Mental & Emotional Healing

Whether it be our physical, mental, or emotional energy, the quality of your thoughts, feelings and mental energy impacts every aspect of life, and impacting the quality of our physical experience.

Fundamental to every aspect of life, to being, expressing, feeling, doing, loving, speaking, listening, working, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, driving, teaching, living ... healing. But it's not just physical energy that we need, it's mental and emotional energy as well.

We experience life through our emotional aspect, it is how we feel. Yet how we feel is influenced by so many things, often things that run in the background, outside of our conscious awareness. It is this unconscious aspect that fuels our thoughts, feelings, expectations, and experiences. It drives the story we tell ourselves each moment of the day. It is the voice of our self-talk, the content of which shapes our biochemistry to govern how we feel. This subconscious programming holds our beliefs, values, expectations, wants, needs, desires .... and it is through our innate perceptive senses that we experience other people's subconscious drives, analysing, assessing and reading the meaning beneath the actions, reactions, words, intentions and behaviours of others. All of this feeds our sense of self, our confidence, purpose, words, and actions. Imagine all of this going on outside of our conscious awareness, affecting us without our knowing it. It can be so overwhelming, burdensome and noisy, especially when there is a lot going on in our lives The human experience can be utterly exhausting.

The more we can silence this noise, and align with the wisdom and energy we carry deep within, the easier life becomes. This is why meditation works, it silences the noise, so we can connect with our inner being.

Clear, strong, clean, and centered physical, mental and energy give us space, time to respond in life, rather than always reacting. The benefits of which are far-reaching, improving everything we do, connecting us with the very essence of who we are, Cleaning up our mental, physical and emotional clutter makes everything better, for everyone.

Releasing Emotional Baggage & Blocks


We all end up with a proverbial closet full of emotional skeletons, clutter, baggage and bad feelings. It is part of the human condition. Holding onto old stuff impedes our ability to be open and present in life. It blocks energy in the body and can causes physical effects in the body.


How we feel occurs because of a biochemical cascade of neuro-chemicals we notice as feelings, sensations and emotions. The body holds our personal story within it. Tuning in to the areas where we feel blocked, restricted or uncomfortable can help to insight into to the story we are engaged in. This awareness gives us a choice to release it, transform it or consciously keep it, but in a more empowering way.


Using a safe, gentle, relaxed state of mind, we can go deep inside to where it is easier for you to see what is going on, and let go of what you no longer need anymore. Releasing emotional blocks helps the body move energy and harmony.

Because your biography lives in your Biology.

Whole Being Reset


Your physical body is the vehicle of your spirit. The healthier and more comfortable and attuned you feel in your body, the greater your spiritual experiences and life purpose can flow. Integraing all aspects in a more aligned and focused way, makes the journey toward self-realisation more efficient. 


Checking in with your body to notice what is going on, and then clearing the blockages with intention, helps you connect with and support your being's vehicle and journey. 


These sessions help keep your emotional and physical batteries charged, clearing any unresolved issues as they come up, dealing with blockages and residual stressors, as we soothe and calm the nervous system to allow the body to heal and restore itself unobstructed.

Metaphysical Work


In these sessions, we tune in to other, higher, etheric influences on the spirit-being aspect of your energy system - the unseen, higher dimensional aspects of your multidimensional self. This session involves clearing any and all negative energetic influences in your multi-layered, high vibrational energy system, balancing the different aspects and connecting you back into the wisdom and purity of your Higher Self. There is much we do not know cognitively about this expansive world we live in, with all its unseen dimensions, and sometimes working on this level is the one thing that unlocks the restrictions on fully experiencing the soul aspect of your being.



Initial Appointment - 1.5 hrs

All sessions begin here, bringing together everything we need to understand your story, where you are now, and what you are moving toward. This session aligns you with your outcome.

Emotional Healing - 1.5 hrs

These sessions allow you to heal and align, connecting you with your higher self, and bringing forward information from deep within, and aligning you cognitively and energetic with your healing and life path. Sessions are 1.5 hours. Three sessions are recommended.


Reconnective Healing - 1 hr

Reconnective Healings open you to the healing frequencies that have their own intelligence when it comes to stimulating and supporting yoru healing and life progress. No matter what you are experiencing, these sessions bring your body's self-healing abilities to the fore. Lying down and absorbing these high-frequency energies into your being, brings harmonious alignment, self-healing and an enhanced sense of flow.

The Personal Reconnection - 2x 1hr

This is a two-session process that aligns your crystalline grid with that of the environment, Earth, and Universal energy flow. It is designed to accelerate your life progress and align your energies with your life's purpose. Three Reconnective Healings lay the groundwork for The Reconnection.

Metaphysical Session - 1.5-2 hrs

Clearing, cleansing and charging the metaphysical aspect of you.

Life Coaching

When you live a spiritual life, it can mean that you stand apart from the people in your life who are living a mundane, 3D existence. Having someone to navigate the journey with helps you move forward with a deeper sense of connection and clarity.

These sessions may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and are a helpful way to stay connected.