Australian Living Essences

Flower essences work by opening up a person's natural inner wisdom (conscious, subconscious and unconscious). When negative states drive poor responses to life situations, pain, disharmony and disease can result. Essences help clear the blocks and obstacles to emotional wellbeing. They are gentle and safe and can be used with great benefit in babies, children, adults, the elderly, birds, animals and plants. By helpting to reconnect the being back to their original spiritually attuned state, they can help to restore balance, harmony and a more positive state of being. 

  1. Blue Topped Cow Weed - As they move on in life they become troubled by the hassles and problems of those close to them, or those generated by them. Instead of being constructive in their dealings with these problems they tend to seek even more avenues of enjoyment. Drink, drugs, or whatever, in order to escape the burden or unpleasantness of such problems. This remedy puts one in touch with one's feelings, creating more empathy with the situations others must face. The result is becoming more responsible in attitude. It engenders strength in the person taking it and teaches them to deal with problems as they arise instead of escaping responsibilities or avoiding hassles.

  2. Brachycome – (Good drs remedy) - Arrogance, contempt for others, being over critical. For those who feel critical and intellectually superior towards others. The healing properties of this flower help such people to have understanding of where another person comes from. What people know or don't know, what they are aware of, or are unaware of, then becomes irrelevant as a conditioning factor in how one relates to others. Example of possible character traits and situations: the person with educational qualifications or an experienced intellectual who lacks empathy.

  3. Brown Boronia - Over active mind, worrying, going over things incessantly in the mind without rest. For those who can't work out or find the right solution to a problem. They find one solution only to find it does not work, then another, and that doesn't work either. They think of several solutions yet none seems the right one. It is here they become despondent and frustrated. The healing properties of this flower give one the acceptance and patience that will allow them to work with their karma rather than freaking out and becoming frustrated. Example of character traits and situations: those who have pressing problems but find life provides them with no immediate solutions.

  4. Cape Bluebell - Hate, negativity, malice. The healing properties of this flower are for those people who hate everything, including themselves. They are people who have been extremely selfish and consequently have been rejected by others. Instead of understanding what life is teaching them through this rejection they react negatively. It seems the reason for them feeling this way stems from the distant past. It's hard to help such people who are so ingrained with hate. In their isolation they delight in seeing others suffer. The healing qualities of this flower are divine love. In essence this flower reverberates the message of, Let go, let go of the past and be loving. At first there is much resistance, however, slowly, slowly, the fossilized shackles of hate start to break and the divine love within begins to shine through.  Example of possible character traits: people with an age-old chip on their shoulder.

  5. Cats Paw - The healing qualities of this flower help people to break the attachments or obligatory feelings. "No one owes you anything and you don't owe anybody anything", becomes their realization. They realize that it is their prerogative to give or not to give, and if others are taking advantage of their benevolence then all they have to do is stop giving, - no big drama. The healing properties of this flower enable people to see that although the ideal of family or group life is one where all members are aware and care for each other the reality is often different. When they presume that family life will follow the ideal then subconscious obligations are projected onto family members. The healing properties of this flower enable them to let go of their expectations and obligatory feelings towards others.

  6. Correa - those being hard on themselves, not accepting their limitations. For the genuine person who feels dissatisfied with themselves or their performance. They feel they haven't gotten their act together, or their performance or abilities are wanting. They let themselves or others down, or fall short of the expectations of others. Often the problem stems from not taking proper notice of what others have advised them and this adds to the dissatisfaction they feel about themselves. The healing properties of this flower allow them to see that their mistakes or poor performance was unintentional, and to accept their shortcomings and mistakes without regret. Example of possible character traits and situations: the spouse or employee troubled by their mistakes.

  7. Cowkicks - Lack of awareness of the life around them. This is for people who have great zest and inspiration for life, everything goes so well and because of this they don't make provision for reversals, or handle life from an aware or in depth perspective. The problem is that they never believe life could be any different. However they are the sort of people who when confronted with a sudden reversal find their life falls apart. Unfortunately once this happens it is hard for them to rebuild their lives, consequently they give up, losing their incentive and energy to turn life back into a positive direction. They become a victim of circumstances. The healing properties of this flower first opens their mind up to the possibility of reversals so that when life is going well they don't presume that such a flow lasts forever and they act wisely. Secondly, once the reversal has happened, this flower inspires positivity and gives the strength required to turn life around, and rebuild it from a wiser perspective.

  8. Cowslic Orchid - Possible symptoms: pompous behaviour, arrogance,"better than thou" attitude, lack of fulfilment, negative towards others, contempt for those "lower" then them, who don't acknowledge them. For people who crave recognition and feel they are more important, more special than others. If others don't give the recognition they believe is due to them, then they feel unfulfilled. They start looking down upon and become negative towards these people. Because of their arrogance these people are seldom happy, they miss so many positive interactions they could have with others. The healing properties of this flower deflate inflated egos so that those who need this essence perceive no "big deal" about themselves. Consequently they don't set themselves above or aside from others and find the treasure of being able to interact with, and enjoy, people from all walks of life. They then find they can enjoy people despite the recognition given to them by others.

  9. Dampiera - The healing properties of this flower help a person to be tolerant and realize their perspective and ways are not the only ones to be considered. This flower also helps others to feel secure about letting go and being vulnerable in changing or unfamiliar environments. On the physical level, the Dampiera is excellent for treatment of tight, stressed or knotted muscles. The strong message to "let go" seems to be picked up immediately by the nervous system and the treatment, using working stock directly on the area needing relief will only take 5-15 minutes to take effect.

  10. Fuchsia Grevillea -  dislike of being exposed, smugness, anger. For those who like to keep their negative thoughts and feelings well hidden, they often consider that other people, who are unaware of the negative feelings they have towards them, are idiots. It gives them a feeling of power to be in this position. If you try to expose such a person they become quite agitated and negative towards you. The healing properties of this flower help them let go of their negative thought patterns and feel that if people confront them about such patterns, then it is fair and normal.

  11. Geraldton Wax -  feeling trapped, frustrated, resentful and "held" in. For those who feel they must accommodate another persons' desires, wishes or beckoning. This is because that person is very strongly focused on them doing what they want. Consequently, they become influenced by their mental force. The healing properties of this flower strengthen them so that they do not get influenced by such mental projections. The pressure can come from environments and situations where the person feels that they must accommodate the stronger forces.

  12. Goddess Grasstree - For the maturing of the female principle of woman within. For both men and women a metamorphosis to inner strength, nurturing sensitivity and loving wisdom that is not emotionally dependent. Helpful in releasing the feminine aspect into society.

  13. Golden Glory Grevillea - feelings of uneasiness about others' motives. For those who feel they don't want people to see the mess they feel they are in, or things that they do. These people tend to shut out others because of this. The healing properties of this flower help us to care less about how people view us. Example of possible character traits and situations: people whose openness and relaxed attitude has been used to their detriment by others

  14. Golden Waitsia - To re-ignite spontaneity and carefree feelings, to heal all aspects of anxiety linked to perfectionism. Helpful for those who worry about details, and also those needing to accept their present imperfect state of health and well being while convalescing from illness or trauma.

  15. Hops Bush - This essence earths excessive, scattered energy and reestablishes a natural and healthy flow which feeds the needs of activity without over stimulating. With this inner mental and physical peace the person feels back in control of their life and can have balances states of rest and activity. For those who can't sleep or relax due to frenetic energy unbalancing them.

  16. Illyarrie - someone who has been badly hurt by others or those who bottle-up their pain. Possible symptoms: feeling that pain is going to overwhelm you. For those who don't want to face or deal with something because of the pain and suffering they find it incurs for themselves or others. They shut this "something" out of sight out of mind, because they find it hard to deal with the pain and suffering. The healing properties of this flower allow them to face the pain, thereby enabling them to realize their strength to deal with it.

  17. Leafless Orchid - the positive person who has become bogged down. The therapist who, even though they are inspired, still become drained. Possible symptoms: tiredness, irritability, lack of vitality. This essence is for positive people who are confronted by one problem after another. When this goes on for sometime, quite relentlessly, they find themselves feeling drained of their vital force. Their positivity becomes strained. There is an art to dealing with problems without having your vital force depleted. It enables them to work from their deeper centre, actively participating in the world but not being entangled by it.

  18. Many Headed Dryandra - people seen as irresponsible, fly by night types by others. Possible symptoms: erratic behaviour, panic. For when someone feels, "I've got to go, got to get out of here". These people find it hard to face and deal with the things in life they need to. They find that life, or what other people require of them, is too much for them to handle. When this happens they feel they must run, preferring to do this rather than stay put and face issues. The healing properties of this flower are calming, strengthening and helps the person stabilize themselves and deal with what they have to. The difference between this flower essence and the West Australian Christmas tree, is that here the person typifying the need for this flower essence is of a flighty and irresponsible nature. With the Christmas Tree type they are quite dependable under normal circumstances.

  19. Mauve Melaleuca - the emotional idealist, the unloved spouse, parent, child. Possible symptoms: feelings of hurt, sadness. For those who subconsciously feel not truly loved by those close to them. They feel that if people truly loved them, deep down, their actions would support it and they would feel really cared for. People who need this flower are more often than not the sensitive type who need great depth and fulfillment in love - but they seek this in the external world. The healing properties of this flower help them to be emotionally settled, thereby enabling them to get in touch with their higher self, the source of perfect eternal love.

  20. Menzies Banksia -  the person rejected in a relationship who fears being hurt again, but longs for companion-ship. Possible symptoms: fear of history repeating itself, psychic paralysis. For those who feel that they have suffered much pain in one department or another of life. Its here that they get stuck, they don't want to move on in that area of life through fear of more pain. The healing properties of this flower help them to let go of the past pain and move on with courage, to deal with what comes their way. On the physical level this essence will relieve intense, built up localized pain in muscle and soft tissue, also helping to stop body from tensing in anticipation of pain. This it will do when applied in working stock dilution directly to the painful area.

  21. One-Sided Bottlebrush - Those who complain about their work load and don't see the burden of others. Possible symptoms: feeling over-burdened, depressed, caught up in themselves. For those who get caught up in themselves and their work load, and consequently feel unsupported. This tends to make them grumble and moan, a feeling of isolation then begins to take hold. This flower essence lets them take a positive approach to life, and accept their work load. More often than not, those they feel should be supportive, are also burdened down, and an unaware attitude towards them, caused by someone being too caught up in themselves, just makes things worse.

  22. Orange Leschenaultia - Tough skinned people, the survivors. Possible symptoms: insensitivity, lack of compassion. For those who feel they have to look after themselves because no one else will. Life becomes a survival number, and this creates in these people a more insensitive and hardened attitude toward others. They may think, It's ann very well, this sensitivity stuff, but life is not like that. The healing properties of this flower allow them to experience the softness of life. It gets them in touch with the benevolence and caring within themselves and others.

  23. Orange Spiked Pea - The healing properties of this flower help them to forget and dissociate themselves from anyone they feel is mentally playing a power trip on them or taking advantage of them. Instead of feeling revengeful, this flower essence will help them take a more open approach. They then say what they think and get the resentment out of their system in a more detached manner, eliminating the tendency for violence. The healing properties of this flower release the pent-up energy that would build-up and result in physical violence. Those that would anger them normally don't have the same effect, and are no longer seen as a threat. FOR NARCISISTEES.

  24. Pale Sundew - The healing properties of this flower help to develop repulsion towards such manipulative activities, repulsion towards the excitement of laying a trap, and having others fall into it. It develops within these people a deep sense of wrongness about such behaviour and finally helps them to realize the senselessness, the waste of one's own life in pursuing such sickening objectives. FOR NARCISSISTS!

  25. Parakeelya - Because these people fail to assert their rights, they find it hard to discover others who will give them the respect that enables them to feel that they truly are a part of something. Consequently they become isolated and sad, preferring to be or work alone. The healing properties of this flower enable one to say no to those who try to use them and stand up in any relationship or group and assert their worth. This not only helps them but helps others to face their responsibility of being fair and appreciative towards those who are supporting them. At first when they take this flower essence conflict arises, this is because they begin to assert their rights, then they will feel truly a part of their family, work place or whatever. This flower enables them to realize their true worth.

  26. Pink Everlasting Straw Flower - Possible character traits and situations: someone who feels out of touch with how other people feel. Someone who can intellectually conceive of how others feel but finds it hard to be in touch with them emotionally, and give out. Possible symptoms: a feeling that life is dry, nothing within themselves to give. This flower is good for people who would like to be caring and loving, but they feel they have just nothing inside to give. They feel so emotionally depleted themselves. This flower essence replenishes the depleted emotions, renewing the springs of love and joy.

  27. Pink Fairy Orchid - For people who feel in a panic or frenzy due to circumstances surrounding them. Possible symptoms: mental instability, feeling overwhelmed by the environment. For people overwhelmed by the events in their life and consequently experience mental instability. They feel they must get out or away from a situation or from people, (often there is no conscious reason). The healing properties of this flower are good for when they find themselves affected by mass hysterical panic, and they get caught up in the vibration, become frenzied, and start to panic also. This flower essence can minimize the effect other people's vibration or state of mind has on them.

  28. Pink Fairy-Cowslisp - The person needing this flower essence is often affected by other peoples views and attitudes towards them. The person may be oversensitive or genuinely under attack, but the result is the same, their peace of mind is affected. The Pink Fairy Hybrid minimizes the effect other people's negativity or attitudes have on their life. It does this by taking away their sensitivity and focus on the way others react to them. This enables them to get on with their life without being overly concerned about the reaction of others, which generates contentment and a positive feeling within themselves of being self contained.

  29. Pink Fountain Triggerplant - This essence re-ignites the vital flame and restores its dynamism to the point where the person can take over this most essential responsibility. For those who are losing their inner vital force which keeps one alive, wither by a slow draining on the physical level, or a cutting off in the subtle bodies.

  30. Pink Impatients - Compromising of one's ideals or standards, stress, hardship. For those who live their lives according to their set standards or morals and as a consequence they suffer. Because of their standards or morals they are forced to bear extra burdens and face greater struggle. When the sacrifice becomes too great, these people compromise their standards or ideals they say enough is enough!, and start a downward spiral of compromising. This remedy gives one the strength, creativity and determination to conquer this negative scenario. It greatly strengthens one's determination and desire to retain one's ideals and standards, no matter what the obstacles.

  31. Pink Trumpet Flower - The essence of clarity and focus. To harness the inner strength of purpose and direct it towards important goals. Encourages achievement through new mental directness. Helpful for those who find difficulty in maintaining purpose, who feel they get lost half way through a thought process or activity. Also excellent for attaining healing objectives and for directing energy at birthings.

  32. Purple Enamel Orchid -  unmotivated people, who start off feeling useless then go to the extreme of flogging themselves work-wise to prove their worth. Possible symptoms: lack of balance, self criticism, frustrated with themselves, energy fluctuation. The healing properties of this flower are for people who put too much or too little energy into what they want to achieve and consequently don't achieve their long term goals. At first they put in too little and consequently react to themselves for being so useless. They then over-react and push themselves so hard that they fall apart. This flower essence enables one to work steadily towards one's goal, and take rest when it is required. It enables one to maintain a healthy balance between work and rest.

  33. Purple Eremophila - To gain and maintain serene objectivity amidst very personal issues of the heart that threaten to unbalance you. This essence encourages the objectivity without compromising richness of feeling and sensitivity towards loved ones, and is very helpful in times of relationship upsets.

  34. Purple Flag Flower - people who have pushed their stress limits and find it hard to unwind. Possible symptoms:  inability to relax, extreme anxiety. This is an excellent flower essence for people who are near a nervous breakdown. They feel they are losing control and can't cope, that no one around them is really aware of what's happening in their mind. They struggle on, saying to themselves, "I must keep it together." What has been found with such people is they are used to reacting tensely to situations automatically. They find it very hard to reverse this. The healing properties of this flower are excellent for reversing the process, helping them to relax and feel normal.

  35. Purple Nymph Waterlily - The essence of selfless service. To drink deep from the deeper side of one's Love nature. To not be caught in emotional traps in your dealings with fellow humans or your own Life path. To sensitise to a point beyond personalisation, freeing the heart with service. Helpful for those who are desiring to merge with the Universal purpose and on all levels, practical and internal, share their treasures with others.

  36. Purple/Red Kangaroo Paw -People who blame each other rather than doing something positive to improve conditions. Possible symptoms are bickering, negativity, non-constructive criticism. This is a very good flower essence for people in friendships, relationships, marriages or partnerships, who feel the other half are not really pulling their weight. They then react to the situation, saying, Well, why should I be supportive and do things if you are not? This reaction causes deterioration in the relationship and more often than not compounds into a worse situation. The healing properties of this flower allow them to drop the reaction so that they can deal with the situation in a clear way.

  37. Queensland Bottlebrush -  the person with the problem of whether to share a house or live alone. Possible symptoms: unsettled behavior, conflict of desires. For those who want to be alone, but when they are alone they find they want the company of either one particular person or a group of people. This conflict causes frustration. The reason for wanting to be alone is that they feel much energy gets taken or drained from them physically, emotionally, or mentally when in company. This conflict normally stems from their experiences with users and that is why there is the need to be alone. The healing properties of this flower allow them to let go of the past, and feel, I know where I am going, I'm free within myself. In the external world things come and go, my inward journey, however, gets me more in touch with the eternal springs of sustenance.

  38. Rabbit Orchid - the socialite, the superficial host. Possible symptoms: superficially, hypocrisy, insecurity. For the superficial insincere types, who know how to put on a good front to hide their real intentions, or the type of person they really are. However, eventually people find out what they are really like and then they feel humiliated and angry. The healing properties of this flower allow one to see the rewards and inner fulfilment of having meaningful honest relationships with others. To be sincere and straight forward is then desired. A distaste for deception and hypocrisy starts to grow and the emptiness experienced through living one's life with deception and superficiality becomes apparent.

  39. Red/Green Kangaroo Paw - the busy parent and/or spouse who is out of touch with the needs of the family. Possible symptoms are insensitivity and impatience. For those who act insensitively towards others. More often than not it is a person who they really love, a child or a partner. They act insensitively because they always have other more important things to do than to be in touch, and act sensitively with that person close to them. The healing properties of this flower allow them to put all those things aside and be mentally in the here and now with their loved ones, thereby opening the door to enjoyment with those close to them.

  40. Ribbon Pea - To rise above fear and foreboding that stops us from taking positive attitudes and directions that are desired for a fulfilling life. Helpful for those who feel a sense of nameless dread and don't understand why they feel that way. Healing the panic of fear of annihilation.

  41. Rose Coneflower - parents who feel they need space from their children. Possible symptoms: feeling "touchy" and easily disturbed, a need for peace and quiet. For when someone feels they need their own space. They feel a bit frazzled. They are finding life a bit hard to cope with, they wish to be left alone, they want peace and quiet without interruption. The healing properties of this flower ease the tension and allow us to again enjoy the company of others.

  42. Russian Centaurea - The brave person who stands up and opposes injustices regardless of the consequences on themselves. The risk taker. Possible symptoms: Feeling opposed or trapped bravado. For strong people who feel their strength has the ability to withstand or conquer anything. Because of this they are more open in their resistance or opposition to oppression. The time comes when a stronger force overcomes them. They don't lose their inner strength or will to fight, however they find themselves confined and unable to act. This remedy teaches that no matter how strong one is, there are always forces stronger that can crush them or limit their freedom. It teaches one to utilize their strength under camouflage in order to achieve an objective so that those who have the power to curb their freedom or actions aren't alerted

  43. Shy Blue Orchid - Focuses spiritual energies that will consistently break up negative oppressive forces in the environment. This essence gives a sense of protection and dynamism where powerlessness has previously prevailed. This is a deep internally inspiring and extremely subtle flower essence which is of great benefit to those dedicated to the Path of Light.

  44. Snake Bush - people who give, motivated by the need to be loved. Possible symptoms: emotionally unsettled, frustrated in love. For those who are considerate towards others. They do many things for them, yet they find that those people are not considerate to them, or put themselves out for them. They look to these people for emotional fulfillment, they want to feel cared for and loved by them. The healing properties of this flower allow them to find that emotional fulfillment within themselves, thereby eliminating the frustration, disillusionment and anxiety. It does this without taking away any of the genuine caring they feel for another person.

  45. Snake Vine -  the victim of malicious gossip or character assassination. Also when in relationship break-ups one person is focused negatively on the other. Possible symptoms: feeling unsettled and not knowing why. For when someone's negative psychic projection or talk, undermines the confidence we have in ourselves, by influencing others negatively in their attitude toward us, or by sowing the seeds of doubt about us. We start to experience self-doubt about ourselves, or our abilities, hence our confidence becomes slowly eroded. When this happens our forward momentum becomes greatly impaired. The healing properties of this flower allow us to see all the positive and good things we achieve. This eradicates our doubts and enables us to affirm our self worth, moving ahead with vitality.

  46. Urchin Dryandra - inferiority complex, sadness. For those who are put down by another, this then causes them sadness. They feel, Why does this person have to be like this, why can't they be supportive and kind to me? If such a situation continues they can start to suffer from an inferiority complex. The healing properties of this flower help them to discover their self worth.Example of possible character traits and situations: the down trodden, the "UNDERDOG", people in unequal relationships.

  47. Ursinia - This remedy will work in two ways. If someone is bright eyed and enthusiastic about a group or organization it will enable them to see beyond their ROSE COLOURED GLASSES and develop a realistic attitude towards the human element within the structures of groups. If, however, they become involved in a group and become frustrated and disillusioned, this remedy will enable them to realize that they are also a part of that human element within the group and therefore also responsible for the direction of the group. The Ursinia essence will also infuse the energy and desire to play a positive role so that any required change can manifest within the group. This remedy also enables one to remain objective and non personal even when attacked by those who serve their personal interests at the expense of the group.

  48. Veronica -  feelings of alienation and isolation. For when there is a deep feeling of loneliness or isolation, and this causes sadness. A person feels that no one really knows them or understands them. This flower essence stops them focusing on how they are not being understood or related to. It helps them take hold of the situation by reorientating their focus on how to deal with people, relate to them, or give out to them. Example of possible character traits: people whose perspective is not understood or taken notice of by others.

  49. Violet Butterfly - This essence calms the flaring sensitivities and emotional pain that so stress a person. For healing those who are feeling emotionally shattered during and after relationship traumas, such as break-ups. During these experiences they despair of any possibility of having love in their life. This essence speeds their emotional recovery, healing the damage and allowing them to pass on through to the rest of their life.

  50. Wallflower Donkey Orchid - They then see how easy it is for people to hurt each other as they had been originally hurt. But instead of this realization lifting their spirits, it does the opposite, it makes them feel that life is a set-up, a rotten joke. The healing properties of this Donkey Orchid enables them to realize that they do have a choice of how they react to people who have treated them unkindly and that they shouldn't blame life, they should work on themselves. They can choose between a revengeful heart - or a heart that lets these people go out of their life, wishing them well on their journey. This sets them free from such people rather than locking into their psyche with thoughts of revenge. When they see this they no longer blame life but take responsibility for their actions.

  51. White Nymph Waterlily - For the uncovering of the deepest spiritual core. This is an essence of tranquillity that encourages pulling back the layers to reach the soul level. It also inspires using the higher self to integrate and respond to Life from the most Universal perspective possible for one's evolution at the time, rather than one's personal perspective. Helpful for spiritual practices such as meditation.

  52. White Spider Orchid - Possible symptoms: tendency to introversion, sadness, over sensitivity, anguish of the soul. For those sensitive people who have experienced a lot of pain and/or seen others go through a lot of pain. They perceive selfless love as a way of transforming this suffering into beauty and bliss. With this understanding they treat the world accordingly and try to help others get in touch with this idea, only to find they are used and abused by others. This often has a devastating effect on them making them feel that life is intolerable and just too hard to bear; often they wish they weren't alive. An essence made from this flower enables them to empathize with the suffering of others without being personally disturbed by their suffering or the insensitivity of others. When this happens they are able to bring love and caring to even the darkest corners of the universe.  Example of possible character traits and situations: volunteer worker, spiritual person, service orientated humanitarian.

  53. Wild Violet -  the "kill-joy", WORRIER, PESSIMIST, COMPLAINER. Possible symptoms: melancholy, depression, small-mindedness. For people who are apprehensive, worried and pessimistic how things may turn out, consequently they miss many good opportunities in their life. However they do not see that it is their overcautious nature that is responsible, they blame life for not giving them the breaks. The healing properties in this flower give them a feeling of care-freeness, and the realization that it is their over-cautious nature that prevents many good things in life happening for them. This flower enables one to take a balanced attitude between caution and taking opportunities.Woolly Banksia - To be able to face new goals without fear of inevitable failure. For those who are losing heart this essence rekindles the desire to go ahead with ideals and goals when the struggle seems too much. Helpful during long, tiring and seemingly pointless phases in the journey to reach one's higher aspirations.

  54. Woolly Smokebush - The essence of perspective and humility. Helps one avoid the traps of glamour and self-importance so that life is seen with objectivity. Without this objectivity situations and one's part in them can be neglected. Helpful for maintaining forward progress without distracting oneself.

  55. Yellow Boronia - People who have over-active minds, and consequently get easily scattered. Students finding study difficult. Possible symptoms: inability to follow a thought through and to focus on one thing. For those who find their mind EASILY DISTRACTED. If they let this trend continue they often find their mind is all over the place and they become scatter-brained. The healing properties of this flower stop one from getting needlessly distracted thereby allowing the person to regain a calm and centered mind.

  56. Yellow Cone Flower   INFERIORITY complex, lack of self-esteem. For those who feel people don't consider them important enough. They find people use them and enlist their help but do not recognize how important or invaluable they are. The healing properties of this flower help them to drop the need to seek their recognition rating from others. It enables them to realize that it is how they feel about themselves that it is important, not external recognition. - Example of Possible Character Traits and situations: people who need to feel accepted by others, and therefore set themselves up to be used. (CO-DEPENDENT REMEDY)Yellow Cowslip Orchid - CRITICAL, JUDGMENTAL, bureaucratic.  Positive Outcome: Humanitarian concern, impartial - can step back from emotions, constructive, keen sense of arbitration, balances the pituitary gland.  For those who are very judgmental and critical of others. When the pituitary gland is out of balance, one has a tendency to become excessively critical, nit-picking, and closed to new ideas. This remedy brings balance to this endocrine gland.

  57. Yellow Flag Flower - Naivety. Easy-going attitude. Stress. Inability to cope with trying events in their life. This remedy is for those whom as a consequence of handling life from a contented happy perspective, are not conditioned to handle the stress generated by intense or harsh times. When life creates harsh or problematical circumstances they lack the ability to handle the stress created. Life loses its sparkle and just becomes a long hard slog. They become overwhelmed by life instead of handling or dealing with the situation. This remedy gives one the strength, calmness and fortitude to deal with stress created by life's upheavals.  Examples of possible character traits and situations: People stressed by day to day chores that seem too big for them to handle.

  58. Yellow Leschenaultia - People stressed by day to day chores that seem too big for them to handle. Naively. easy-going attitude. Stress. Inability to cope with trying events in their life. This remedy is for those whom as a consequence of handling life from a contented happy perspective, are not conditioned to handle the stress generated by intense or harsh times. When life creates harsh or problematical circumstances they lack the ability to handle the stress created. Life loses its sparkle and just becomes a long hard slog. They become overwhelmed by life instead of handling or dealing with the situation. This remedy gives one the strength, calmness and fortitude to deal with stress created by life's upheavals.

  59. Yellow/Green kangaroo Paw - Possible symptoms: being super critical, intolerant. This essence is for those who are intolerant of imperfection and mistakes. They look at other people and believe that if a job is to be done it must be done properly. There are no ifs or buts, there is no room for mistakes. Unfortunately they often feel they are the only ones who can really do a job properly. The healing properties of this flower help them drop their INTOLERANT JUDGMENTAL ATTITUDE, and become more carefree and caring. What they often realize with this flower essence is that mistakes, if utilized properly, can help one towards perfection. It is the learning one achieves that is more important. Examples of possible character traits and situations: the uncompromising parent or boss. The perfectionist, the hard task master.