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Naturopathic Bioresonance Practitioner & Personal Health Advocate

Naturopathy is a system of holistic health care practice that is supportive to anyone at any age with health challenges, helping people to improve and maintain health and wellbeing in a proactive way  Using holistic modalities and methods, Naturopaths help people get well, prevent illness, recover from health issues, and support those who are seeking better health and wellness.  Naturopaths can work alongside GPs or other health professionals to bring an integrated, practical framework to health advocacy and care. 


Naturopathy alongside Biooresonance therapy is helpful for people dealing with:

Immune Issues | Allergies | Acute & Chronic infections

Hormone imbalances| Menstrual problems| Fertility | Pregnancy

Digestive problems | Bowel issues | SIBO | Malabsorption | Food sensitivities | Microbiome imbalances

Fatigue syndromes | Brain health & Memory | Anxiety, Depression, Mood swings, Teariness

Neurological issues | Post vaccine syndromes

All Naturopathic sessions require up to 1 hour of practitioner time

outside of the face to face appointment in case management.


1. Book your session online or call

2. Pay for session & send payment confirmation

3. Download Questionnaire and return 3 days before your session.



Held in Noosa - Tewantin QLD 

INITIAL - ADULTS & CHILDREN - 2 hours - $225

Children's sessions are divided into 2-3 sessions.

Payment Link here.

Subsequent Sessions

$125 (60 mins) - Payment link here.

$165 (90 mins) - Payment link here.



Initial Online Appointments - 2x1hour sessions - $225

Payment link here.


Subsequent Sessions

 $125 (60 mins) - Payment link here.

$165 (90 mins) - Payment link here.



*Please access all files from a desktop or laptop computer.

These forms are not suitable for phones or devices.


Emotional Reset Process

Mind-Body Integration

A body-mind process that helps reset the link between the body and the subconscious mind to be more proactive and aligned with your preferred state of being. 

Habits | Anxieties | Grief | Decisions | Confusion | Overwhelm | Addictions | Breakups | Phobias | Life Processing

Initial Appointment

$225 - 2hrs


Bowen Initial Questionnaire - Word Doc *


Subsequent Appointments

$175  (90 mins)

A minimun of three sessions are required.

Read more here

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Bowen & Bioresonance Therapy


Combing the benefits of Bicom Bioresonance Therapy with Bowen and Emotional Clearing to support the holistic wellness and wellbeing.

This is a technique that treats you through clothing, so wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing to this session. Wear leggins or long pants rather than skirts or shorts.


90 min $155


60mins $125 | 90 mins $155

Maintenance - 45mins $95




As our sessions are quite long compared to a short GP session, so when people cancel or make changes to their booking at the last minute, we can lose hours of viable consultation time. We would appreciate as much notice as possible for any appointment changes, a minimum of FIVE DAYS please.

Cancellation Fee - 50% of the fee is due for cancellations within 3 days of the appointment.  The full fee is due within 24 hours of the session.


Please only book a session when you know you can make it. 


All sessions are by pre-booked appointment only.

Online by Videocall

0409 188 173


By Appointment

Open Laptop

Sunshine Coast Qld



Address on booking.



Malvern Vic



Sessions through the year.

Contact us for dates.

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How many sessions?

A minimum of 3 sessions are required for all modalities.

Symptoms as Messengers

If your symptoms were trying to tell you something, what would it be? Symptoms are often messengers, a tap on the shoulder to get back on track in your body and life. Symptoms help to pinpoint an area of concern, health issues, particularly chronic ones, are far more complex and require deep insight into many factors of a person's life to discern the root of the problem(s).

How many sessions?

It takes time for the body to develop health issues, and likewise, it takes time for the body to respond to treatment in a way that addresses the deeper drivers and factors involved. While your biochemistry is adapting to things we are doing, we want to be tuning in and responding to what the system needs at each juncture.


Most health conditions require sessions at intervals to support this process. A program that chunks down into manageable steps enables you to work through a program that systematically supports what your body needs. For this reason WE DO NOT OFFER SINGLE SESSIONS. Please, only book an initial appointment if this is what you are ready for. 3-6 sessions are usually required, depending on your needs.


Remember to download (link at top of page) or pick up your questionnaire with ample time before your appointment.