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Privacy Act Amendment (2000)

In line with the Privacy Act Amendment (2000) implemented in December 2001 all information about you, is kept in the strictest confidence. As part of providing a service to you, your personal health information may be used in the course of your health care administration. Specifically this relates to the administration of prescription by clinic staff, writing referrals, requests and scripts pertinent to your care. This consent allows those directly involved in your health care access to the information necessary to implement a high standard of health service.



We take your privacy seriously. It is important that you know that during your consultations with us, we will be collecting personal information and some of your personal information will be shared with staff for the purpose of filling your prescription and administration of your file.


CONFIDENTIALITY - We handle your personal information, and all information provided in your session, as absolutely confidentially, and all in-session information is privately held between you and your practitioner only. No discussion between adults and children over 16 will be undertaken without your verbal or written consent, unless it pertains to the adminstration of your Naturopatic prescription or your practitioner's professional mentoring, in which case all identifying information is witheld for your personal privacy.


CHILDREN - Information about children will be shared with the primary carer as appropriate, unless the child expressly asks for confidentiality. We comply with legal guidelines where it applies to consultations with minors.


BOOKINGS - It is important to know that each clinic location has its own Bizdiary, an online booking module, and so each location together with our primary diary at healthierbychoice, may have your name, email and phone number on this system in order to manage appointments. No personal information is held within this diary.


PRESCRIPTIONS - If your prescription is dispensed up by the shop staff, they will only have access your prescription product list, and not your consultation information.


If you do not wish to have your name, email address, phone number, and prescription products handled in this way, please let us know when you book in, or as soon as possible thereafter.


Your attendance at your appointment implies that you understand our process for administration and customer service.


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Please no hawking, cold-canvassing or sales calls, thanks.

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