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Going to hospital is risky business according to research by the Grattan Institute*. One in nine patients who go into a hospital in Australia suffer a complication — ranging from the minor to the catastrophic." They quote that about 900,000 patients each year suffer these complications, and if they stay in overnight, the figure rises to one in four – about 725,000 patients each year. They say a patient’s risk of developing a complication varies dramatically depending on which hospital they go to, I would add here: and depends how prepared they are health-wise!


You wouldn't run a marathon without preparing your body, and no-one should go to hospital without preparing your immune system.


It is smart to be stocked up with all the key healing nutrients at least 3-4 weeks prior to surgery, and continue 4-12 weeks after. These essential factors help speed up the healing of wounds, supporting collagen synthesis and modulating fibrin production. It can reduce the incidence of colloidal scarring and adhesions, while protecting you from infections and excessive swelling - which is what drives pain, slow recovery and prolonged debility.


Major Surgeries need even more pre-planning. A Naturopathic Program is the best way to ensure you or your loved one are well protected from potential complications, and all the hospital-derived infections you become exposed to, such as pneumonia, the flu, wound infections and golden staph.


Just as with a marathon, when people prepare properly for hospital, recovery is faster, swelling is reduced, repair is enhanced, and lower pain levels means less pain medication is needed - better for the liver, the brain (which doesn't like drugs or inflammation - aka post-hospital delirium), the nervous system, sleep ability ... the whole being benefits, and that is a relief for everyone.

Surgery puts an enormous strain on the body, it is taxing and traumatic in the extreme.You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparing your body in the months before, it seems ludicrous that you would attend surgery without adequate preparation. When you go into hospital you want to be as healthy and fit as you can possibly be. Preparing for this high stress event ought to begin at least four weeks before, longer if you are unwell, and continue intensively for four to twelve weeks after. Healthier bodies respond better to surgery, they heal faster, tend to suffer less tissue trauma, less bruising and scarring and because swelling and inflammation is more regulated, they need less pain relief. It makes sense preparing for it and supporting recovery is important, and can improve outcomes, while reducing significantly post surgical infection, pain and complications.

(Grattan Institute Article:

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