Naturopathy & Holistic Therapies

An individualised, systematic, natural approach to health & healing


Recruiting the integrated energy system, meridians and circulation to support the healing process, in a structured way.


Working through the Obstacles to Health & Healing

The body heals itself well when all systems are working in harmony, and all of the body's need for nutrition and clearance of wastes are met. When illness occurs, there is always a reason. To support recovery naturally, we seek to understand what the obstacles to health and healing are for the individual, while supporting the body's nutritional and lifestyle needs.


Energy is everything when it comes to optimal healing and function. Holistic therapies seek to support improved resources for the body to heal itself more efficiently.  It is important to remember that all healing is self-healing, we are simply seeking to support this process naturally with focus, clarity, and intention, using the tools and strategies we have available to us. 


The body is an energy-based organism, working at the level of energy makes sense.

Obstacles to health may include:

Allergens - foods, airborne agents (pollens, dust, chemicals), ingredients, chemicals, phenolics etc

Chemicals & Toxins - perfumes, fumes, exhaust, pollutants, pesticides, mycotoxins, lipopolysaccharide, mercury, lead, formaldehyde  etc.

Pathogens - active or past effects of viral, bacterial, fungal, and stealth pathoges.

Immune fatigue

Hormone imbalances - exogenous or endogenous, glandular imbalances

Stress - physical, emotional, unresolved emotional blockages, trauma

Organ / system stress, energy imbalances, left-right imbalance

Radiation bio-accumulation

Scar tissue - internal and external

Detoxification pathway impairments - skin, liver, lymphatics, kidneys, spleen

Nutritional imbalances

Trauma, emotional distress

Removing the obstacles to health is like unloading the cart, so the body can get itself moving again, naturally.

Due to the Australian Advertising Code, we cannot describe the use of any devices therapeutically in Australia. 

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