Memory Loss  

                           Dementia         Alzheimer's 


             Parkinsons             MS       Neurological Disease


Depression    Helplessness   Toxic Exposure

What do you do next?

Memory loss and neurological disease are not a normal part of ageing. The sad thing is that when a person is given a diagnosis like this, people are not given information on diet, lifestyle, and prevention, so it can seem that way.


When you or someone you know is given this diagnosis, or is showing signs of heading in this direction, the best thing to do is to see a Naturopath or Complementary Health Professional. Everything the body does it does in an attempt to heal and regenerate itself. When those resources are not present, this process becomes thwarted, yet it never stops trying. When the obstacles to the body's self regulation processes are removed, and the right nutrients and foods are supplied along with a clean, toxin free environment, the body will have more resources available for self-healing and repair. 

It is important to know that brain and neurological aging are accelerated by all the same insults as the rest of the body — stress, poor diet, toxins, lack of exercise, nutrient deficiencies, prolonged anger, unresolved emotions and issues from the past,  sleep disturbances, sleep apnoea, loneliness, relationship difficulties, and more.

Health is really quite simple. When you remove the obstacles to health,  get rid of the bad stuff, and put in an abundance of the good stuff, the body can and will heal itself. It’s common sense, and proven by Complementary Medicine practitioners across the world.  When we give the body and brain a tune-up, we often witness miracles.

We live in a neurotoxic world; injecting, breathing, swallowing and absorbing toxins every day. Then we wonder why we suffer from cognitive decline, inflammation, pain and neurological disease.

Knowledge is power. Knowing what leads to neurological damage and brain decline, and what improves the health of these systems, puts you in control. Don't be misled by thinking there is nothing to do but wait for complete incapacity. There is so much within your power each day to make a difference to the quality and experience of life. Taking action on health makes a the greatest difference, and makes you feel good in the process. 

Begin by getting reviewed by a functional health professional, and then become proactively engaged in taking action on the recommended  program. For many people doing this, improvements are often felt within the first month of making changes, and with time the body will engage the provided resources to do what needs to be done in support of neuroplasticity.

It is important to note that we do not claim to cure or reverse any of these conditions, rather seek to educate, inspire and support the body's innate self-healing capacity, helping the body to function to the best of its ability.