The Role of Relationships in Health Disorders

The Role of Relationships in Health Issues

If you suspect that your health issues may stem from childhood, or if you have a person in your life who causes you tremendous stress, if you are walking on eggshells, or feel anxiety and self-doubt, then watch these resources and see what emerges for you. 

The world of You Tube gives us access to amazing people we would not otherwise know about. These are some of my favourite speakers on this topic.

Recognising Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome is a little known complex emotional trauma that is under-recognised in health issues. Most people do not know what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is, so many people live in severely emotionally abusive relationships without even knowing. They just feel the effects of it, it is erosive, it deconstructs everything that a person is, installs deep self doubt, and destroys a person's health. If you feel emotional trauma your body will let you know in the form of anxiety, particularly social anxiety, withdrawal, hypervigilence, over-adrenalised, extreme self-doubt and depression.

Understanding what Narcissism is, is the first step to reclaiming your Self, your health, and your self-esteem.

Narcissistic Abuse: An Unspoken Reality (Short Documentary)

Sam Vaknin's Channel link here.

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