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Laser Meridian Point Therapy

Low intensity laser therapy (LILT) is a form of photo-therapy which is applied to the acupuncture points, meridians and trigger points of the body. It is employed to support the body’s vital force and stimulate healing in a variety of conditions, including  the presence of musculoskeletal pain, stress, tension and injuries, fatigue syndromes, immune challenges, and acute or chronic illnesses.

LILT has been used as an effective alternative to metal needles for the stimulation of acupuncture or muscle trigger points.  ​We resource this method in a holistic context, using the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Muskuloskeletal Medicinal principles, to stimulate meridian points and trigger points without the need for needles. It is valuable for both injury management, as well as being a great tonic for general wellbeing, supporting immunity, digestion, lymphatic flow, energy, pain, muscle tension, inflammation, hormone balance and to support the strengthening and enhancement of the vital force in health.


This modality is essential for anyone recovering from surgery, being effective in the management of scars, wounds, injuries, bruising, swelling, inflammation tears or sprains. It is reduces inflammation and pain, while promoting tissue regeneration and repair.

​Gentle enough for babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly, and as effective as acupuncture, without the needles. 


Laser acu-meridian therapy is a 100% painless, non-invasive therapy involving the use of a low-intensity laser light therapeutically. It is beneficial to reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration and reduce pain.

  • Pain free non-invasive treatment: There is no heat or pain felt at the location of application, in fact, no sensation is felt at all.

  • Effective: Over 3,000 studies that prove a positive effect of laser acupoint therapy, including one meta-analysis in the lancet journal showing that laser acupuncture* well outperforming pain medication for long-term pain relief.

  • Safety: Cold laser is low powered, non-invasive therapy  with no side-effects related to treatment.


Beneficial in the Holistic Management of :

  • Children’s conditions

  • Functional organ and body system support

  • Pain, tension, injuries

  • Post surgical recovery

  • Scar bridging for better scar healing

  • Muscular pain - useful for releasing trigger points

  • Injuries – ligament, muscle; strains, sprains, tears, breaks, fractures, scar tissue (acute and chronic)

  • Digestive issues

  • Swelling, oedema

  • Lymphatic stasis, post mastectomy

  • Wound healing

  • Immune conditions

  • General wellbeing

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Metabolism boosting

  • Mood issues – treatment naturally raises endorphins to improve mood and a sense of wellbeing.

  • Inflammatory conditions

  • Stress, tension

  • Fatigue and exhaustion


Laser meridian therapy is commonly used to help regulate the body’s energy pathways through the meridian channels of the body, smoothing the energy to and from the organs, skin, endocrine system, lymphatics and muscles, and improving a person's sense of wellbeing.


How many Sessions?

Most people notice an improvement quickly after their laser session. Depending on the condition and situation, it is recommended to have sessions close together initially, spacing out as results are achieved and maintained.

Depending on the condition, just like acupuncture with needles, during an acute or chronic condition, frequent treatments initially are recommended to support the body with the necessary changes in the healing process. The initial appointment is one hour, with follow ups 30-45 minutes. It is not uncommon to want to have treatments 1-2 times weekly for 1-3 weeks, reducing down to weekly, then fortnightly and monthly as the condition improves. This can be combined with Bowen Therapy to release tension and give you a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. 


Monica Williams  

When training to become a Naturopath, I did a double qualification in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture as well. In the past I used acupuncture* within my sessions; these days I resource the laser light, rather than insert needles when I work. Is use holistic methodology from Chinese Medicine and Modern Naturopathy when I work in my clinic.

*NB: Although I hold three qualifications in the application of therapy to acupuncture points, in  Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture and Shiatsu, the word ‘acupuncture’ is a registered word, and I have chosen not to pay to use this word. I stimulate acupuncture points on the meridians of the body, but I do not do “acupuncture” in the paid, registered sense of the word.