Reproductive Health & Wellbeing

Planning a baby? When both partners get into the healthiest possible state beforehand, you can beneficially impact your baby's health, for life, while assuring yourselves a smoother parenting experience by preventing health issues as proactively as you can.


When couples work with their reproductive health intentionally in the four to six months before conception, the benefits to the child are significant. Studies on couples engaging in a preconception health program 4-6 months before conception show impressive improvements in health, fertility and pregnancy outcomes. Babies tended to be healthier, complications reduced, and there was also a reduced incidence of allergies and congenital problems in the children through their childhood years.


Preconception care for men is almost more important now, as sperm are much more vulnerable to damage from toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation emitted from mobile phones, WIFI modems, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and mobile phone towers. Miscarriages in the first trimester are attributed to DNA damage carried by sperm. Miscarriages early in pregnancy may be attributed to issues related to sperm health. Boosting sperm health in the four to six months before conception can greatly improve pregnancy outcomes.



Getting to know your hormone cycle makes conception much more conscious. Ensuring balanced hormones and optimal production of progesterone by the ovaries reduces the risk of fertility issues. Making a baby, birthing, recovering and breastfeeding is like a marathon - the better your health and stamina, the easier and more enjoyable the entire experience will be. This comes down to functional health and optimal trace nutrition.

All stages of pregnancy are delicate. The first very influential and delicate phase is the 12-24 hours after conception. A time of high cellular turnover, this phase creates the blueprint of the child's genetic code for life. The first twelve weeks lay down the core nervous system, the heart, and key foundational systems in the embryo. At three weeks gestation, the central nervous system, and heart begin to develop. Any problems in the first eight weeks of development tend to lead to major morphological abnormalities and will determine the viability of the pregnancy. After this time functional developmental disturbances affect congenital expression and function, and although things can go wrong here, the pregnancy is usually viable.  The nervous system, organs, senses, and tissues continue to develop into the third trimester, and in the last trimester the baby is putting on weight, getting into position and maturing the lungs in preparation for birth. The healthier the genetic information and internal environment are, the healthier the baby's genetic potential can be, for life.


The presence of an adequate supply of all essential elementals together with an absence of harmful factors cannot be stressed enough, and it is in this alchemistic area that we Naturopaths like to work. We really have the opportunity to have meaningful and benevolent influence for the benefit of everyone in this phase a couple's life. We want to make the most of it by doing all we can to support healthy development and prevent problems.


There might be a mix of DNA which code for well-proportioned features and limbs, attractive facial features and superior brain size, but if there is an abscess of key nutrients or an excess of toxic products, the baby will be unable to realise its full genetic potential. Conversely, a plentiful supply of essential nutrients can sometimes mean that a gene that is linked to deleterious characteristics will not be expressed.


All nutrients play an important role in pregnancy and the development and health of the baby to be. Many nutrients are lost or destroyed through the food industry, and nutrient loss even in healthy foods is common. It is wise these days to start a smart supplement regime without delay. It can help prevent the common symptoms and risks of pregnancy, and safeguard both the mother and baby. It also helps to encourage the healthy expression of genes and can switch off the detrimental aspect of some genetic expression.


If it is too late to do a preconception program, we still want to get all trace nutrients in place as soon as possible. In the modern world it is not a given that the food we eat will provide the new life with everything it needs, in the amounts it is needed, and it is good practice to provide the essentials in supplement and targeted eating as soon as possible.

Preconception Health Care Program

This program begins six months before the desired conception, ideally, but equally, it is never too late to start.  With a thorough review of diet, lifestyle, nutritional status, food sensitivities, and blood information, this program allows each partner to get onto the best health plan for them, with ample time to benefit genetic resources.

It takes 3-4 months for sperm and eggs to form, so it makes sense to have both parents in the best shape of their lives at least six months before this window.  Losing weight, avoiding social toxins, boosting nutrition, balancing hormones, and getting on to of health issues, is the best thing you can do for the benefit of your baby and child to be. This program also puts you in the best health for stamina and resilience, for those taxing times ahead.


This kind of conscious start can impact a family's health for life, as well as the generations springing from the baby to be down-line on the family tree into the future.

Pregnancy, Development & Birth Preparation

Once you're pregnant it all starts.  The first trimester can bring extreme fatigue, dizziness, nausea and hypersensitivity to smells. While the second trimester is usually a dream, by the third trimester  the theme is growth, and you will notice your size may slow you down.

Recognising the symptoms you may experience as signals that your body needs some extra support in whatever area is related, can help you heed the message and take action to support the developmental needs of the baby and yourself. Symptoms like tiredness, body pains,  tendon and muscle issues, restless sleep, and stretch marks can be signals that nutritional insufficiency needs to be addressed.

With regular Naturopathic sessions, you can maximise the alchemistic potency of this time and improve your baby's health, often for life.  Naturopathic support ​can help you negotiate the terrain of pregnancy, and ensure that your baby receives all of the nutritional support it needs for each phase of development in utero.

Pregnancy preparation can help the birth experience be more positive with improved outcomes for both mum and baby.  


Pregnancy is a once, twice or three times life experience for many, it pays to invest in it being the most profound experience of your life.  

Lactation - Birth Recovery - Infancy

Moving into parenthood is a major life transition.  Babies bring with them a whole lot of new experiences. From feeding issues, tummy trouble and sleepless nights, to rashes, colic, reflux and nappy rash.  Simple things put in place early can help prevent many of the pitfalls of newborn life, such preventing mastitis, healing after the birth, vaccination support, optimal nourishment and emotional awareness are just a few of benefits that Naturopathic support can bring to families with babies.

Mum's health through the fourth trimester - birth recovery

  • Diet and nutritional guidelines

  • Food sensitivities

  • Tissue regeneration protocols for optimal healing.

  • Post Natal Depression prevention and recovery.

Infant colic, reflux, digestive issues

  • Food testing to determine what foods a breastfeeding mother may be eating that is upsetting the baby through the milk.

  • Which formula best suits the baby's developing digestive system.

  • Bioresonance therapy to support optimal digestive development.

  • Naturopathic protocols for nutritional balance and holistic support.

Personalised Care

Each person is unique, with their own particular lifestyle factors, health history, epi-genetic characteristics and treatment needs. We regard each person as an individual, and aim work with you to identify the causative and sustaining factors in your current experience, and what you need to move forward in the most efficient and effective way for you. 


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