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Consultation Rate - $125/hr

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Adults - Initial Sessions

2 hours

Initial sessions are a thorough review of your current and past health, your goals and desires, and begins to bring together an understanding of your health needs and a plan forward toward wellness and wellbeing. There is pre-work to complete for this session involving questionnaires that can help to bring forward information and save time in the sesison. Be sure to allow time to coplete these preparatory forms, they can be downloaded under the 'Questionnaires' drop down tab on this page.

Subsequent Sessions

1- 1.5hrs

Including prescription notes to be put together for you outside of the session

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Children <12 - Sessions are held with the parent/s

Children - Initial Sessions

1.5-2 hours 

Initial sessions are detailed information gathering sessions, after which your practitioner will put together your program and email it to you after the session.

The child may be required for 10-20 minutes. 

Subsequent Sessions


Sessions are held with the parents, the child may be required for 10-20 minutes.

These sessions are supportive, heart-centered and clarifying. 

Subsequent sessions follow an assessment & treatment plan.

Using Functional Pathology Testing, a holistic review of mainstream tests, and ongoing progress reivews sessions support you to move forward toward wellness and vibrancy with support and clarity.

Cancellation Policy


As our sessions are quite long compared to a short GP session, so when people cancel or make changes to their booking at the last minute, we can lose hours of viable consultation time. We would appreciate as much notice as possible for any appointment changes, a minimum of FIVE DAYS please.

Cancellation Fees

 - 50% of the session fee is due for cancellations within THREE days of the appointment. 

- The full fee is due within 24 hours of the session.


Please only book a session when you know you can make it. 

How many sessions?

Symptoms as Messengers

If your symptoms were trying to tell you something, what would it be?

Symptoms are often messengers, a tap on the shoulder to get back on track in your body and life. Symptoms help to pinpoint an area of imbalance in the body, mind or emotions. 

How many sessions?

It takes time for the body to develop health issues, and likewise, it takes time for the body to respond to treatment in a way that addresses the deeper drivers and factors involved. While your biochemistry is adapting to things we are doing, we want to be tuning in and responding to what the system needs at each juncture.


Most health conditions require a paced program to clear each layer involved. Sessions at intervals support you as you move through this process. A program that chunks down into manageable steps enables you to work through a program that systematically supports what your body need toward wellnesss.


For this reason WE DO NOT OFFER SINGLE SESSIONS. Please, only book an initial appointment if this is what you are expected. One off quick-fixes usually don't last, we work deeper than that.


Remember to download (link at top of page) or pick up your questionnaire with ample time before your appointment.