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We are living in a rare time in human evolution, where the frequencies of the planet and all of us on it, are moving into a phase of flux. We have access to much higher frequencies for healing, and there seems to be a split happening, where people are being drawn to 'wake up' from the mundane, three dimensional life we have been lost it, to the higher aspects of the multidimensional being that we are.


​Whole Being Reset

Your physical body is the vehicle of your spirit. The healthier and more comfortable and attuned you feel in your body, the greater your spiritual experiences and life purpose can flow. Integrating all aspects in a more aligned and focused way, makes the journey toward self-realization more efficient. 


Checking in with your body to notice what is going on, and then clearing the blockages with intention, helps you connect with and support your being's vehicle and journey. 


These sessions help keep your emotional and physical batteries charged, clearing any unresolved issues as they come up, dealing with blockages and residual stressors, as we soothe and calm the nervous system to allow the body to heal and restore itself unobstructed.

The Cosmic Telephone

In these sessions, we tune in to other, higher dimensional, etheric influences on the spirit-being aspect of your energy system - the unseen, higher dimensional aspects of your multidimensional self. Sessions are focused on where you are right now, and work within the session will help you to clear negative energetic influences in your multi-layered, vibrational energy system, ensuring your food and nutrients are harmonious, and your emotional and energy bodies are balancing and harmonising with your physical aspect.


Working with your higher guides and mine, we work together to connect you into the wisdom and energy of your Soul-Self. There is much we do not know cognitively about this expansive world we live in, with all its unseen dimensions, and sometimes working on this level is the one thing that unlocks the restrictions on fully experiencing the soul aspect of your being.

Phone Sessions - help you navigate changes, touch-base and stay connected

When you are on a spiritual journey, it can feel like you don't fit into the mundane 3D experience anymore. Friends and family can think you are weird, and you may feel somewhat alone in your expanded experience of energy, awareness and energy.  As your energy becomes more refined, you may notice that you become less tolerant of the energy of the city, the smog, the perfumes and smells of people, the thought fields and the electromagnetic bombardment in dense places like public transport, waiting rooms, schools, uni, and workplaces.


Having someone to touch base with and talk about the challenges and experiences of your journey toward becoming a 'New Conscious Human' helps A LOT!  Awakening can be an undulating journey of highs and lows, and it can be a lonely experience if you get there before the people in your life.


Regular sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or 'crisis' timed, and help you maintain your trajectory forward.

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