Cancer Care

Cancer Care

The best way to work with cancer is to prevent it, but once you are diagnosed, we need to prepare your body for treatment as much as we possibly can. The aim of an integrative holistic care plan is to support the body holistically before, during and long after treatment.

We want to support, and protect the system as a whole, particularly:

  • Immune function

  • Liver and kidney function

  • Mitchondria - the energy centre of the cells

  • Microbiome - the mucosal colonies of beneficial flora that look after your gut, respiratory tract and reproductive system.

  • Lymphatics - the rubbish removal system together with the liver and kidneys

  • Blood - the stream of life that takes oxygen and nutrients to cells, while taking away their waste.

  • Emotional system - the emotional body can either tip you into stress, or away from it, what you think, say and do to yourself on this level can either help or hinder your body's immune system and body as a whole


Pre-treatment Program

Cancer treatment is stressful both physiologically and emotionally. The more you can prepare your body for treatment, the better you will manage through the process.

Key factors that may be incorporated into a treatment plan may include:

The most important place to start is by changing the terrain of the body and beginning a very gentle detoxification process and cleaning up of the diet and lifestyle. It is vital to go very slowly with treatment, focusing first on putting a halt to the intake of toxins and adverse substances that don't contribute to the health and nourishment of the body. Every system in the body will need to be asses and a plan tailored to the specific needs of the individual. 


Following are examples of treatments used:

  • Bicom Bioresoannce Therapy (more here)

  • Herbal Medicines

  • Nutritionals

  • Probiotics, fibres and binders

  • Clean Eating & Dietary Measures: Anti-inflammatory, identifying food sensitivities, avoiding alcohol, sugar and caffeine, and avoiding processed foods and chemicals

  • Emotional Care – having someone to talk to throughout the experience is important, someone who isn't family especially. The Emotional Reset Process helps you process your feelings and emotions in a proactive and non-invasive way. This allows the body's stress levels to be calmed.

  • Personal Care - reducing stress drivers in the body, past or future focus, self-talk, blocked emotions held in the body's tissues etc.

  • Environmental Factors – intentional clean air and environments is essential to reduce body load. Mould, pesticides, perfumes, smoking, deodorants, cleaning products, electro-magnetic radiation, airborne pollutants etc, are often part of our everyday lives, which normalises the presence but doesn't neutralise their accumulative effects on the body.

  • Earthing daily

  • Medication, Mindfulness, Slowing Down.


During Active Medical Treatment

During treatment, we pull back and move into system support mode as we wait till the active drug process is finished.

Post Treatment

Between treatment phases and long after, we will work with you to support your recovery based on your individual needs to repair and recovery health in a supportive and strategic way.

Recovery & Prevention

Going forward, looking after yourself proactively is a great way to prevent relapses and improve your long term survival and wellbeing.

This study on the use of amplitude-modulated electromagentic fields offers valuable insight into the use of hz frequency application (Bioresoance Therapy) in the support of the individual during mainstream therapy, and personalised care throughout the recovery period. Link to article here.  Link to Client Pages here (ask us for the password to the client pages.)


This information is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment.

Learning about the drivers and triggers

for better prevention & wellbeing