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A Video for You

Before you make an appointment, you might like to watch this video, to get a feel for the way I work.  I work differently from many Naturopaths, so this is a little bit about how I work. Monica

Session Types

Physical Healing

Initial 1.5 hrs - Emerald $165 Malvern $175 | Subsequent 3/4-1.5hrs $95-150

All sessions begin here, bringing together everything we need to understand your story, where you are now, and what you are moving toward. This session aligns you with your outcome. May incorporate:

Emotional Healing

Initial 1.5 hrs - Emerald $165 Malvern $175 | Subsequent 1.5hrs $150

These sessions allow you to heal and align, connecting you with your higher self, and bringing forward information from deep within, and aligning you cognitively and energetic with your healing and life path. Sessions are 1.5 hours. Three sessions are recommended.


Energy Healing

Initial 1.25 $125 | Subsequent 1 hr $120 each or 3 consecutive sessions $95 each

  • Reconnective healing

  • The Personal Reconnection

Health Coaching - Initial appointment as above, Subsequent via Phone / Skype / Messenger / Whatsapp -  1/2-1 hr

When you are making changes and growing in your life, it can be hard to move forward without ongoing support from someone who knows where you heading and how. People are generally not good with change, because the brain likes what is familiar, and changes puts everyone out of their comfort zone.

Sometimes when you make changes to become healthier and more aligned with yourself, it can activate the people around you, creating some interpersonal stress, sabotage and issues, as they bump up against the new, unfamiliar you.  Regular phone sessions help you align with your path and your outcomes, supporting you as make changes and adapt to a new way of being, living, thinking, and feeling. Weekly phone sessions are recommended after your initial consultation and program assessments.




Access the online diary to under the BOOK ONLINE tab above, or email us below for an appointment. Below are the days available at each location. Distance appointments can be made from anywhere at a time convenient to you. You can begin with a phone consultation to discuss your needs if you wish.


Before your appointment, you will be asked to download a questionnaire from the drop-down menu of this tab. This pre-session work saves time in your consultations and helps you get clear on what is going on, and what support you may need. Go to the Questionnaires tab to access these downloads. This questionnaire will take around an hour to complete fully, so be sure to allow ample time and complete at least three days before your appointment.



All sessions are by pre-booked appointment only.

Malvern Reception


(03) 9576 3077

Fortnightly Fridays & Saturdays

Emerald Reception


(03) 5368 6555

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to 8pm

​Therapeutic Modalities


Sessions are eclectic, holistic, and individually focused on helping people become inspired about their healing. We help people understand issues in an empowering way, so they can align with themselves for the most rewarding experonece of health, relationships and life.  Health and wellbeing makes everything better.


Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Resonance Remedies

Incorporating a holistic view of health and life issues to get to the bottom of what is going on, with clear do-able steps to take action and move forward, no matter what you are struggling with. Incorporating energetic and functional testing, diet, lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, and education for inspiration.

Bio-Energetic Sensitivity Testing (BEST)

BEST is a gentle and non-invasive way to check what foods or substances may be an issue for your body at this time. BEST is different from other allergy screening methods, being highly sensitive to what is going on for you in real-time, as we access your body's energy-information system, gathering information about your body's 'stressors'.


A non-invasive, gentle test, it is perfect to screen pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, babies, infants, children, teens, adults and the elderly.


As we seek to identify the body's 'Obstacles to Health', removing things that cause a 'stress-response', frees up energy for healing, calming the system and reducing inflammation and easing the energy-drag of foods and substances that the body doesn't metabolise easily. Energy is the key to healing and self-correction, so liberating energy this way supports the body’s healing resources, while managing symptoms with more clarity and direction. 


This is not 'diagnostic' in the medical sense. It is an method which offers insight and information within the context of Holistic Naturopathic program.


This testing can be done in person or by a Distance session.

Food-stress &



& Chemicals


& Infections


to Health & Healing

​​​​Bicom Bioresonance Therapy

Identifying and treating allergies, food intolerances, infections, underlying health issues, and sources of dis-ease. As you lie on the machine and receive the therapies it is nice to know that the work is being done without you having to work hard. It accelerates the healing processes needed to take place, and can support and enhance your progress toward recovery. This machine speeds the healing and knitting of bones and fractures, helps kids with growth plate issues in their legs (sore knees, ankles and aching legs) and can be used for anything from allergies to toothache. It also helps to reduce the bio-accumulation of Radiation from electromagnetic fields. This treatment is beneficial for children, adults and the elderly alike. Helpful in the context of energy support, and useful in the holistic management of:

Allergies & Senstivities

Musculoskeletal Issues

Energy Deficit

Illness Recovery

Emotional Healing

An immensely practical, interactive session integrating neuro-cognitive processes, uptime hypnosis, timeline therapy, visualisations, subconscious processing, grief work and awareness to get to the bottom of issues, and resolve discombobulation. This work releases emotional congestion in the body, brings clarity, inspiration and release from stuckness, to facilitate a moving forward with ease, grace and completion. Working through the body-mind connection, this work helps to balance out unconscious mental and emotional issues that tend to unhelpfully drive brain, hormone, digestive and physical health issues. Highly beneficial for those dealing with: anxiety, dread, confusion, lost-ness, depression, grief, frustration, mood swings, trauma, or anyone keen for habit change, addiction resolution or weight loss. Wonderful for those recovering from emotional trauma.


Generalised Anxiety Syndrome

Social Anxiety

Worry, Fear

Performance Anxiety



Trauma, PTSD, cPTSD



Repetitive Thoughts


Stuck in the past


PMS, Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)


Loss of a loved one


Loss of a relationship

Fertility obstacles


Loss of a child

Childhood trauma

Feeling Not Quite Right

Feeling displaced

Low Self Esteem

Difficulty adapting to a phase



'Lost', not clear

Divorce / breakup adaption

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing (RH) is a little bit like Reiki on steroids, encompassing a broader and more dynamic range of energetic frequencies for healing in the Aquarian age. RH is relaxing hands-off healing session that infuses the body and energy-field with high frequency, broad-spectrum ‘light, energy and information’. Reconnective Healing opens you to entrain with a dynamic, benevolent, intelligence which stimulates and supports you energetically through your personal evolution and 'life progress'. No matter what you may be experiencing, this energy engages, supports and atunes your body's self-healing capacity. Entraining and aligning with the body’s innate wisdom to better support personal evolution and physical integrity. A lovely passive way to support your body through the healing process, align with your personal growth process and replenish your body's resources.


The Personal Reconnection - 2 x1 hr sessions within a week of each other

The Personal Reconnection utilises the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, but in very precise energy-lines format. It is a process of reconnecting the energy lines between your body’s meridian system, the planetary grid network and the universal energy system. We don't know exactly how it works, but having three healing sessions followed by your Personal Reconnection sessions, people report an unfolding and synchronicity in their lives.


Many who have experienced their Personal Reconnection simply say, “Life is… easier”. For instance, Karen had her Reconnection in 2017, she says: "I seemed to have an acceleration in synchronicity after my sessions, like the law of attraction got a boost in my life. I was able to manifest things much faster just by focusing on them, and the things that felt blocked and stuck before, began to shift. Things took an unprecedented turn for the better; I got a new job, an old annoying issue I had in my body resolved effortlessly, I found a new home, and a person I was having issues with made an effort to connect with me to apologise! My stress levels have plummeted, and instead, I have this subtle but pervasive sense of excitement within, a level joy and optimism I didn't have before my sessions. I am aware that before that I would be worrying and causing myself anxiety, but I'm calm and unflustered instead. I wouldn't believe it if it didn't actually happen to me."


The Personal Reconnection is a two sessions process. It is recommended in preparation for your ‘activation’ to have three Reconnective Healing sessions first. The more aligned and clear you are in readiness for this work, the more profound the results seem to be.  This process has a set price across the world.

Session Preparation

Symptoms as Messengers

If your symptoms were trying to tell you something, what would it be? Symptoms are often messengers, a tap on the shoulder to get back on track in your body and life. Symptoms help to pinpoint an area of concern, health issues, particularly chronic ones, are far more complex and require deep insight into many factors of a person's life to discern the root of the problem(s).

How many sessions?

It takes time for the body to develop health issues, and likewise, it takes time for the body to respond to treatment in a way that addresses the deeper drivers and factors involved. While your biochemistry is adapting to things we are doing, we want to be tuning in and responding to what the system needs at each juncture. Most health conditions require sessions at intervals to support this process. A program that chunks down into manageable steps enables you to work through a program that systematically supports what your body needs. For this reason WE DO NOT OFFER SINGLE SESSIONS. Please, only book an initial appointment if this is what you are ready for. 3-6 sessions are usually required, depending on your needs.


Remember to download or pick up your questionnaire with ample time before your appointment.

PLEASE NOTE :   We do not do single sessions.

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DISCLAIMER : We do not diagnose nor treat 'disease', rather we offer education and a personal relationship in support of people as they move through their own life journey. The body self-heals when supported with the optimal conditions. No-one else can heal us, only we can. We seek to support our clients in this process of self-alignment.; identifying obstacles to  the body's innate self healing process, while supporting it with what is needed. We make no claims, medical or otherwise, and we are not a substitute for medical care. 

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