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Bicom Bioresonance Practitioner

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As a Naturopath, I resource therapies that support the body's ability to better heal itself. Here is some information on Body Load theory.

Obstacles to health & energy flow

The body heals itself well when all systems are working in harmony, and all of the body's need for nutrition and clearance of wastes are met. When illness occurs, there is always a reason. To support recovery naturally, we seek to understand what the obstacles to health and healing are for the individual, while supporting the body's nutritional and lifestyle needs.


Energy is everything when it comes to optimal healing and function. Holistic therapies seek to support improved resources for the body to heal itself more efficiently.  It is important to remember that all healing is self-healing, we are simply seeking to support this process naturally with focus, clarity, and intention, using the tools and strategies we have available to us. 


The body is an energy-based organism, so working at the level of energy makes sense.


Obstacles to health may include:

Allergens - foods, airborne agents (pollens, dust, chemicals), ingredients, chemicals, phenolics etc

Chemicals & Toxins - perfumes, fumes, exhaust, pollutants, pesticides, mycotoxins, lipopolysaccharide, mercury, lead, formaldehyde  etc.

Pathogens - active or past effects of viral, bacterial, fungal, and stealth pathoges.

Immune fatigue

Hormone imbalances - exogenous or endogenous, glandular imbalances

Stress - physical, emotional, unresolved emotional blockages, trauma

Organ / system stress, energy imbalances, left-right imbalance

Radiation bio-accumulation

Scar tissue - internal and external

Detoxification pathway impairments - skin, liver, lymphatics, kidneys, spleen

Nutritional imbalances

Trauma, emotional distress

Removing the obstacles to health is like unloading the cart, so the body can get itself moving again, naturally.

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Total Body Load Theory


Imagine the body is an empty barrel. Every time you are exposed to a stressor, a little more is added to the barrel. If the number of stressors we are exposed to remains low, the regulatory mechanisms in our bodies can prevent the barrel from overflowing by processing and eliminating these stressors.

The size of the barrel differs from person to person and represents an individual’s constitution. However, when the body is exposed to too many of these stressors at once, the barrel overflows, which may result in a person becoming ill. This concept is known as Total Body Load.

Also known as 'Allostatic Load', the theory behind this concept suggests that the acute stress response in the human body becomes maladaptive or dysfunctional when it is chronically activated in response to ongoing, long term stressors. Bodily responses to stress, such as increased coagulation, release of stress hormones (cortisol) and the subsequent changes it induces (eg increased load on the heart, swithcing off of the parasympathetic nervous system - the rest-digest-restore aspect) may be protective and proactive in the short-term, but can cause problems if activated for a long time.

The human body has to maintain homeostasis (the status quo) by controlling biochemistry and function so that the body can maintain health and optimal function.  Naturally internal adaptations to maintain homeostasis refer to a  through a process called allostasis. The bodily responses mentioned above help the body adapt to stressful situations through allostasis.

These bodily responses are designed to be stimulated when faced with acute situations, and then ‘turned off’ once the stressor has passed. Chronic activation of this stress response invokes the short term stress response too frequently, depleting the body, and diminishing the normal processes of elimination, assimilation, rest and repair. The effect is to deplete homeostatic resources, reduce SNS:PSNS balance (chronic SNS stress activation) whick in the end causes a build up of 'allostatic load'. Long-term exposure to allostatic load can lead to chronic inflammation, fatigue, low grade infections, allergies, degeneration, distortion, disease and a significant breakdown in health.

Allostatic load can be increased due to dysfunctional coping mechanisms such as a repeated failure to habituate to common stressors mentally, physically and emotiona, and an inadequate responses from one or more body systems that leads to hyperactivity or hypofunction, eventually resulting in health issues. 

Bioresonance methods, emotional unblocking, energy restoration, and a calming of the nervous system balance is how we address this 'body burden', giving support to the system so homeostasis and health can be deeply restored. 

Whenever health issues emerge, there is always a reason. Symptoms are actually signs the body is trying to reset itself, suppressing the symptoms without identifying or treating the underlying cause, tends to just drive problems deeper. The place to start is to begin to unravel the allostatic load / body-burden, to remove obstacles, liberate energy and support nutrition, so the body can start the repair process. 

BICOM Bioresonance


Recruiting the integrated meridian energy system, meridians and circulation to support the healing process, in a structured way.