MARCONS - antibiotic resistant staph infection

Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci) is an antibiotic resistant staph that resides deep in the nasal passages.  It is not typically found in the sinuses of those with fully functioning immune systems, but if you have used antibitoics or steroids in the past, it opens the door for the colonoisation of this bacteria, allowing it to take up residence and drive chronic inflammation and health problems over time. The high amount of endotoxin that is released from these colonies cause inflammation to skyrocket, immune disruption soon follows and the function of the whole body eventually becomes affected. MARCONS leads to chronic fatigue, CIRS and health distruption that may not be tracked back to it. 

Steroids weaken immunity, allowing infectious bacteria and fungal organisms to grow and proliferate. Antibiotic and steroid-use provide the perfect breeding ground for dysbiotic overgrowth in the sinuses, irritating the mucus membranes in the nose, and encouraging staph to develop antibiotic resistance. These colonies can also grow in the mucosal tissues of the ears and mouth, as well as in dental cavitations - fillings, root canals, and the sites of dental extractions.

SYMPTOMS tend to be local and systemic, although sometimes you won't feel like you have 'sinus', but you just don't feel right. One client of mine had constant pressure in her head, recurrent ear infections, and a burning buzzing in her head. She also had quite severe symptoms of chronic fatigue. Her MARCONS load was very high, and answered a lot of questions for her regarding her state of health.

Symptoms are often systemic because of the inflammatory storm the endotoxins cause in the body. This chronic inflammatory condition can be linked with:

Children with PANDAS can have this issue also, so when they are treated with multi-dose antibiotics and steroids, MARCONS can really get themselves established. This condition is often missed in children.

MARCONS is not well known in the medical community, and as doctors don't use much in the way of herbs and nutrients, the medical treatment for it is not as great as the herbal, nutritional and bio-resonant therapies available to Naturopaths.

If you are wondering if this could be playing a role in your health issues, the place to start is with testing. At the clinic we refer for MARCONS testing through a functional pathology lab. The swab also screens for fungi, so we know what we are treating and how deeply we need to go.

To read more on this topic, here is an article from the Functional Medicine University in America.



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