Children's Health Essentials Program

Jamie Oliver

Ted Talk on hidden sugars 





Julie Matthews on brain nourishment in children



How the brain scans of kids with behavioural issues are different to the norm and what to do about it.

Denver Developmental Milestones Chart 

Knowing what age to expect your child to be able to help you around the house is a cool thing!  

Also good to know if they are demonstrating a developmental delay so you can seek help if needed. BUT, don't put them in a box, don't judge them, just use this as a yardstick, but acknowledge each child's individuality and trust that their body knows what to do, when.


Link to download the chart is here

Gluten Syndrome - Daily bread

Can any human body handle gluten? Paediatrician Dr. Rodney Ford


Sandwich free Bento Box lunches (do your own gluten, colouring & toxic oil free)

Cook Along with Julie Matthews: Gluten & Allergen Free for Autism/ADHD

Children's Nutrition COOKING - Butternut Pumpkin/Chicken Pancakes, by Julie Matthews

Autism Mothers TV w/Julie Matthews: Episode 4 GFCF Pudding and Cookies

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