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Emotional Healing

An Emotional Reset is facilitated through a gentle meditative
processes that allows you to bring insight and awareness to your inner process right now. This work helps you clear the dross as you move toward becoming more emotionally free. , a


It can be a challenge of conscious awareness to get to mid-life without a proverbial closet full of emotional skeletons. It seems to have become part of the human condition somehow. Holding onto 'old stuff' impedes our ability to be present and open to life, blocking our creative energy and driving disharmony in the body.

Using a safe, gentle, relaxed state of mind, we can go deep inside to where it is easier for you to see what is going on, and make some decisions about what you want to let go of, and what you value instead. Releasing emotional blocks helps the body move energy and restore harmony to this intelligent system.


The truth is ...

We were all born amazing. It is the nature of our soul. Think of how a baby relates to the world in the early years before indoctrination becomes embedded. They are naturally soulful, expressive, creative, unconditionally loving, joyous, humour-filled, delight-full, curious, trusting and light. The process of growing up tends to obstruct these qualities as we endeavor to fit into a life programmed with right, wrong, good, bad and the expectations and judgements of others. Emotions, experiences, events and memories obstruct these inherent qualities and cause us to forget who we are.


How it works

Just as you would spring clean your house, there comes a time when it is necessary to spring clean your mind and the emotions and memories being held within the body and mind. 


The way we facilitate this gentle processes is through a simple relaxation process which allows your brain to move out of the critical busy-ness of the Beta brain wave state, into the calm, relaxed and creative state of the Theta mind, the place you move through every night on your way to sleep, the state you use when you undertake a creative visualisation meditation.


Connecting you with your soul-self, the part of you that is your inner guide, is the part that can connect you with your inner knowing, the place where your memories are stored, and you answers are. This place is accessible only once the critical mind is calmed and relaxed. We use this relaxed state to guide you through a process that enables you access to your own insights and natural clarity, a state that is natural once you realign with your strengths, abilities, skills, gifts, inspirations and knowings, all the soulful qualities that make you, You. 


Once you see for yourself what is going on inside, it's really nice to know that you have a choice about what you believe, what you do, what you carry and what you can now, as the adult you are, let go of.  Change is easy once you understand what is really going on for you. 


An emotional detox like this helps you to clarify and identify the things that are holding you back from expressing your true Self.  It enables you to clear the dross, let go of what you no longer need, unblock your body, and reconnect to your purpose. Coming to daily life clear in this way benefits how you feel and what you do. It helps you to better deal with the mundane stresses and issues of life. It naturally alters how the body works, and connects you to what needs to happen next.  Coming to life with a clean slate changes what you bring to everything you do, your relationships, work, family life, creative flow, health, food choices, exercise, motivation levels. It can also help you release unwanted habits with greater awareness.


We can't separate the physical and mental aspects of our being. They are interdependent. All physical conditions have their roots in the emotional body. Reconnecting you with yourself releases holding patterns in the body that restrict energy flow and obstruct function. Releasing blocks changes the way body works, physiologically and biochemically, thereby supporting the body's healing capacity, naturally.


Helping you Heal Emotionally from

Energy Healing

Reconnective Healing helps to consolidate the work we do emotionally, mentally and physically, allowing an infusion of  "life force energy"to heal and soothe after we work with the body, mind and emotions.


A session feels nurturing, relaxing and soothing.   Reconnective Healing is a simple, natural and safe supporting a sense of wellbeing and clarity that helps with any and all issues of being.


After three healing sessions have been completed, you are ready to have your Personal Reconnection, which takes your being to a whole new level of integrated soul-guided experience of being. More on the Personal Reconnection here.


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