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health-supportive sessions

to a device near you.

~ Online Holistic Health Care Sessions ~

Helping you to feel better, sooner.

 Putting it all together to help you find the best direction, resource, decision making, lifestyle and emotional clarity you need to heal yourself and reclaim your Life.

Videocall Sessions are a wonderful resource, allowing for health alignment and support with health consciousness and practice conveniently wherever you are. The world is changing and we need to support each other through this process, and pull together at times of strain.

Online sessions are structured similar to face-to-face sessions.

  • Health review and discussion

  • Tuning in - your body is infinitely wise and is always communicating

  • Body Scan - your body is always communicating. When we do a body scan together we tune in to this information and direction. Never underestimate the wisdom and capacity of your body to move you toward your deepest and most profound healing.

  • Testing - using the body's information field through quantum connection (more on this here)

  • Plan

  • Dietary discussion

  • Prescription - from your local shops or through an online prescription service (

Convenient, effective, efficient.