Tune-up Sessions

Helping you stay in Balance

Reset & Tune-up Sessions


These regular sessions give you a chance to check in and debrief your week/ month. It helps you stay on top of how you're feeling and where your head is at throughout this time in your life. These sessions help keep your emotional and physical batteries charged, clearing any unresolved issues, dealing with any residual stress, as we soothe and calm the nervous system and body for a fresh look ahead. These sessions are great for aligning with your inner  purpose, clarity and peace, while strengthening and supercharging your body.


In a healing session we may use a number of holistic healing processes, modalities or remedies, as we tailor these sessions to the individual by tuning in to the body and paying attention to what it is being communicated.


Stress - the world's biggest killer

Stress alters biochemistry, accelerates inflammation, tissue break down, the using up of resources, depletes energy and hijaks diegestion and body repair over time. The body's stress response is meant to be switched on sparingly, and off quickly, with any residual cortisol shaken off by moving, running or shaking like a springbok.


Chronic, long term stress is erosive to health, happiness and wellbeing. Humans are not meant to be exposed to this kind of protracted stress without respite.  Stress is the root cause of most pathological change in the body, and a great deal of this stress results from overwork, emotional strain, worry, time pressures, overwhelm, nutrient depletion, poor diet, sleep disruption and exhaustion.


Stress actually switches off digestion, body repair, and the prefrontal cortex where all your thinking and memory retention happens. This turns us into foggy brain, bloated, tired, overfat, injured, irritable, moody, insomniacs.



Every single thing in your body and your life requires energy to function. Without energy cells don't work, the brain doesn't fire, nutrients don't get absorbed, hormones don't get made, blood doesn't circulate, food doesn't digest.... you get the picture. Without energy nothing in your body or your life gets done.

How are your batteries? Does your life fill them like a dynamo, or drain them like a torch?



A regular Reset session puts energy in to you. At a time when most of our obligations and commitments take energy away from us, these sessions created a bubble of constructive, educational, relaxing 'you' time. When we have energy we have a viable buffer zone for stress. This means we can handle stressful situations with calmness and a clear mind (stress switches off the brain and reduces this buffer zone of resiliency). We can interact with others more easily, achieve many things daily, without winding up depleted, frustrated and grumpy.


If you don't put the effort in to allow energy in, no-one else will. And without energy life is just a drag.


What will we be doing?

These sessions are about tuning in to what your body needs right now; supporting it so it can support you. Improving your body's resources can literally change your life.

Therapies and processes we may draw upon include: 

  • Bio-energetic Sensitivity Testing (BEST) - screening foods, nutrients, hormones, neurotransmitters, environmental factors, or allergens to see what is a stress-inducing influence on you.

  • Dietary guidance - BEST results guides us to what the best diet is for you to boost energy, resiliency and health outcomes for you.

  • Laser acupuncture to balance organ energy, harmonise energy, promote healing or treat pain.

  • Emotional release process to clear any blocked emotions in the body.

  • Mindset shift processes to release and self-sabotage, low confidence, limiting beliefs, past trauma. (These sessions are gold for narcissistic abuse recovery.)

  • Energy work to charge up your batteries.

  • Herbal tonic for adrenal, sleep or hormone support,

  • Nutritional program based on your BEST results.

  • Resonance remedy, flower essences or homeopathic potion for emotional balance and harmony.

  • Allergy desensitisation to clear hayfever and inhalant sensitivities (like dust, dander, mould) causing distress.

  • Immune tonic treatment to build immunity and prevent colds and infections.

  • Reconnective Healing to soothe pain and inflammation, while calming and soothing the mind and heart.

  • Sleep, energy, digestion and energy supportive measures.


We have many tools in our toolbox to help restore balance and resilience to your being, helping you to find your spirit and connect with your life path with fresh energy and centred peace along the way.


These sessions are a great life reset, with the added bonus of preventing chronic illness, inflammation, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, infections and disease.


Recharge your batteries and find your mojo again.

Who is it for?

  • Overworked adults

  • Students - helps them with year 10-12 with less stress.

  • Parents - Supports parents with small children to bubble some time for themselves, and put energy back in.

  • Teens & young adults adjusting to life after study.

  • Unwell - anyone diagnosed with a health condition needing support outside of the medical world.



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