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Naturopathy | Bioresonance Therapy | Bio-energetic Testing

Taking a holistic approach to health care, recovery and wellness. These sessions are involved in a healing process, stepping a person through a systematic program that is designed for you as an individual. Generally speaking, for Naturopathy, four to six sessions are recommended, and for Bioresonance Therapy, four to ten sessions are recommended. Please note, we do not do one-off sessions.

Initial Consultations

90 minutes - $175  |  60 minutes - $150

Subsequent Consultations

Long - 90 minutes $150 | Standard - 60 minutes $120 | Short - 30 minutes $90

Bowen Body Therapy | Reconnective Healing

Initial Consultations

75 minutes $125 | 90 minutes - $150

Subsequent Consultations

60 minutes $90

Emotional Healing | Emotional Reset Process

Initial Consultations

90 minutes - $175

Subsequent Consultations

90 minutes $150 | 60 minutes $125

Distance Sessions - Phone or Videocall

Naturopathy | Nutrition | Emotional Healing | Personal Holistic Coaching
These sessions are great for anyone wanting to work with a holistic practitioner, but feeling isolated either due to location or time constraints. We work together to help identify and remedy the obstacles to health, healing and wellbeing, from an individalised, heart-centered perspective. Supportive sessions for anyone going through health issues, stress, emotional strain, grief, loss, trauma, chronic illness, anxiety or anything that hijacks your sense of safety, security and wellbeing on all levels. 


Payment - Be sure to prepay your session deposit ($75)or session fee at least 3 days prior to your session (Paypal / direct debit details on Appointments page of website).
Questionnaire - Be sure to send your initial or review questionnaire (download from the Appointments tab) at least three days before your appointment.
Method - send a link request via your preferred contact method below at least three days before your session.
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