Remedies to restore and soothe the emotional body, connecting their person back to themselves, releasing negative emotions, and aligning with a more optimal state of harmony.


Essences are a harmonic, vibrational essence that restores harmony within the etheric field and emotional body, supporting stress release and relief. ​Release emotional blocks and negativity, rebooting energy flow and providing more resources for physical healing and wellbeing.


We tailor make remedies for people according to what they need. 5-7 remedies can be chosen per bottle.  If there is one remedy that really characterises a person, then it will be the best on its own.

Choose your own flower essence mix - you will know what you need when  you read through them.  These are the Bach, Bush and California essences we use. They are made on 10& alcohol, so if you need alcohol free let us know.

DOSAGE - take 5-7 drops in a teaspoon of water or add to a water bottle, shake and drink over the day. 

How do Flower Remedies work?

One 50ml bottle is $28.  2 bottles are $44

($22 per bottle for 2 or more).