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health-supportive sessions

to a device near you.

~ Online Holistic Health Care ~

Helping you to feel better, sooner.

Helping you find the clarity and understanding you need to heal yourself and reclaim your health, wellbeing and enjoyment of Life.

Videocall Sessions are a wonderful resource, allowing for health alignment and support with health consciousness and practice conveniently wherever you are. The world is changing and we need to support each other through this process, and pull together at times of strain.

Online sessions are structured similar to face-to-face sessions, offering:

  • Health review and personalised discussion. For review sessions, we will recap how you went.

  • Testing - bio-energetic, blood pathology tests, functional pathology.

  • Purpose, Plan and Discussion. Understanding what your physiology is comminication and what you need helps to clear the overwhelm and confusion that can comes with health issues you can't get on top of.

  • Prescription - you will receive an email summary of our recommendations after your session.


1. Download the Initial Questionnaire from the Appointments Page and email back before your appointment.

2. Collect together your supplements, medications and a notepad and pen.

3. Be hydrated.

4. Connect with a message through Messenger or Skype a day or two before your session, and then let me know whenyou are ready at your appointment time and I will videocall you. 

Why have a regular Health &  Wellbeing Session?

Wellbeing is about more than just a symptom-free physical body. It implies a state of enhanced well-being, on all levels. To me wellbeing is taking care yourself, so that all the aspects of your Being, your mind, body and spirit can be beneficially aligned with your life. Often life can get hectic and we can lose site of what we need. Touching base regularly with your Naturopath helps you get clear life's baggage and burdens, so you can reconnect your clarity and focus again.


Physical Health - the quality of your physical health, the energy, immunity, digestion, nutrition, skin, liver, and microbiome all determine how good you feel on a daily basis. It impacts the clarity of your mind, the state of your emotions and ultimaley how good you feel each day, but beyond that, the body holds your spirit, and the more connected you are to this higher energy, the better everything flows in your body, your being, your mind, emotions and life. The healthier your body, the more energy and light you can hold. The more able your body is to keep homeostasis, and protect you from illness and disease. Without a strong, healthy vehicle, your mind, emotions and spirit are not held in a way that enables you to thrive.


Your body is the barometer of your life. Your history is recorded in your energy field, infused into the matrix that feeds and nourishes your cells. If you are carrying goop from the past, if you are eating to soothe unresolved emotions, if you are addicted to things that make you feel better for a moment, but worse overall, then it is time to pause and put your attention on what is really going on.


How do you feel each day? Are you motivated or gloomy; energised or lethargic; happy or depressed, excited or anxious. Do you have pain? Or do you just feel not quite right, messed up somehow? How you feel on a moment by moment, day to day basis, ultimately determines the quality of your life. Modern living often takes more than it gives. We can be so busy trying to keep up with everything, that we ignore the calling from within that navigates you to wholesness. We forget to tune in and appreciate who we are, what we do and what we are here for.

Mental Health - every thought that you have creates a cascade of biocemical response. Your body is always listening to you, always responding, always saying ''yes''. It is also reliant on the optimal balance of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, GABA, glutamate, melatonin, endocannabinoids) to support feeling good, and this feedback loop is at work all day every day, responding and reacting to your thoughts, your brain and body chemistry, and your interfacing your emotions and spirit. Healthy biochemical balance and feel good mental function are pivoted on your physical health, your nutrition, immune function, inflammation levels, and outlook, to mention but a few.

Emotional Health - emotions are responses that help you feel. They are messengers that help you attune to things in your life, and to protect you and watch out for danger. Emotions are the direct biochemical response to your thoughts and experiences. We tend to want to get away from uncomfortable emotions, but when we do, we suppress the message and miss the opportunity to tune in and bring our full awareness to what is going on. Emotions are also affected by our physical state, our hormones, energy, and levels of inflammation in general. There is no seperation in the human being, everything is connected. Work with one area and the whole system benefits. Often when there are physical ailments, we find suppressed emotions. Release the emotion, and the physical problem can be resolved. The body is infinitely intelligent and is always on your side, taking the time to tune in to your inner guidance is gold. These sesssions help at this  level, working at the cause of issues, and bringing trust back to the body and being.


Health and Wellbeing coaching is about helping you attune with what is needed most right now, and bringing trust and awareness back to the body. If you knew your body was the barometer of your life, what would it be telling you? 



Working to the cause of issues and not getting lost in the expression of it (symptoms) allows us to cut to the chase, and get on with bringing together the physical, emotional, mental and physical aspects of being so you can heal and feel better sooner. Bringing focus and clarity to what is important, puts power back into your hands. 

Whatever the problem, having someone in your corner who is present to support you where you are at, makes an enormous difference to your well-being, on all levels.

Naturopathy - supporting you to discovery your best health and sense of Wellbeing

​Naturopathy is a person-centered system of holistic health care. It is both an art and a science.  Naturopaths are preventative medicine specialists.  Well suited to anyone at any age, Naturopaths help people get well, prevent disease, recover from health problems, discover what is the best diet for them, and support people to feel motivated and empowered when it comes to their health and wellbeing. With many natural solutions available for common conditions, helping people to understand what is going on and what to do in a proactive way, brings lasting results which can improve the quality of life across many aspects of being.  

Naturopathy involves the use of a range of holistic modalities, which may include: herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, homeopathy, dietary and lifestyle practices, physical therapies and energy medicine techniques.  

Naturopaths offer the public significant health support providing millions and millions of consultations with good outcomes across the nation each year. Naturopaths can work alongside your GP or other health professional to bring you an integrated framework of health care.

Identifying the Obstacles to your Health

When we understand that the body is a self-organising, self-modifying, self-healing, highly intelligent and capable organism, it can bring a sense of relief when things seem to be going wrong. Your body is always on your side, always seeking to move you toward a state of balance, so when things don't seem right, there is a reason.


Health is the body’s main priority at all times. Symptoms are a sign that the body is trying to achieve something but it is obstructed for some reason. It needs to be our #1 priority to find what this is, to alllow support the body to restore homeostasis and calm itself.


Symptoms are not our enemy. They don't imply that the body is broken, rather they are the opposite - proof that the body is trying to right itself. The body is always communicating with us, bringing to our attention information about ourselves and what we need. Unfortunately, we have become under the impression that symptoms are a sign of the body’s incompetence. When we are able to tune in and identify what is going on, we are in a better position to support the body in its process of healing.


‘Obstacles to Health’ may involve:

  • nutritional imbalances - key nutrient deficiencies can disrupt pathways such as neurotransmiters (mood chemicals), immunity, energy, detoxification, regeneration, cellular regulation and healing.

  • food sensitivities, allergens, inflammatory substances

  •  unresolved trauma or emotional issues

  •  environmental factors

  •  chronic infections, pathogens, parasites microbiome disturbance

  •  hormone imbalances

  • chronic stress, worry, feeling powerless or overwhelmed

  •  interpersonal stress, work stress

  •  genetic and epigenetic factors; the wrong diet for your body

  •  electromagnetic radiation overexposure

  •  living out of alignment with your values and beliefs

  •  insufficient rest

  •  insufficient clean water, quality air, and quality nutrition

  • chemical overload

  • poisoning - glycophosphate, chemicals, pollution, heavy metals, infections, amalgams, workplace chemicals, perfume, deoderant, cleaning agents, outgassing furniture or new cars

  •  inflammation, injury, trauma

  • trauma

  • emotional strain, automatic negative thoughts

  • off-path, out of alignment with your personal purpose

  • disharmony of the spirit


These sessions help to break down the overwhelm mentally, emotionally and physically, so you can feel more in control of your choices. Naturopathy brings deeper understanding to health challenges, so you can move forward more clarity, intention and attention, supporting the body better to overcome obstacles more efficiently.

Holistic Nutrition 

Diet and lifestyle are of utmost importance if we are to reach our goals of optimal health and longevity. In industrialised cultures, our lifestyles have become consumer-driven. Collectively we are chronically overfed yet undernourished. Foods are not what they once were, and out of stress and fatigue may be drawn to foods that are highly processed and capable of helping us 'self-medicate' with things that make us feel better in the short term, but worse in the long term.


Today we are challenged with increased incidences of cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, immune disorders, stress-related illnesses, and depression. 

Human physiology, biochemistry, pathology, and anatomy are intricately interwoven and rely on nutritional factors for optimal function. These sessions help us tune in to what your body most needs to reset and heal itself. Once the corrective building blocks are supplied, and the obstacles to healing removed, you will soon start feeling much better, and more in control of your life in general. Sometimes the simple things make the most impact.

Emotional Barometer of the Body


The emotions are the barometer of the soul they say, and I tend to agree that they are an interesting barometer that can help you become more aware of what is going on inside. Working with body scans help us tune in to what your body's wisdom wants to share with you. Important information to seek consciously and intentionally, to keep you on track and in alignment.

Your soul speaks in whispers through your body, in the language of your emotions. Listen...

Monica Williams