Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Disease


ABC Catalyst - Part One
Cholesterol is essential to health.  It is not responsible for the dangerous aspects of high cholesterol, and using statin drugs to lower it is actually incredibly dangerous to health.

















Statin drugs & Health

Dr Sinatra - Cholesterol Webinar

Cholesterol is a healing agent

Cholesterol will be increased in the body if :

- the diet is too low in fat such as butter

- there is high inflammation and the body is trying to protect itself

- there is a need to protect the arteries / vessels.

Cholesterol is vital for the liver to product bile which is needed to digest food, it makes hormones, 

Cholesterol is important

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses cholesterol lowering statin drugs and their effect on the entire body.


You need to eat cholesterol to lower cholesterol, because where cholesterol is low, the body will try to make more.

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