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The quality of our health determines the quality of our life.


When we feel great, everything is easier, more enjoyable. When we are healthier, we are more productive, more motivation, happier, more aligned with our optimal weight and body shape, and clearer mentally, emotionally and physically, naturally.


When we feel lousy the body is telling us it isn't getting what it needs. Symptoms like fatigue, aches and pains, tummy trouble, headaches, brain fog, pain, are all signs that the body trying to move you away from imbalance, toward health, but it is obstructed. Identifying and clearing obstacles to healing and health, while supporting the body's resources for healing and repair, allows the ealing process,to move forward again, so you can feel better sooner.


Because we work to enhance the body's innate ability to heal and regulate itself, we are able to work with across a wide range of conditions and issues, by engaging and supporting the body's energy, resources and intelligence. By identifying the underlying obstacles and blockages, removing them and boosting natural resources, we can help you recover and enhance health and vitality. Once aligned, the body is very quickly able to get on with what needs to be done, and you will feel better, sooner when this is in place.


No matter what your level of health, we can help you align with better health for a more rewarding life, supporting and enhancing energy while engaging the intelligence of your amazing body.

Helping with :

Physical, Emotional & Mental Holistic Health -  Deep Healing

Learning who we are, what our beliefs are creating in this life, and how to integrate our life experience with who we really are can have a truly transofrmational effect on your experience of yoursef and your life. We are programmed to be who we are between conception and seven years old. Once we stop being a cute baby and move into early childhood, we inadverently learn that we are not good enough, not lovable enough, that we are responsible for other people's reactions to us. We learng we have to be the 'good girl' or 'good boy', and as we do so, we deny who we are and what we need within ourselves. Then we become a magnet for those people and experiences in our lives, often getting to our late thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, with a string of deveastating exerpeinces that prove our negative programs to us. At some stage we have to remember who we really are - a divine, perfect, intuitive, love-based spiritual being, having a physical being. Connecting with this aspect changes EVERYTHING. Healing can start then, and life can actually become magical, which is why we came here in the first place. How do we reprogram and heal? Read more here

Women's Health - Hormones - Fertility - Wellbeing

The role of women in the modern world is very different to that of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. The things we have on our plates are much more diverse and most women generally find themselves time poor and over busy, holding together the ends of many strings. Today's world also carries more environmental factors that disrupt hormone balance, messing with the internal milieu that needs to keep us balanced, healthy and resilient.

Each stage of a woman's life has a theme. Whether it be menarche, adolescence, adulthood, fertility, pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, raising children, expanding into career, navigating that inner calling with family;   hormones; relationships, marriage, divorce, health challenges, menopause - supporting yourself deeply with strong health helps greatly. Our sessions help you find you, beneath the noise and pull of living in the modern world, so you can feel at home in your body, your life, your lifestage, and this busy  world we live in. When a woman is on-song, everyone benefits.

Children's Health & Wellbeing

Planning for, having and raising children is an all-encompassing journey that brings parents both untold joy, and deep worry. Having a healthy, resilient child makes life so much more enjoyable and rewarding. Having a child who suffers from health, learning or behavioral issues can be harrowing to say the least.We all want the best for our children. Modern life brings challenges few of us were expecting when we decided to have children. Kids need health support more than ever. Supporting immunity, digestive health, growth, development and learning with diet, herbs, nutrients and knowledge can take the stress our of raising children. Keeping your child healthy with support for each phase of their life helps your child be their best, so they can get on with learning, living, loving and being. Helping babies, toddlers, children, tweens, teens, adolescents and young adults overcome the obstacles to health, so they can thrive more effortlessly and naturally. More here.

Chronic Fatigue  - Immune Dysfunction - Autoimmune Disease

The immune system is always working for you, doing the best it can to respond to threats and keep you safe. Unfortantely, when a chronic infection or pathogen is present and the immune system cannot get on top of it, chronic fatigue and/or auto-immunity can occur, as the body struggles to recover itself. Chronic Fatgue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Epsteine Barr (EBV), Cytomegalo Virus (CMV), Lyme disease, Lyme-like illnesses, Mycosits, Fungal Infections, Ross River Fever, Malaria, Q Fever, Staph, Strep, Pneumonia, Fibromyalgia, and more - all signify a state of immune overwhelm and out of control inflammation. Herbal medicines and Bicom Bioresoance Therapy have proven to be highly effective in supporting the body through these conditions, helping a person steadily improve their energy, stamina, sleep and quality of life. More here.

Tummy Trouble - Bowel Problems - Digestive Dysfunction
Tummy Trouble, Gut Problems

The digestive system is central to health. When the stomach, small itestine and bowel stop working well, all aspects of health can be impacted. This system is a wonderful communicator. It tells you day by day and hour by hour whether it is okay, or if something you have done is not helpful. Listening to this system can help you find the best way to health. Constipation, diarrhoea, pain, frequency, nausea, vomiting, burning, reflux, mucus, bleeding - all give insight into the health of your digestive tract and the good news is, this system can heal itself well when you do the things your body needs. Recovering mucosal integrity, digestive enzyme secreation, and restoring the beneficial populations of the gut microbiome, helps the body health itself efficiently and effectively. Knowing what foods to eat to support this process puts you back in control of your health and wellbeing.

FAT OFF! Microbiome Detox for Lasting Weight Loss & Vibrant Health

Damage to the intestinal lining caused by food sensitivities and allergies drives inflammation within the body, this upsets the gut microbiome, the beneficial bacterial flora in the digestive system which protect and help us. When food allergens and intolerances disrupt this protective biome, inflammation driven by lipopolysaccarides (LPS) produced by the populations of bad bacteria in the gut, which thrive when beneficial flora is damaged. This inflammation drives body irritation, increases system stress, fat storage, fatigue, bowel problems, tummy trouble, and sleep problems. All of this upsets insulin sensitivity, which drives accelerated fat storage and health decline.


Want to lose weight, gain energy, improve memory, lift mood, reduce pain and inflammation, sleep better and excel in the health department? Do this detox program! So much improves when your gut is healed. Read more here.

Electro-hypersensitivity - building resilience

Electro-sesitivity, Mobile Phone Use, EHS

The incidence of electro-hypersensitivity is increasing worldwide, however people suffering from it may not realise this invisible, daily exposure is contributing to their health issues. Electromagnetic radiation and radiofrequencies cause DNA damage, oxidative stress, inflammation, and immune activation, potentially imparting a far reaching, negative impact on our health. The adverse effects are amplified for babies, pregnant women, children and the chronically ill, as their resistance is reduced compared to that of a healthy adult. Exposure to frequencies in the Gigahertz bandwidth (mobile phones, WIFI, DECT phones, phone towers) are proven to contribute to tumours, immune issues, sleep disorders, cellular, neurological and developmental damage, yet it is not common knowledge, as no-one is talking about it.

Knowing how to  protect yourself and your children from 'too much' exposure, s an important aspect of modern living these days. It is also essential for anyone suffering from health issues, considering pregnancy or caring for babies, children and animals to learn more. Read more here.

ALLERGIES: Itching, Rashes, Hives, Sinus, Hayfever, Eczema, Asthma

Mast cells are a component of the immune system that provide surveillance and initial response initiation when health threats are identified. These immune cells are present in most tissues throughout the body and are constant alert. They are part of the body's immune response, designed to protect us from threat and injury. When mast cells become overstimulated, they can drive allergic symptoms such as itching, swelling, rashes, inflammation, pain, mucus and tissue irritation. When the immune is chronically hyperstimulated, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome  can occur, an inflammatory condition that can play a significant role in chronic health disorders. More and more health issues are being link to this syndrome, including Endometriosis, PCOS, digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, MS, neurological conditions and auto-immune conditions. Read more here.

Chronic Debilitating Illness

There are many people suffering from chronic debilitating health conditions, who are suffering in silence barely able to manage daily tasks. These people often find that despite feeling ill, modern medicine can't help them. Blood tests and scans come back 'normal', and help with recovery eludes them. This is an area that Complementary Medicine has great strength. 25% of the population have a genetic makeup that makes them 'canaries in the coalmine'. Bio-accumulating toxins from modern living environments, food, stress, mould, EMF, air and infections, these people need system support beyond that of emergency medicine. Getting to the core of the issues is where functional pathology, genetic testing, bio-energetic testing, nutritional microscopy and bioresonance therapy is key. The body is designed to heal itself, when it can't, there is always a reason.

Surgery Preparation & Recovery

Surgery is like putting your body through a marathon. It makes sense to prepare for it properly.

Surgery puts an enormous strain on the body, it is taxing and traumatic in the extreme.You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparing your body in the months before, it seems ludicrous that you would attend surgery without adequate preparation. When you go into hospital you want to be as healthy and fit as you can possibly be. Preparing for this high stress event ought to begin at least four weeks before, longer if you are unwell, and continue intensively for four to twelve weeks after. Healthier bodies respond better to surgery, they heal faster, tend to suffer less tissue trauma, less bruising and scarring and because swelling and inflammation is more regulated, they need less pain relief. It makes sense preparing for it and supporting recovery is important, and can improve outcomes, while reducing significantly post surgical infection, pain and complications. Read more here.

Integrated Holistic Modalities

Naturopathy - Herbal Medicine - Nutrition - Holistic Therapies

Helping you get to the bottom of what ails you, so you can get on with feeling great sooner. .After a thorough holistic assessment, a treatment plan and recommendations will be put together for you, to support your body's self-ehaling capacity. We may resource nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, energy medicine, diet and lifestyle options to help you feel better sooner. No matter what you are going through, Holistic therapies can help strengthen and support the self-healing process.

Each consultation is focused on you as an individual, and treatment tailored to your needs. Initial sessions are 1.5 hours long, followed by 0.5 - 1 hour follow up consultations as needed. A minimum of three sessions are recommended.


Bio-energetic Sensitivity Testing (BEST)

BEST testing is a gentle, non-invasive process of identifying foods or substances that may be causing stress to your body at this time. Different from other allergy screening methods, this practical process is focused on what foods, inhalants or substances may be helpful or unhelpful to the body’s healing process right now. Ideal to screen pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, infants, children, adults and teens.

  • Foods – grains, gluten, diary foods, meats, sugars, coffee, tea, vegetables, fruits.

  • Environmentals – dust, dust mite, pollens, grasses, animal dander, feathers, moulds, perfumes, petrol fumes, cleaning agents.

  • Nutrients - vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

  • Your own items - specific foods, skincare, supplements or medications.

Bicom Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a gentle, biophysical treatment that uses electrical frequencies (hz) by strengthening, harmonising, directing and supporting the body's self-healing process. Helpful for people dealing with injuries, infections, debility, depletion, fatigue, pain, inflammation, and health issues in general. It is particularly useful for people preparing for and recovering from surgery, impact injuries or concussion after accidents, scarring, and anything causing damage to the body's tissues, bones, structure or function. This German technology has been used to support people in medical and complementary clinics throughout Europe since the 1970s. Recognised in Australia to support the body through muculoskeletal issues and allergies. Read more here.

Healthier Blood > Healthier You

It takes a single red cell 20 seconds to circulate your entire body and return to your heart. It oxygenates cells, tissues and organs, supplies nutrients transports your immune cells, clotting agents and signalling information like a superhighway.

It takes three months for blood to be replenished and refreshed. If we look at a drop of blood under a microscope, we see on the screen is a slice of the pie of your nutritional status over the last three months. This drop gives us much functional information about how you’re doing on the inside, and what can be done to make it even better.  Read more here.

Emotional Reset Process

​Incorporating a gentle collection of relaxing processes and techniques to help bring clarity, insight and resolution of things no longer needed.

Offering a useful resource during times of stress and strain, it helps people navigate personal issues, conflicts, losses, difficulties, past traumas and life's challenges. This process helps with anxiety, grief, depression, worry, addictions, apathy, lack of motivation, family of origin issues, interpersonal stress, transgenerational issues, guilt, shame, narcissitic abuse recovery, and healing from trauma and emotional pain.

Having a regular ‘Emotional Detox’ tune up, helps people move forward, bringing clarity, calmness and a sense of personal alignment. Read more here.

Reconective Healing

The body is made up of 40 trillion cells, each of them performing millions of processes to keep us alive and fully functioning. When everything is in balance, working well, and we feel happy and content within, we experience a vibrancy, we have light about us. However, when the delicate balance of the body is tipped, energy becomes depleted, light is lost, and problems can begin, which with time, can lead to illness, low mood, stress and fatigue. Energy is the current that fuels body function.

Reconnective Healing gives the body an infusion of it's own healing currency - energy, and light, which infuses with the intelligence of the body to better support the healing processes within. When essential energies are supported, the body is better able to heal, regulate, restore and regenerate itself.  

The Personal Reconection

THE PERSONAL RECONNECTION® is a two session activation process designed to attune and reactivate your personal link to the intelligent universal energy matrix. The energy resources available to us from this Reconnection becomes more streamlined and accessible, enhancing the energy available for personal synchronicity and growth. This energy helps us connect with our deeper selves and others', realigning us with our innate abilities, connecting with purpose and intuition to beter support personal progress.  Right now many of us are feeling drawn to return to our awakened state of consciousness. The Reconection activates and supports this process.  Those who have experienced their Personal Reconnection simply say, “Life is… easier”. More here.


CFS - Fibromyalgia - lYME- EBV



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I have worked as a Naturopath and Healer for over 20 years. My clinical practice offers a supportive place to connect with and understanding what is going when it comes to health; a safe and comfortable place to find clarity, direction, understanding and deep, insightful healing.


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