Could it be Electro- Sensitivity?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Can you be allergic to Technology?

What if we are all vulnerable to the invisible frequency waves that enable our technology work? Every day we use our mobile phones, WIFI, computer, bluetooth devices, cordless phone, cordless mouse, wireless printer, maps, music, fitbit, smart tv and digital technology ... how would we function in the world without them?

If your technology was causing you significant health damage, how would you know? How sick is sick enough to make connect the dots, and if you did make the connection, what would you do?

This is my story..

At the end of 2018 I moved back to Melbourne after spending four years working in health retreats on the Sunshine Coast. The glorious Noosa Hinterland, what a marvelous place to live. Wide open spaces, fragrant, clean air, nature everywhere and golden, gentle, enlivening sunshine that just makes you feel happy all the time! I adjusted to this paradise very quickly, my skin turning from pasty white to golden tan, as my health bloomed and my joy grew.

Returning to Melbourne was not going to be easy, but I knew that, and I was braced for adaptation. Or so I thought. It was hectic here when I left, but it was vastly more intense when I returned. My open, happy disposition, my higher sense-itivity was bombarded, as the assault on my senses hit me - stinky air, thick pollution, scalding sun, traffic, and the staggering increase in mobile phone towers. Moving into a house in Bentleigh East I thought I would adapt, but instead discovered my health in fast decline.

By the time June rolled around I was buzzing, and not in a good way! My skin burned, my tongue burned, and out of the blue I started getting anxiety and sensations of panic, then depression, but there was nothing really to warrant it. Fatigue became debilitating and overwhelming, my hormones went haywire, I started getting infections (I never got sick!), and I stopped sleeping. I couldn't work it out. I am a Naturopath!!

As I researched my symptoms I kept coming back to this condition. And the irony is, when I removed this as a factor, my symptoms eased. When I tried to find support through my doctor I was very quickly shut down. Yet when you understand how the body works, how all biochemical reactions, neurotransmitter balance, hormones, inflammatory processes, cellular function - is based on electrochemical transactions between cells, tissues and systems.

After deep diving into research, I realised that I had become sensitive to the intensity of Melbourne and the new wave of 4G towers fueling the modern technological lifestyle. I had moved into a house with a smart meter at the door, we had WIFI on all the time, and we used wireless devices all the time. Every person I had contact with was carrying a mobile phone, and there were EIGHT mobile phone towers within 2 kilometers of my house.

This was bad enough, but when I went to work I felt so much worse. I started to experience brain and memory problems, a kind of sudden dementia that was interfering with my ability to function. I couldn't hold anything in my head, I began repeating myself frequently, and I was making stupid mistakes, which was not like me at all. I became afraid to speak, afraid of triggering that look on people's faces - 'you just said that, what is wrong with you' look, and the deep embarrassment that followed. As soon as I got to work I developed an INSATIABLE and intense thirst that was distracting and almost painful. The shop had three smart meters inside, two eftpos machines, WIFI, wireless speakers, wireless computer access, wireless printing, three modems, a digital phone, a shop mobile, and multiple mobiles walking in and out of the busy store every hour of every day I was there, and out the front were two mobile phone towers across the road, less than 1km away.

When the episodes of vision loss began I felt utterly beaten. My life was being hijaked. I couldn't work, I couldn't socialise, I couldn't live in the world. It was life altering debility. I lasted less than a year.  I felt like I was in a warzone. I felt like I had PTSD. I couldn't go anywhere because everywhere is infused with these frequencies that I could feel. I couldn't be near anyone with a mobile phone, customers in the shop, a train full of people streaming and using their devices triggered panic in me. If I had to sit in a waiting room I had a meltdown. 'Free WIFI' triggered burning, people triggered burning, driving in my car triggered it, people in my car with their phones on was a nightmare. The ringing in my ears was deafening. I had no problems before this.

Then body started to go numb for no reason, I began tripping, and I experienced 'drop foot'. My brain was screaming "MS" and that was it. I could no longer sustain my life this way. I was losing everything, my ability to live in the world and my health. I was a mess, and no-one understood. My friends and family thought I was insane. Even my doctor thought I was insane! He told me I was 'allergic to the modern world' and he couldn't help me, then he went to reception and blocked me from making any further appointments with him. It was the icing on the cake.

I packed everything up and put everything into storage. I needed nature and time away from mobile phone towers and the density of radiation that the city holds. I lived for six months in the country, by a river. I did everything within my power to recover my health, I detoxed, took my supplements, ate clean food, treated myself on the Bicom, walked and rested. By the end of six months I felt almost normal again. I found a house in Warburton and I live consciously. I don't have WIFI, I turn my phone off in the house and in the car, checking it only periodically. I don't have a smart TV, and if I want to use the internet, I shield myself.

I still have to be careful, if I spend more than a day in Melbourne, the burning soon starts again, so I limit my time down there.