For many of people winter is the most common time to succumb to infections, but for others, any time in the year is a risk time, particularly at the change of seasons. With some virulent strains of pathogens around and the body's terrain depleted by stress, nutritional deficiencies, and overwork, infections can come on too frequently and too strong, leading to more time off work or school and more prolonged debility or complications.


Some types of infections can cause far reaching after-effects such as prolonged fatigue, muscle and joint pain and weakened immunity. These include cytomegalovirus, Ross River virus and Eptein Barr virus, which causes glandular fever. These infections need to be treated actively and promptly, initially with immune enhancing herbs and later with herbs to aid recovery thus reducing the incidence of recurrent infections and fatigue.

Immune system support

The most effective way to avoid infections is to ensure strong and resilient functioning of the immune system. By maximising the effectiveness of the immune system your body will be more able to fight off any infectious organisms it comes into contact with, whether they be bacterial, viral, fungal or some other type of infection. Given the right circumstances your body has an immense ability to protect itself from infections and enable you to maintain good health throughout the year.

  • Recover more quickly from infections

  • Prevent infections

  • Improve immune resiliency

  • Regulate an over-zealous immune system

  • Prevent illness

  • Protect against allergies 

  • Treat respiratory tract issues

  • Prevent illnesses from getting worse