Symptoms as Messengers - your Body as a Barometer

For many people health is a mysterious, complex and somewhat scary phenomenon.  Certainly an aspect of life that we don't fully understand, and tend to take for granted until things go wrong at least.


Impacting every facet of our lives, without good health everything is affected.  It is our most precious possession, a valuable insight we soon gain should illness encroach on our well being.


The human body is amazing at healing itself, fully adept at restoring itself, as long as we stay out of the way. Symptoms are usually the very signs that the body is in the process of trying to heal itself. If it gets a bit stuck at a certain point, then your support is required, either to do something, or stop doing something, so the process can move forward.


All symptoms are actually signs that the body is intelligently endeavoring to rid itself of a toxin, infection, dietary, lifestyle or environmental excess, or healing something, so it can move forward and return to balance. Suppressing symptoms is often the worst thing we can do, as it thwarts the process of healing, driving the problem into a deeper, more chronic state. Shooting the messenger without heeding the message is counterproductive on all levels.


The role of the practitioner is to help the body in its work, not by suppression, but by boosting the vital force with the remedies and placing the person on a diet that will help the elimination take place efficiently and effectively. It is the vital force that cures the illness, when we enhance and support this vital force naturally, identifying and removing the obstacles, while enhancing optimal circumstances for recovery, healing happens.


Healing is inherent, innately programmed, natural and inevitable when the conditions are right. The best thing we can do for ourselves is  embrace the knowledge and practices we need to best support the body in this process.

It is estimated that 90-95% of physical symptoms hold an emotional aspect. Getting to the bottom of issues in this way helps move the blocks and release the holding pattern that sustains the problem.

We work with people to identify the obstacles to their optimal state of health, bringing awareness and inspiration so they can take action to support themselves to get well again. We start by supporting energy levels, for without energy, the body will struggle to do anything. When energy is in deficit, everything can become hard, even the basic processes necessary for each day's activity, let anything deeper. Energy deficit is the first sign of a downturn in health and wellbeing. It indicates that something needs to change.


Life is about choices. When you don't understand what is going on, it is difficult to make choices that bring the results you want in life. This insight helps bring awareness to exactly what decisions lie before you, making the next steps in the process of regaining control clear.  


The human body and mind are the most remarkable things we could ever possess, capable of the most miraculous things. When given the right conditions, the body is adept at healing itself. Usually it is a process of getting removing the obstacles to this powerful, intelligent process, and providing what is needed so the body can get on with the process. This is how we work, and the results are always amazing.