Our Key Programs

Programs are based on Naturopathic & Nutritional foundations, with Bioresoance Therapy structured into some programs.

  • Health Support Program - a starting point for all disease states and health problems

  • Women's Balance Program

  • Healthier Kids Program

  • Tummy Trouble - Gut Recovery Program

  • FAT OFF! Microbiome Detox for Lasting Weight Loss & Health

  • Building EMR Resilience

  • Allergies

  • Sinus Recovery Plan

  • Pregnancy Preparation Program

  • Pregnancy Program

  • Birth Recovery & Breastfeeding Program

  • Surgery Preparation & Recovery Program

  • Chronic Debilitating Illness Recovery Program

Our Programs



Getting to the bottom of health issues and treating them at the cause brings life to lasting outcomes.  Recognising and implementing the things the body needs helps to restore innate immunity and function to the system, so the body can get on with healing itself.  We help this process by exploring the presenting issues as signposts to the aspect needing support.  Each of our programs will explore this aspect, and then we will be working on removing the obstacles to health, so you can recover to the best of your capacity. 


It is helpful to realise that the body is smarter than us. When we partner with it and respect the information and wisdom is contains, the most profound healing becomes possible. 


Side Effects from a program may include :

  • vastly improved energy levels

  • greater mental clarity, improved memory

  • improved immunity, less colds

  • reduced body pain, joint pain or muscle stiffness

  • less bloating, wind and bowel trouble

  • improved digestion

  • improved stress tolerance

  • enhanced sense of emotional resiliency

  • more restfule sleep

  • improved cholesterol levels and blood-test parameters

  • more stable blood sugar, reduced insulin, improved insulin sensitivity

  • greater stamina

  • more buoyant mood

  • slimmer waist, improved body shape, more efficient metabolism

  • Energy


It is amazing how much we rely on energy for our ability to achieve things in life. When energy is improved everything is impacted, from our relationships, patience levels and physical stamina to our outlook on life. It is much easier to have a positive outlook on life when you feel good in your body.


Getting on the right maintenance program for you following your 8 week Program helps to maintain this improved sense of wellness, for life.



Getting Started

Health Support Program 4.20.PNG

Health Support Program 

Whatever your issue, this program is the place to start.

Whatever your health issues, starting with a health screening and holistic review is the place to start.

This program helps you get to the bottom of health issues. Whatever the dis-ease may be called, the underlying principles for recovery are the same. 

Great for adults, parents and anyone caring for a vulnerable person. This program helps you navigate the current crisis with confidence and clarity.

In four sessions, we will review health, check for nutrient depletion, food sensitivities, review your current medical tests, and if indicated, do some functional pathology testing. Once we have the data, we will discuss a plan of action. This is an individualised holistic and educational program, that allows you to take control of your wellbeing, with awareness, purpose and control. This program meets you where you are, and moves forward with you to where you need to go.

Allergies | Immunity | Metabolism

Allergies are on the rise worldwide, and manifest in varied and sometimes baffling symptoms. Living with bronchial asthma, hay fever or neurodermatitis dramatically reduces a person's quality of life and capacity for normal living. The success rate of medical treatment using chemical suppression pharmaceutical management often brings it's own issues and side effects.


The good news is that however allergies manifest for you, they can often be resolved completely when they are treated as a biophysical response that has a cause. When addressed Naturopathically with holistic therapies, we can systematically work to the biophysical cause of allergies, and help the body to heal itself naturally.

Bioresonance Allergy Program

  This program helps you identify what you are reacting to, and once identified, helps your body manage contact better using Bicom Bioresoance treatments and Naturopathic methods for health rejuvenation.

Working with the individual and using Naturopathy and Bicom Bioresonance Therapy, we work to alter the way the body responds to allergens, to normalise and stabilise function.


In his book Biophysikalische Therapie der Altergieni [Biophysical allergy therapy], Dr. P. Schumacher of Innsbruck in Germany writes of his allergy studies using Bioresnaonce therapy. He found that when compared to conventional allergy treatments, Bicom Bioresonance Therapy resolved allergens in 60% of cases, and improved symptoms in 98%.


He writes: "Our own experience now covers well over 1000 such individual patients, all of whom have seen their allergy completely eliminated, no matter what form it took." Dr P Schumacher reviewed the results saying: “For this indication spontaneous healing is extremely rare medically.


Medically there is no known medical evidence of complete allergy healing, so an 83 % recovery rate in his practice using Bicom Bioresonance Therapy, is an extremely convincing statistic, particularly when a 15 % recovery rate would be deemed of clinical significance medically. (Source: Evidence-based studies on the efficacy of the bioresonance method? A Review. Hans Brügemann, Head of the Institute, Gräfelfing, nr. Munich)

allergy recovery stats BICOM.PNG

ALLERGY COHORT STUDY on 220 people. Evidence-based studies on the efficacy of the bioresonance method? A REview. Hans Brügemann, Head of the Institute, Gräfelfing, nr. Munich

Bioresonance Therapy Immune Plan

How the immune is expressing its frustration gives us clues into what is required for support.  Whether it is mucus congestion, frequent colds, carbuncles, warts, auto-immune issues, skin problems or a diagnosable disease - freeing up the immune system with a detox that cleans up the blood stream is the place to start this process. Alongside this process, powerful and effective remedies in the form of nutrients, herbs, homeopathics, resonance remedies, and a therapeutic diet, support the fine tuning of your program, supporting your body's process as it attempts to move itself toward health.

Infectious agents can only thrive in a terrain that supports their welfare.  Bioresonance therapy is a way to fast track eradication of the environment that allows microbes to thrive.

We have found Bioresoance to profoundly improve recover from deep seated and chronic infections (such as Lyme-like pathogens and co-infections, the Epsteine Bar Virus, Human Papilloma Family Viruses, Herpes family, and a wide range of other parasitic, virus, bacterial, and nano organisms.)  Bicom Bioresonance therapy helps to halt the thrive cycle of these chronic, and often insidious factors, taking pressure off the immune system and supporting the recovery process.


Unfortunately toxins, environmental chemicals, vaccinations and manufactured foods, perfumes, deoderants, heavy metals, dental materials and other man-made poisons present in our daily lives can greatly deplete the immune system.  Removing these influences is an important part of the process of identifying and removing the obstacles to health recovery.  The more you are clear from these influences, the more you can free up your immune system to function more effectively.   

Sinus Program

The body protects itself by producing mucus.  Anywhere that mucus production becomes out of control, the body can be seen to be in crisis.


The sinuses are a lovely warm, moist region of the body that is like an incubator for bacteria and pathogens.  The body's protective microbiome protects these areas from pathogenic overgrowth, and mucosal immunity allows for immune surveilance and protection of the resporiatory borders.


When this natural protective mechanism becomes damaged, adverse pathogens can thrive in this encapsulated area.   Moulds, fungal organisms, bacterial agents and airborne toxins and allergens can be involved.  


This program is focused on cleaning up and restoring the body's innate protective mechanisms, so current infections can be resolved and future infections prevented.  


As with all of our programs, we are looking to address the causative factors and sustaining factors. Using Bicom Bioresonance, Testing, homeopathics, herbs, nutrients and manual methods of cleansing the accessible areas of the sinuses, this program is run over 8 weeks.


Tummy Trouble Program 

The gut is the interface between the outside world and our internal environment. Nutrients are derived from the foods we eat to fuel the body with energy and resources for function and repair. When this barrier becomes damaged or permeable beyond a healthy point, particles can enter the bloodstream and wreak havoc on the delicate immune balance.


This program begins by identifying the foods and substances that are not suiting your system, so you know what you can eat, and what to avoid. The we work with the functional aspect of the digestive system and gut microbiome, the gut lining and digestive enzyme secretion,which is the fastest way to recover from gut problems, and gut mediated immune problems, properly.


Just taking away or apeasing symptoms with diet change does not address the cause of the problem, and does not resolve inflammation and digestive stress. When we work at the causative level, symptoms naturally disappear, as function is restored. There are many side benefits also, people tend to lose weight, immunity improves, skin clears, the mind becomes sharp, the eyes clear, and motivation and energy return. This is your natural state.


Gut problems include issues such as : constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, reflux, burning, belching, regurgitation, 'fructose sensitivity' *which is caused by Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)), Gut membrane permeability ("Leaky Gut"), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn's, Colitis, Celiac Disease, Parasites (Blastocystis hominus, Dientabmoeba fragilis, Entamoeba, Tapeworm, Roundworm, Hookworm, etc), Dysbiosis, Hypochlorhydria, Hyperacidity, Diffiulty Swallowing, Helicobacter pylori, Barrett's Oesophagitis, GORD.


Skin, brain and immune problems often stem from gut problems, so this program also helps to manage: allergies, skin issues, auto-immunity, frequent infections, chronic debilitating infections, inflammation, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, fatigue and general system dysregulation.


This immune barrier is a vital protective surfaces.  It is responsible for protecting the body from infections, toxins, and poisoning, protecting the body from adverse environmental exposures.


What is the Microbiome?

The microbiome is a collection of bacteria that lives in the digestive tract that is critical to health and well-being. A symbiotic relationship exists between us and our gut bacteria, where we both benefit from one another.


An unhealthy balance in the populations of gut microbiota has been found to contribute to weight gain due to its influence on insulin resistance, inflammation, fat absorption and deposition, playing a role in the onset of obesity and metabolic diseases.


If you count up all the collective genome that our microbiota provides and compare that to our human genome, humans are actually 99 percent microbe and only 1 percent human. These bacteria in our gut are wired into our immune system, our metabolism, and even our brain, playing a pivotal role in our health and wellbeing. When we incorporate this newly discovered information into our daily health practices, we can maximise the results of what we seek to achieve, improving health and healthy weight for life.


What we eat on a day to basis impacts the quality and nature of these populations of symbiotic bacteria. The modern day diet and habits that we have fallen into are detrimental to the health of the good guys, stimulating an overgrowth of the bad guys, the ones that don't support health. Changing your diet can impact the biome within days. Sugar, wheat, antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals - everything about the modern diet is detrimental to our biome. Knowing this however, gives us the tools to make a significant difference to our own health now and into the future.

Bloating &  Wind
Gut Pain
Irritible Bowel 
Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
Crohn's Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Chronic Diarrhoea  / Looseness
Soiling/ Encopresis
Chronic Constipation

Fat Off! Microbiome Detox Program

There are many reasons a person may gain weight, and getting to the core of the issues at play is important for the both the efficiency and longevity of results.  As part of an individualised program aimed at identifying and addressing the underlying factors involved, this four phase program to helps you gain health, lose excess weight and treat the cause of weight issues, for life. It is a great kick start to wellness and health rejuvenation, through which you will shed extra kilos. 

Who would benefit from this Program?

Suited to anyone wanting to improve health, lose weight, age more slowly and insure themselves against illness in the future. Particularly beneficial for those managing :

  • Peri Menopause / Menopause

  • Hormone issues

  • PMS, Ovarian Cysts, PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids

  • Thyroid problems

  • Auto-immune disease

  • Syndrome X - high blood pressure, high blood sugar, central weight gain, Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance or Pre-Diabetes

  • Diabetes

  • Tummy fat / Apple body shape

  • Central Obesity

  • Gut problems

  • Chronic disease

  • Inflammatory conditions

  • Pain

  • Neurological disorders

  • Anyone overfat and feeling flat


FAT OFF! Program structure

Phase 1 - Getting Started - 2-4 weeks

In this phase you want to begin to wean yourself off the foods that aren’t on the program. Coming off coffee, alcohol, sugar, wheat, flour products, pastries, cereals and all the foods not on the program. This is a great time to get your ‘before’ blood tests done, so you can monitor your progress together with your doctor and naturopath. We will check your nutrients and food or chemical sensitivities, and may refer for functional testing if indicated before we start (eg: full functional thyroid panel, cholesterol panel, homocysteine, etc).


Phase 2 – Microbiome & Metabolism - 2-4 weeks

As a real food-based cleansing, healthy eating program, it will re-educate you about food and its effect on your body. This program is about getting you back to basics, eating foods that nature provides and losing all the manufactured foods that have caused us to become so unhealthy as a nation. Foods on this program are chosen which nourish and feed your cells, your gut microbiome, and support healthy cell cycles for better cellular replication of every system in the body.  As part of this phase we will review your blood and clinic tests, to incorporate what you need as an individual to help your body move into a state of optimal metabolism and vitality.


Phase 2 – Reshaping & Rejuvenating - 2-4 weeks

Not everyone will need this phase. This level is for those who need to take it to the next level to shake their body fat. This program is designed to put you into a measurable active fat burning state that you can measure and monitor, to help you achieve your healthiest weight more efficiently, resetting your genetic set-point of body fat storage.  The program is based on healthy nourishing foods that are the foundation of a healthy diet, but with more restriction than usual.



At the end of this program you will get to know which foods suit and which do not. This phase involves the re-introduction of certain foods, and as you do so you will want to monitor the effect these foods have on the way you feel.

This program incorporates three to six months of follow ups in person or by phone to support you through as you sustain your progress, not only of your ideal weight, but your progress to your best health possible, for life.

Healthier Kids Program

Getting and keeping kids is an ongoing process. With obstcles around than ever before.

This program tunes into the needs of your child, assessing for food issues, nutrient levels, allergies, digestive function, sleep, mood, stress and learning ability.


Working with them as an individual, we step through this eight week program to help strengthen and improve health parameters naturally, and thoroghly.


This program works to support their

  • Digestive Health

  • Immunity 

  • Calmness

  • Sleep

  • Skin Health

  • Learning Ability

  • Mood & behaviour

  • Carer's sanity & health




Vaccination Support Program

There is very little spoken the deeper effects of vaccines on health. In contrast to what most of us are let to believe, getting a vaccination is not like having a vitamin shot. It is actually a chemical onslaught of antibiotics, animal by-products, dead or inactivated viruses, preservatives, aluminum, and more. If the body can't clear the chemicals within a short window of time, these agents can bio-accumulate in a not-so-helpful.


From a natural health perspective, it is a good idea to prepare the body for vaccination, and support it for 4 weeks after, to help the body metabolise and process the experience safely.

This program is an individualised program focused and tailored to the person's needs. It is a great health program for adults, children, teens. the elderly and pregnant women. For front line workers or anyone for whom mandatory vaccination is part of their workplace requirements, this program will help you stay as healthy and infection-free as possible.


With regard to 'the virus', this program will help you navigate the current crisis with confidence and clarity.

Old and Young

Life Reset Program

As we move through the life stages from menarche to managing hormones, emotions, body cues, illness management and prevention, menopause and finding our heart's work, it can really help to have a woman with you throughout the journey.


As relationship and work stress, diet, nutrition, environment, family, children, partners ... all of the things that we have to juggle, keep us occupied, it can be useful to have a regular check-in with a wellbeing coach to make sure you are getting the best out of your body, mind, emotions and life. 


This program is particularly suited to you women at any stage of their life journey.  Feel supported, understood and clear about where you are and where you are going. 


All programs begin with the INITIAL PROGRAM booking.

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