Distance Sessions

Bringing clinic to you.
Engaging through the convenience of a phone or video call - no traffic, no parking, no scheduling challenges - with the effectiveness of a face to face session. 
Regular sessions help keep you on track giving clients more effective results.

Health Coaching & Healing

With the invent of video calls and distance healing modalities we can bring these services to you wherever you are.

  • Naturopathy, nutrition, remedies.

  • Pathology Testing

  • Genetic Testing

  • Bio-energetic Testing - foods, nutrients, organ energy

  • Reconnective Healing

  • NLP

  • Mindscaping

  • Psychecology

  • Health Coaching & Advocacy

Incorporating a distant energy healing session into the other modalities makes for a lovely well rounded session. Receiving Reconnective Healing by distance, feels stronger than if you were in the room because Reconnective Healing is stronger by distance.


Energy is everything.

Energy connects everything.

Energy carries information.


Naturopathy & Health Coaching

Using diet, lifestyle measuress, nutrients, herbs and remedies to identify and support the body's ability to heal itself.

Blood Testing & Results Review

We can work together with your doctor by reviewing your blood tests from a functional (rather than disease model review which the doctor will view them through). 

Bioenergetic Testing

From a distance with the use of intention and the Quantum field that connects us through our attention and intention, I can test for food-stress, nutrient deficiencies and organ energy stress. 

Functional Pathology

Using functional and medical labs we can screen for and assess health from a functional persepective to identify what is going on in the body, so we can support the healing process naturally.

Reconnective Healing

Like Reiki but significantly stronger, Reconnective Healing brings in a vast bandwidth of energy frequencies that support 


This is not counselling or traditional psychology, it is far more simple.  It is Change work.  Psych-ecology : the ecology of the mind. These gentle processes help you change unhelpful beliefs and programming, habits and issues that  running your life when you're watching. We bring awareness to what is there, then we allow your subconscious mind to make the changes needed to move forward, where you can be free of baggage and create the life you love.


The transformations that emerge are profound to witness.  What follows is a freeing, empowering and deeply restorative space.  The nervous system is soothed, the biochemistry resets to a healthier level, and the person feels deeply different, released from the past, renewed, soothed, restored.   


Developed by Dr Mike Mandell, Canadian Hypnotherapist and Teacher, this method helps you get to straight to the subconscious heart of the matter. By  becoming aware of the subconscious map you are operating out of, you can directly access the place where all of your own answers are.

You already hold your own answers inside of you. Sometimes we just need help to clear the clutter in order to connect with this inner wisdom. Getting caught  up in a whirlwind of unhelpful beliefs, ego and fear based emotions, is a sure way to get offline with your intuition, your Soul self, who you really are. It is vital to our happiness to be aligned with this inner self. It helps bring life into alignment with our purpose, bringing meaning back to life.

When emotions get caught in the body it drives disfunction. It also tends to lead to habits and compulsions that you reach for to help you feel better. Nothing makes you feel better for long, and then you have the added burden of dealing with the detrimental effects of the behaviour as well. Just what you need, more guilt!


There comes a time when it is necessary to have a clear out and a reset. With full access to everything that is wonderful about you and your life, everything get better. Relationships, work, family life, creative flow, health, food choices, exercise and improved behaviours. 

This work facilitates change. This change releases all the holding patterns in the body that are clogged up. This work changes your energy, your biochemistry, your behaviours and your life path. It naturally promotes healing, and resolves the inner conflict that drives unhappiness, dis-ease and disease.  This works helps you get on with life.

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