Lemon & Garlic Elixer

This is a natural remedy with German folk medicine which is purported to

  • cleanse the arteries and manage atherosclerosis

  • regulate blood lipids and cholesterol

  • help with preventing and recovering from colds and infections

  • boost immunity

  • cleanse the liver

  • detox the body

  • soften calcification

Do not take this if you are sensitive to fructose, garlic or lemon, or if you are on Warfarin or have blood clotting problems. 




  • 40 cloves of organic garlic

  • 4 organic lemons with skin

  • 2 liters of the purified water

1. Cut lemons into ⅛ pieces with the skin and place in a food processor with the garlic cloves, no peeling required. Chop up into small pieces (see picture). However in the absence of a food processor just chop ingredients with a knife.

2. Put into a pot with 2 litres of fresh purified water and stir together.

3. Bring the mixture very slowly to boiling point and turn the heat off immediately.

4. Allow the mixture to stand and cool down naturally.

5. Once at room temperature, strain the liquid and fill sealable glass bottles. Discard the pulp.

Store the elixir in the fridge.


Take one shot-glass dose per day 2 hrs before or after your main meal.

Take for 3 weeks, have 1 week off then repeat for another 3 weeks.

After about 3 weeks people report a youthful sense of having regenerated their whole body.

The garlic taste is neutralized by the lemon & zest, so there is no unpleasant after-smell. It is a thick and strong brew, so shake it before serving cooled. 


You could add cinnamon for added benefits.

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