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Healthy Kids, Happier Families

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Parenting is meant to be fun, joyous, and rewarding...isn't it?

Not these days from what I typically see in clinic. In all my years in practice, I can't recall a time where our kids have suffered from so many health problems as they do now, and it is exhausting for parents. Managing a busy life and a child with bewildering health and behavioral problems is a challenge.

And there is equally nothing more rewarding that having this same child heal and return to their beautiful, funny, enjoyable selves.

The Naturopathic Way to a Healthier, Happier Family

After all these years in practice, I understand that it isn't that hard to turn a child's future around by making a few key changes to their diet, lifestyle and nutritional plan.

When we identify and remove the inflammatory drivers underlying common health conditions, kids respond and heal super fast. Getting a child well while they are still developing, puts them in great stead for a happier healthier life as an adult.

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain - Healthier Brain, Happier Life

The period of time before a child's brain becomes an adult brain at 24 is a golden alchemistic time that can change the entire trajectory of their life. As Dr Daniel Amen says "Change your brain, change your life."

Biochemical functional problems cause functional brain problems. When the brain is bombarded with toxins, inflammation and a lack of quality nutrition (to name a few things), the result is behavioral issues, sleep problems, meltdowns, headbanging, learning problems, school problems and relationship damage at school and at home. And quite frankly, it can makes parenting a nightmare.

I have seen many children in my practice over the years and it is NOT HARD to transform a child from a nightmare into an angel. I am not kidding.

Sure, it is not easy to make the changes required to remove all the problematic foods and environmental hazards that drive and sustain the health problems we are suffering from in this modern society, but once you do, you will see how amazing the body of a child is at healing itself. By the end of a 6 month program, most parents are rediscovering the joy of parenting, as their beautiful, sweet, gentle, intelligent child remerges to light up their lives.


Joel* was 8. His parents were in utter despair. They had been to pediatricians, psychologists, specialists, and tried every mainstream treatment out there. At two years old their beautiful, sweet, affectionate, smart, loving boy changed, and for six years they struggled with Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde - with more Dr Jekyl than anything else.

He would scream, hit, and run away from his parents. He would take things and run around the house laughing maniacally as his parents tried to get the item (which might be a knife or a full tub of yogurt with the lid off) away from him.

He would run into the street and put himself in danger so his parents would have to chase him. He didn't get sleepy in the evenings, instead he became more manic. He was rude, aggressive, hyperactive, indolent, obstinate, and impossible to manage. He would stick his finger in his bum and wipe it on his sister. He would pull her hair and wasn't happy unless she was crying. He enjoyed pooing in the bath. He couldn't be left alone for a minute

His diet was impossible as he was ADDICTED to sugar, bread, milk, cereal and cheese, and wouldn't eat more than a few foods. He was defiant and rageful if he was denied free access to gaming and (inappropriate) television shows. .

We put him on a nutritional plan, made slow changes to his diet and big changes to his routine. He melted down for three straight days, and then he started to improve, dramatically.

We used a homeopathic detox protocol to clear early toxic impacts, The first for him were the in-utero vaccines that his mother received while pregnant. He showed great improvement after this, he was more conversational, he mrade more eye contact, was less violent and was more open to affection. Next we focused on the two-year old vaccines that he was never the same after. He had accidentally received two MMR doses, as the nurse thought she had given him only saline the first time. This is when the trouble really started.

We reduced everyday toxins in the home environment, swapping toxic home products to non-toxic ones (laudnry liquid, dishwasher detergent and rinseaid, toothpaste, perfumed products etc).

We reduced his home ambient radiation exposure (WIFI, modem proximity, screens, phones), stopped screen time after school, ate dinner straight after school while he was hungry, and started bedtime routine at sunset. He got more more outside time and increased incidental exercise through family activities.

Three weeks into his plan and he was improving. Three months into his plan and his parents found themselves randomly in heart-felt tears of relief as they watched their son become more caring, affectionate, calm, intentional, focused and modulated. His meltdowns reduced and then disappeared. He became gentle with his sister, made more friends at school, and started to help around the house. His teacher was astonished at the change in him. He began to get awards for his helpful behaviour and creativity at school.

Evenings became peaceful family time. It no longer took three hours of hell trying to get him to bed. He started sleeping through the night, his bowel movements stopped stinking out the house and he became more regular. His bloating went, he was more adventurous with food, and he stopped complaining of tummy aches and headaches.

He began to sit and draw or play unaided for hours, intensely focused and engrossed in his self-chosen activity of the day. He started using colour in his pictures, where before he would only use black, and could not focus for very long.

When he goes to a party and eats all the foods he is reactive to, his parents see some of Dr Jekyl return, but Joel also notices how horrible he feels, and is more likely to reduce or avoid the foods he knows are bad for him, preferring the healthy alternative his mum packs for him.

Now that he can reason, his emotional intelligence is higher. He is caring and interactive with others, and is more aware as he can better tune in to the feelings and expressions of others better.

Visiting his grandparents was always stressful, marred by meltdowns and irrational behaviour. They struggled to manage him. Now even his grandparents are enjoying him more, and want to see more of him now that he isn't so hard to manage.

Joel's parents were amazing at embracing his plan, they put the effort in and they reaped the rewards. He was easier to parent. He was excelling at school. He developed better relationships. He was enjoying learning. He became a delight to be with. No more Dr Jekyl. "We have our sweet boy back". In the process the whole family's health improved.

When they returned to the paediatrician for a review she said "Well, I don't know what you've done, but I now need you to be aware that you may have a genius on your hands". Whoa.


If your child has a diagnosed issue or if you just know something not right (a parent's intuition usually trusts tests), don't wait till it gets worse, get on to your Naturopath and start a guided plan to support the best wellness you can before they get any older. The sooner you start the easier your life will be, and the greater the benefit to their developing body.

Making change is not easy, but trying to parent a feral or sick child is worse.


The body heals itself when the obstacles are identified, removed and natural processes supported.

Every aspect of our environment impacts our health, from what we eat, to how we live, and even what we believer. Our kids are at the mercy of an environment and food chain that leaves a lot to be desired in the support of health, growth and development with symptoms such as those listed below.

Nausea / Tummy Trouble


Encopresis / Bowel issues

Skin Issues

Chronic Nasal issues

Biochemical issues

Immune disorders

Ear infections


Eliminative system issues

White spots on nails

Neurotransmitter imbalance

Sleep disruption

Eczema, dermatitis

Detoxification issues

Growing pains

Puffy face

Learning difficulties

Depression / anxious

Excessive irritability

Poor memory

Lashing out, anger


ADD, ADHD, dyslexia

Metabolic disorders

Menarche, Acne

Asperger's, Spectrum issues

Dark circles under eyes

Recurrent infections

Headaches / migraines


Bed wetting

Weight management issues

A regular nutritional review is essential for every child, regardless of age, but the sooner you can navigate through your child's health needs, the more leverage both you and them will gain through the remainder of their growth and development.

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