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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Energy, cant do anything without it. The quality of your life really hinges on the quality of your energy. Whether it be our physical, mental, or emotional energy, the quantity and quality of it influences every moment of every day, and every aspect of our human experience.

Fundamental to every aspect of health, life, being, doing. Needed to fuel your body, brain, digestion, movement, heart, circulation, hormones... involved in expressing, feeling, speaking, listening, working, sleeping.. working, parenting, partnering... cooking, cleaning, driving, teaching, living ... healing.

Our physical energy fuels our mental and emotional energy as well.

Our life is experienced through our emotions, the driver of how we feel. Yet how we feel is influenced by so many things, often things that run in the background, outside of our conscious awareness. It is this unconscious aspect evokes our thoughts, feelings, expectations and experiences. It drives the story we tell ourselves each moment of the day. It is the voice of our self-talk, the content of which shapes our biochemistry to govern how we feel. This subconscious programming holds our beliefs, values, expectations, wants, needs, desires .... and it is through our innate perceptive senses that we experience other people's subconscious drives, analysing, assessing and reading the meaning beneath the actions, reactions, words, intentions and behaviours of others. All of this feeds our sense of self, our confidence, purpose, words and actions. Imagine all of this going on outside of our conscious awareness, affecting us without our knowing it. It can be so overwhelming, burdensome and noisy, especially when there is a lot going on in our lives The human experience can be utterly exhausting.

The more we can silence this noise, and align with the wisdom and energy we carry deep within, the easier life becomes. This is why meditation works, it silences the noise, so we can connect with our inner being.

Clear, strong, clean, and centred physical, mental and energy gives us space, time to respond in life, rather than always reacting. The benefits of which are far reaching, improving everything we do, connecting us with the very essence of who we are.

Cleaning up our mental, physical and emotional clutter makes everything better, for everyone.

This is what Clinic is all about for me. Helping people feel better, more energized, healthier, clearer and more focused.

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