby's brain doubles in size, their immune, digestive and nervous systems develop and mature in profound ways. This delicate phase of life is such an alechmistic time, and if taken advantage of and supported nutritionally and dietarily, can impact their health and learning for life.

Babies are born with an immature digestive system which can cause them to struggle with symptoms of maldigestion and food intolerance . This may be to things the mother eats if breastfeeding, or to the proteins in formula if bottle fed. Once foods are introduced new challenges can arise, as complex foods can trigger digestive and immune symptoms if  foods and food chemicals are not well tolerated.  Nutritional deficiencies can also pose a problem to a developing child.


Knowing just what is causing symptoms in  the early life of a child can save parent' 'sanity, while helping to make a child's life more comfortable. Non-invasive food and nutrient testing is ideal for babies, breastfeeding mothers and children of all ages. 

Health Support for Mums & Bubs

Many babies suffer from the issues of an immature immune and digestive system at this time. Knowing what they are having trouble with can really save a parent's sanity.  We offer highly valuable, non-invasive food and nutrient testing for babies and their breastfeeding mothers. It can make a world of difference to everyone's wellbeing by supporting their sleep and contentment.

Signs a baby is having issues include :

  • reflux

  • gastro-oesophageal burning

  • colic

  • disturbed sleep cycles

  • thrush 

  • difficulty settling

  • excessive crying

  • bloating

  • bowel problems

  • nappy rash

  • eczema and skin problems

  • cradle cap

  • rashes

  • high fevers

  • short sleep cycles

  • excessive hunger

Breast milk - Formula - Weaning

Breast Feeding 


No-one prepared me for the rigors of breastfeeding when I had my children. I found the pregnancy and birth the easy part!  Split nipples, poor attachment, grazing, expressing, worrying if they were getting enough milk, food intolerances passing through the milk.


I have worked with many breastfeeding mums and it is easy to test for food issues passing through the milk to the baby using our holistic testing methods. Knowing what the mum needs to leave out of her diet to save the baby from colic and reflux can be a godsend for everyone! 


The first six months is the hardest time as the digestive system is so immature. 


Babies bring with them feeding issues, tummy trouble and sleepless nights.  Simple things like preventing mastitis, healing after the birth, vaccination support, optimal nourishment and emotional awareness are just a few of things that we can support parents with as they adapt to life with small children. 


Mum's health through the fourth trimester - birth recovery

  • Diet and nutritional guidelines

  • Food sensitivites

  • Tissue regeneration protocols for optimal healing.

  • Post Natal Depression prevention and recovery.


Infant colic, reflux, digestive issues

  • Food testing to determine what foods a breastfeeding mother may be eating that is upsetting the baby through the milk.

  • Which formula best suits the baby's developing digestive system.

  • Bioresonance therapy to support optimal digestive development.

  • Naturopathic protocols for nutritional balance and holistic support.


Bottle Feeding


There are many different types of formulas on the market. Knowing which one best suits your baby and to do alongside formula feeds can be extremely helpful, while also saving baby from reflux, colic and bowel problems from the start.




Naturopaths everywhere have objections to the current guidelines for weaning. With an over reliance of foods that trigger digestive and immune issues too early, there is a more appropriate to wean a baby, one that will improve immune and digestive health instead of impair it.


Natural Health Management for Babies & Children


Working together with a Naturopath can help you support your baby's health through this very influential time, and benefit your own health and wellbeing by supporting sleep, understanding, knowledge and peace of mind.  Nutritional and microbiome support can help reduce the risk of common childhood health issues, while enhancing health and wellbeing going forward.


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