Bicom Bioresonance Therapy

Essentially everything in life comes down to energy.  Every process in the body is driven by it, and whether you feel it or not impacts the quality of your life.  Since everything comes down to it, it makes sense that to manage an energy driven system, treatment on this level is imperative also. (MW)

Treatment on a bioresonance machine involves energetic testing for what needs to be worked on, then as the client lies on a treatment mat, the hands and feet will be placed on brass electrode plates, or treatment mats will be placed on key areas of eh body.


Bioresonance assists the body to reduce its toxin or stress load and to help restore strength to body’s ‘self-regulation’ processes, the body’s innate ability to repair, regenerate, restore and heal itself.  It is supports the body to restore homeostasis by helping the body to manage stress factors that can contribute to both clinical and sub-clinical issues.  


Sessions begin with testing the energy points of the body to see where the blockages are, followed by a progressive process of identifying and removing the physiological obstacles or blockages identified.  These obstacles may include : radiation, trauma, scars, inversion, toxins, allergens, infections and/or nutritional depletion or excesses. 

​Sessions provide a focused and directed support to the body's resources for healing and self-regulation.  It is a particularly useful resource for immune based conditions and infections.    

This modality utilises therapeutic frequencies to stimulate and support the body’s cellular fields and processes.  Applying supportive frequencies that harmonise and work with the body’s natural processes to heal,  contribute to a more efficient return to health where the body’s resources may have been waning.

A typical treatment program may run a range of frequencies for :

  • Detoxification, to help with the release of cellular toxins.

  • Adrenal tonification and endocrine (hormone) system regulation.

  • Organism clearance - bacterial, fungal, viral - good for chronic low grade infections or acute flare ups.

  • Specific treatment regime for diagnosed illnesses or other body conditions.

  • Common colds, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia.

  • Chronic fatigue, chronic low grade infections.

  • Sinus or other encapsulated infections (such as staph or wound sepsis).

  • Facial rejuvenation.

  • Scar bridging or softening.

  • Adhesion prevention.

  • Bone break or fracture healing.

  • Wound healing.

  • Post-surgical recovery.

  • Stroke recovery.

  • and much more



The greatest strength of this treatment is in acute and chronic infections.  Using a matching frequency, the device distrupts identified pathogens to halt a flare cycle, and either clear the infective agent or send it back into a dormant state.


Once this process is complete, the practitioner will focus on repairing and strenghtening the system so that the person is less vulnerable to recurrence.


In the case o f shingles, nerve damage can take some time to recover from, and it is wise t continue with the treatment until it is complete.  It is not uncommon for post shingles neuralgia to become permanent if not treated adequately while in the acute state.


This treatment is commonly resourced by people wanting to recover from acute or chronic infections such as 

  • Epstene Barr

  • Herpes 1-4

  • Mycoplasma

  • Borellia sp

  • Bartonella sp

  • Borelia

  • Candida

  • and many more.

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