Surgery Preparation & Recovery Program

Surgery puts an enormous strain on the body, it is taxing and traumatic in the extreme.You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparing your body in the months before, it seems ludicrous that a person would attend surgery without adequate preparation.


When you go into hospital you want to be as healthy and fit as you can possibly be. Preparing for this high stress event ought to begin at least four weeks before, longer if you are unwell, and continue intensively for four to twelve weeks after.


Healthier bodies respond better to surgery, they heal faster, tend to suffer less tissue trauma, less bruising and scarring and because swelling and inflammation is more regulated, they need less pain relief. It makes sense preparing for it and supporting recovery is important, and can improve outcomes, while reducing significantly post surgical infection, pain and complications.


Surgery is an enormous stress on the body. It puts all systems into high alert and drives inflammation throughout the body as immune cells are mobilised to find and manage the invading threat. Anesthetic, pain medications, antibiotics, nausea drugs - all put a strain on the liver and elimination systems to remove these toxins as well as the by-product of cell and tissue products, immune activation and lymphatic swelling.



Along with this is the mental and emotional strain. Hospital food, worry and pain. There is much tat can be done to prepare for all this that will make the whole experience run much smoother, reducing complications and helping you get out of hospital and home in a stable state more quickly.


When it comes to Surgical Trauma, many of the complications occur because of nerve inflammation, swelling and tissue damage. This trauma triggers swelling and inflammation as the body attempts to manage the onslaught. Pain results from the damage done to the tissues and nerves, and swelling causes pressure and tension in the tissues around the wound, the skin, muscle fibers and nerves locally, but it also impacts the body systemically, as acute stress response are triggered. All of this inflammation and stress can deplete the immune system. and also leas to inflammatory brain changes causing commonly expected (but rarely discussed) post-surgical cognitive decline, or delirium in some patients.



When the processes that regulate swelling are well managed before surgery, recovery can be faster. Less means less surrounding tissue damage, less systemic inflammation, and a lower need for pain-reducing medications such as opiates (morphine, pethidine, codeine). As less hard drugs are ingested, less nausea and vomiting is experienced which means the patient can continue to eat and supply nourishment to the body.






Photonic Light Therapy for Enhanced Healing

In studies done on patients receiving photonic light treatment from at least two weeks before surgery and each day after for two weeks, vastly improved parameters were seen. The patients needed less medication, had faster recovery after anaesthetic, and were on their feet in a shorter time compared to non treated controls. They were able to be discharged from hospital after just a few days on panodol rather than harder pain relieving medications. Photons (parcels of light) enhances ongoing cellular repair, and in the case of RH, supports the repair of DNA within the cells.


The application of photonic light to the body is done through Reconnective Healing both before and after surgery. Following the procedure we may also use Low Level Laser Light to support scar bridging and stimulate healing.


What is Reconnective Healing (RH) and how does it work?

Reconnective Healing involves the application of high frequency light, energy and information to the body and surrounding bio-field. It works infusing the body, organs, tissues and cells with a high frequency broadband of light, energy and information. This light-information carries photons into the cells to enhance the energy dynamic of the body. The body is an electrical organism which uses frequency and energy exchange to function.


Photons are microscopic parcels of light and energy. Everything that happens within the body, from the production of energy in the cell, to the absorption of nutrients from food, production of neurotransmitters, immune function, hormone action and eliminative processes, occur as a result of photonic energy exchange. 


All of the science done on medical photonic light therapy can be directly applied to Reconnective Healing as it infuses photons much like a laser, only with much more effect.  When it comes through RH, the energy-light-information spectrum supports the intelligence within the body to heal itself. Together with the physiological effect of enhancing photon availability to cells and mitochondria,  DNA repair within the cells allows the body to heal more effectively. 


In studies done by on damaged DNA, when compared to other energy modalities, RH had the effect of hastening the repair of damaged DNA, preventing further damage, but above all other measures, it also enhanced the repair of DNA strands. This is a big deal as it is not something expected or seen by scientists to happen. It is generally not believed, but the studies done by .... Proved it.


How does RH help with surgery recovery?

RH will support the body to heal where healing is needed. This applies to all health issues, including mental and emotional pain.


Physically, when it comes to pain or anything leading to cell damage, whether injury or disease process, RH can support the body as it works to heal and repair itself. Being non-invasive and gentle. it works safely alongside medical management and other modalities. It helps the body better manage pain and improves the pain threshold.


Fatigue & Exhaustion - fatigue occurs when the mitochondria, the energy producing unit inside the cell, becomes dysfunctional. This can occur as a result of a number of reasons, toxicity, nutrient depletion, cell damage, and depleted photonic availability to support the citric acid cycle. RH helps the cell work better by supporting the photon capacity within the cell.



Richard Hamlin (PhD) is a Principal Investigator at the Wellman Centre for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, an Associate Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School and a member of the Affiliated Faculty of Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology.


The research Dr Hamlin is doing involves the application of photons (light frequency) to the body through low level lasers. We apply light frequency photons through RH. It is the infusion of tissues and cells with photons  that is has a healing effect on the body. (Read more about Dr hamlin here: <> )


His research interests are now broadly in the area of phototherapy for multiple diseases. One focus is the study of new photo-sensitizers for infections, cancer, and heart disease, and photobiomodulation (the delivery of photons) for wound healing, arthritis, traumatic brain injury, psychiatric disorders, and hair regrowth. In this research they are injecting sensitisers and then applying the light therapy. In RH we find the body's intelligence is the sensitiser, and the energy is naturally drawn to the sites on the body where it most needs to be. RH energy seems to carry its own intelligence, and it interacts with the body's intelligence in ways we can't intellectualise or verbalise.


Reconnective Healing is also useful for :

  • Chronic and Acute Pain - back pain, limbs, muscles, bone pain

  • Injury recovery, tissue healing

  • Improved energy production and efficiency in cellular mitochondria (felt and demonstrated by research)

  • Chronic illness symptoms and processes

  • Chemotherapy side effects and support

  • Depression - infusing brain cells with light and information helps the brain cells function better (see above).

  • Fatigue and exhaustion

  • Stress and debility

  • Surgery preparation and recovery

  • A regular tune up to prevent issues by supporting the body's resources for self-regulation.


Nutritional Therapy

When the body is under stress there is a greater demand for energy and nutrients. Taking the right things before and after surgery to supplement te quality of diet-derived nutrients makes everything the body needs readily available.


Microbiome Bolstering

The Microbiome. all of the beneficial micrbobes that make health possible, can be knocked around through the surgical process. Ensuring that beneficial populations of these microbes are abundant will help prevent infection and the post-surgical colonisation of undesirable bacteria, viruses, and fungal , while supporting the optimal function of the immune system and gut. 


Meditative Visualisation

What the mind perceives the body believes. We know that every thought and expectation you have causes a biochemical cascade which determines how you feel and how your body prepares for the things you are telling it. We can guide the mind and body to a better healing experience by working on this level before and after surgery.


Energy Preparation

Fatigue occurs when the mitochondria, the energy producing unit inside the cell, becomes dysfunctional. This can occur as a result of a number of reasons, toxicity, nutrient depletion, cell damage, and depleted photonic availability to support the citric acid cycle. Fatigue is the first sign of dysfunction in the body, so by the time someone heads of for surgery they have usually been tired for a long time.


The intense stress and recovery demands placed on the body needs energy to fund it. Before you head for surgery, it is essential to be taking and doing things that will increase the cellular availability of energy as much as possible. The longer you take to prepare yourself for surgery, the more energy resources you will have for recovery. Using RH, dietary and nutritional support, we can support the energy pathways in the body, and the energy production mechanisms in the cells and tissues.


The Intelligence of your Body

Never underestimate the wisdom and healing capacity of your body. Whatever the body is dealing with, and whatever treatments are being applied medically or alternatively, it is important to remember that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating, infinitely wise, capable organism. If any healing happens it is because the body has orchestrated it. If there are health issues, there is always a reason. The symptoms we feel are often the result of the body trying to do something that it is unable to complete.


When we partner with the body and see everything that is happening as a sign that the body is brilliantly looking after us, we can recognise when a process is obstructed, and from there seek to identify and overcome the obstruction by taking action in health supportive ways.  The body is always self-regulatng and healing. Symptoms are the very signals that the body is endeavouring to heal itself, we only feel it because the process is blocked somehow.


It may be time to have surgery, but the removal of an organ doesn't heal a blocked process. With or without the target organ, the cause of the issues needs to be discovered and addressed. Gallstones are not the result of a faulty gallbladder, it is the result of a liver that can't eliminate and process well enough. Bile is both a digestive substance and an eliminative channel. Don't take out organs without seeking to resolve the process that let you to that point, otherwise the continuing dysfunction will just manifest elsewhere as the body continues to try to heal itself, compensating for a blocked pathway in the best way it can.


Honouring and supporting the wisdom of the body takes us out of victim mode and into a proactive support role. When obstacles to healing are removed, and rersources bolstered, the body can and will heal itself more efficiently. (Learn more about how we heal through these videos.)