Renu 28

Skin Gel


RENU 28 skin gel is a whole-body skincare that works from the outside in to improve appearance, smoothness, evening texture, and increasing moisture. It is a gentle gel works with your body’s natural processes to maintain healthy skin.

RENU 28 delivers revitalizing redox signaling molecules and absorbs easily for maximum effect.


As well as being lovely for the skin of the face, neck and body, it is a useful, soothing gel that is helpful for :

  • wounds

  • mouth ulcers

  • skin lesions

  • scratches

  • eczema 

  • wrinkles

  • lines

  • cellulite

  • pimples

  • scars

  • burns

  • sunburn

  • rashes

  • itching

  • and irritation


Skin cycles 

Every 28 days your skin goes through an important natural renewal process that allows new healthy cells to emerge. During this process the body works to eliminate and shed dead cells and toxins that build up over time. As you age, the time it takes to compete this cycle slows down, taking longer to be complete. 28 days, become 32 days, and 32 days become 40 days or more, which is why maintaining the health of your skin can become more of a challenge as we age. 


Vital to the health of living cells, chemical messengers critical connections and communication between skin cells are important to drive the process renewal and replenishment.

RENU 28 is a concentrated, topical gel that support skin cycles, and provides a whole-body skin therapy wherever it is applied. 

RENU 28 is non-comedogenic (does not cause pimples), preservative free and hypoallergenic, providing a simple, natural approach to true skin health.

In 28 days you will see fresher, younger and more hydrated skin. It is proven to reduce wrinkles, smoothen, soften and moisturize your skin — AND reduce the fat lobules or bumps of cellulite as well.



To cleansed skin, apply the Renu 28 gel and wait 5 minutes before applying moisturiser.

For burns, pain or itching, apply Renu28 three times in five minutes, and continue as needed.


Renu 28 usually lasts a month when applied at the recommended dose on the face and neck ($18.75 per week). For larger skin areas (such as cellulite treatment, sagging arms or belly, stretch marks, scars, balding), then it may last 2-3 weeks, depending on the area sized being used, and the frequency of application.


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Asea comes in a box of four, one month supply at the recommended dose.


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