Health Screening


Darkfield Nutritional Microscopy

Nutritional Micoscopy uses a drop of blood under a Dark Field Microscope, to view the health and parameters of living blood and immune cells. It helps you and your practitioner understand the quality and health of your blood, as the stream of life that carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, immune factors, and wastes to and from the cells, tissues and organs of your body each day. The healthier your blood, the healthier your body.



When we look at living blood, we are looking at a veritable universe of factors that allow your body to work.  Interestingly, red blood cells only comprise a small aspect of blood. Blood is 55% Plasma, and plasma is 95% water.. The other 45 percent is made up of all the stuff that enables your body to work - red blood cells, platelets, immune cells, fat carrying molecules, hormones, signalling molecules, .carbon dioxide, glucose, hormones, proteins, mineral salts, fats, vitamins and and wastes heading to the liver to be cleared.


It is amazing to observe the effect of a cleansing detox on the quality of a person's blood. Everythng changes in the inner workings of the body, and this overflows to bring a sense of energy, wellbeing and vitality to the person's life. Seeing this reflected in the blood, brings a new reverence to the value of Naturopathic Medicine.

Bio-energetic Senstivity Testing

Using a body-challenge test, we screen for a resonance match between your body and a range of pathogens, foods, nutrients and system stressors. This testing is non-invasive, and we don't use it to diagnose illness, rather we use it to screen for factors that are important to consider as part of a Naturopathic treatment plan. It gies us a measure to compare and observe your progress.


Functional Lab Tests

Functional Testing offers us insight into your physiological and functional health, allowing us to identify change early, long before 'disease' level dysfunctions occur.  We are seeking to maximise health and wellness, reviewing test results from a functional, rather than pathological perspective.


We may resource Bio-energtetic testing methods, Functional Pathology Lab Testing,and general lab test results through your GP as part of your evaluation and progress reviews.

  • Cholesterol Subfractions

  • Neurotransmitters

  • Urinary Mercury

  • Salivary Hormones

  • Salivary Stress Hormones

  • Inhalant Allergy Panel

  • Delayed Food Allergen Panel

  • Paediatric Allergy Panel

  • Gluten Sensitivity Testing

  • Mould & Endotoxin Panel

  • Helicobacter

  • Lyme Serology & Blot

  • Comprehensive Digstive Stool Analysis

  • Comprehensive Thryoid Panel

  • Lyme Serology and Western Blot

  • Pfeiffer Protocol Levels