BEST : Bio-energetic Sensitivity Testing

There was a time in my Naturopathic practice that I used a lot of clinical testing - food testing, blood tests, functional pathology screening. It was a very expensive venture for my clients, and often even when we removed the identified substances, their symptoms would persist. Now I use this testing method, and 9 times out of 10, the issue resolves using the information returned through this methodology.  Monica Williams

All the information we need is held in the information field around and through your body. This highly sensitive energy-testing method, allows us to tune in to it.


If your body responds with a stress-response to a food vial held on the skin and tested there, then that food is best avoided for a short time until the cause of your sensitivity is addressed. This method enables us to identify what foods support, and what foods and substances hinder your body's healing processes.


Nutrients fuel the body's biochemical processes. Nutrients and nutritionals that are too low or too high will cause a stress-response in the body, alterting us to a need to increase or reduce a nutreints to best support self-regulation. No other testing method allows us this level of insight.

Supplements and Medications

Everthing we take or consume interacts with our body in a positive or negative way. If the supplements we are taking are not harmonious to the body's energy system, their full benefit will not be accessible. If supplements or medications are testing as a strain on the body, we can either harmonise the substance, or find an alternative that will be more strenghtening and supportive.


We can tune in to the emotions that you need to work with to clear and harmonise your energies.


Using this method we can tune in to the factors influencing your system for better or worse, and work at this level to clear the blockages and obstacles, reinforcing energy flow through the body and energy system.

BEST testing is a simple way to identify foods & substances that may be a problem for you right now. It is a great help to people managing allergies, tummy trouble, skin problems, fatigue, and chronic illness. Brilliant for babies & breastfeeding mothers.

Using test vials held against the body, this screening offers us a gentle and non-invasive way to check what foods or substances are causing the body distress at this time. Similar to Kinesiology, but without the arm-fatigue, this method is completely non-invasive and gentle, making it easy to screen anyone, from pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, babies, infants, children, teens, to adults and the elderly.


BEST sessions are aimed at bringing simple, practical insights that may better support your body’s healing process while allowing you to manage symptoms with more clarity.  This is not a medically diagnostic test, rather it is aimed at identifying the things that are driving a stress response for you right now, as these things tend to be obstructive to the body’s healing resources. This process is a useful way for your practitioner to monitor your progress and enables you to enjoy a more health-supportive diet and lifestyle.

BEST testing may include :

•    Foods – grains, gluten, dairy foods, meats, sugars, coffee, tea, vegetables, fruits.

•    Allergens – dust, dust mite, pollens, grasses, animals, feathers, moulds, inhalants.

•    Personal items - bring in test items such as foods, skincare, supplements, and medications.

•    Environmentals – perfumes, petrol fumes, cleaning agents, outgassing.

•    Nutrients – vitamins & minerals - nutritional deficits cause stress to the body.

When the body has what it needs nutritionally, it can get on with making you feel better, sooner.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a medical test, it is a stress-senstivity-test, screening your body's subtle energy responses to challenged substances. We are looking to remove the things causing strain to the system, so your body can better heal itself.


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