The most advanced choice in water filtration designed to remove the majority of all contaminants in your drinking water while still being compact and portable. Ideal for those with small kitchens or renting where permanent installation is not desired.  


Two tubes come from the unit approximately 1 metre long. The white tube supplies the pure water to fill a storage container while the black tube is the wastewater that can run down the drain or put in a bucket for use on the garden, etc.


Removes all impurities including fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, parasites and heavy metals.  

Configuration : 1. Sediment Filter, 2. Carbon Filter, 3. Membrane, 4. Carbon Filter.  

Replace cartridges yearly.



Aquasafe Reverse Osmosis Benchtop - 0.05 micron

  • One of the only filters that filters small enough to prevent the ingestion of parasitic cysts such as Blastocystus and Entamoeva.  Filters to 0.005 micron. 

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