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Immunity & Health

Supporting health and wellness by engaging with healthful practices supports natural immunity. Here are some simple ways to support immunity.

1. Get into Nature - in an article in Science Daily, it says "Research has found evidence that spending time in nature provides protections against a startling range of diseases, including depression, diabetes, obesity, ADHD, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and many more. How this exposure to green space leads to better health has remained a mystery. After reviewing hundreds of studies examining nature's effects on health, University of Illinois environment and behavior researcher Ming Kuo believes the answer lies in nature's ability to enhance the functioning of the body's immune system."

2. Switch off stress - for many this means turning off the television, social media, and tech, and taking some much needed time outside in nature!  Stress, worry and overwhelm switch off the immune system by flipping the body's nervous system over to 'sympatethic dominance' - fight, flight, freeze, flee mode. This is the opposite of the 'rest-digest-repair-restore' aspect of the 'parasympathetic nervous system' which is switched off when the stress system is activated.

3. Get some full body sunshine - 20 minutes in the sun with clothing- and sunscreen-free skin out can give you 20,000iu of vitamin D, a magic bullet nutrient capable of boosting immune resilience and reducing risk of certain viral infections.  (Beats a 1,000iu capsule!)

4. Get quality sleep - sleep is vital for optimal immunity, it is the time that the body rests and restores itself. The hours before midnight are the best to go to sleep in as it maximises your brain's melatonin exposure. See my blog on 'sleep' if you're not getting quality zzzz's.

5. Get on top of chronic health issues - allergies, auto-mmune conditions, diabetes, weight gain, indigestion, high cholesterol, fatigue, chronic pain, frequent infections - all make you more vulnerable to immune compromise. naturopathy is great at helping the body heal from chronic health concerns.

6. Eat clean, easily digested foods high in vegetables and low in junk. The nutrients you get from your food needs to be of a quality that supports vibrancy, not fatigue. Eating lots of vegetables helps your gut buddies thrive, and balance your microbiome toward health rather than illness.

7. Look after your gut. Address any tummy trouble as soon as possible, as 80% of your innate immune system sits around the gut in the Gut-Associated-Immune-System (GALT). A happy tummy makes for a healthy microbiome.

8. Engage in loving, stress relationships. Consider ditching any high stress relationships, especially through winter - as we've seen, it depletes your immune system.

9. Get a pet - dogs, cats, rabbits, and even goldfish, have been shown to boost serotonin, reduce stress, and improve immune function ... as long as you're not allergic!

10. Catch up with your Naturopathic Health Coach to keep in the wellness and vitality zone - Once a year do a detox, have your blood tests checked out from a holistic perspective, find out your food sensitivities, boost up your nutritional status, get on top of any  chronic health issues, lose those excess kilos, and  keep your health and immune resilient, responsive and in tip top shape, for life.   If you are getting the jab, get on a pre and post program, and protect your most valuable asset, YOUR health.

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