Information & Log Sheets

BBT test PDF
Basal Body Temperature log sheet - take your temperature first thing in the morning before moving around - instructions on the log sheet.
Diet Diary & Record PDF
Record everything you eat and drink, what time, and other signs and symptoms.

PDF format to print and bring with you
Blood Pressure Log
Blood Pressure Log Sheet - PDF - print and bring with you.
Post Treatment Guidelines
What you need to know following your Bioresonance treatment.
Garlic Poultice
Garlic Poultice for mucous loosening and an immune boost.
Nutrients:Food List
Foods high in essential nutrients list.
Judge Your Body Worksheet
Byron Katie's 'Judge your Body' worksheet to help you process your way back to health and self respect.
Full Cycle Charting
Menstrual Cycle Chart - PDF - print and bring with you.
Detox Questionnaire
Assesses your detoxification needs and progress. PDF format to print and bring with you.
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You Tube your fitness!
Removing Pesticides
Recipes to remove chemicals and pesticides from your fresh produce.
Fructose & SIBO
Learn about SIBO - small intestine bacterial overgrowth.
Lemon & Garlic Elixir
Recipe for this empirical system tonic.
Sunscreen Chemicals
Sunscreen is full on unpronouncible chemicals which are absorbed through the skin; particularly bad for children! Here is recipe for a homemade alternative.
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