Numerous studies have shown that everyday radiation impacts the way cells replicate, DNA functions, and brain and body cells operate. Because of this, health is impacted by the use of WIFI, mobile phone, cordless DECT phones, microwaves and everyday use of technology. The impact of this DNA damaging radiofrequency waves are particularly dangerous to vulnerable stages of growth and development, so pregnancy, early childhood and teenagers are more vulnerable to ambient wireless radiation, because their bodies and brains are still growing and developing. Babies and children absorb more radiation than adults and are best shielded from this growing, all-pervasive health hazard.


ORGANIC radiation shielding Blanket

The premium quality baby-soft organic cotton lined with the reliable protection of silver radiation shielding fabric make this blanket a convenient way to protect yourself or your child from radiation. 


It is super soft & comfortable,this blanket is ideal to use on your lap every day. It is highly recommended to use from preconception through pregnancy to after the baby arrives.

Efficacy: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB). Dimensions: 30 x 35 inches (75 x 90 cm)

Price: $120 including postage.



Shielding Belly Band

The premium quality baby-soft fabric lined with the reliable protection of silver radiation shielding fabric make this Belly Band a convenient way to protect your child from radiation anywhere you go.  It is super soft & comfortable,this Belly Band is ideal to use throughout pregnancy.




  • Protect your baby during pregnancy and early childhood when they are at highest risk for radiation exposure.

  • Comfy & supportive - Super stretchy & supportive to stay up and on for your growing abdomen as pregnancy belly expands.

  • Adjustable waist line - built in adjustable waistline to give you best comfort from early pregnancy to the end.

  • The Shielding area is at the front, so it is 180 degree coverage, because we use our photoes/ laptops/iPads in front of us & where it is closer to the baby. Wearing Radia Smart Shielding Belly Band to protect baby & reduce radiation exposure.


Efficacy: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB). Belly Band Circumference: 75-105cm

Material: Outer layer: 95% natural spinning fiber , Inner layer: 5%spandex ; shielding fabric - RS shielding fabric

Instructions: wear under or over clothes throughout your pregnancy.

Price: $95 including postage.