Womb Healing Process

This is a meditative journey that takes you back through your womb experience to bring awareness and healing to this deeply formative time in your life. 


Unconscious Memories

Striving to reset how you carry these unconscious memories within your body and psyche, we want to release and reconnect our soul-self to this experience, to better understand and realign with our wholeness from the beginning.


While floating in the amniotic sea we experience and absorb all of the feelings, emotions and experiences our mother had while we were developing. From the moment of conception right through to our first breath, we shared her experiences, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we move forward from this experience not realising that we are not fully separate, not fully embodying our own skin, separate from the influence of others.


It is rare to get through the process of growing up untouched by trauma and emotional pain, our own and that of others. It’s easy to become engulfed in the ego-based pain-body, losing sight of our divinity, our Source-connections, truth, and purpose.


Reconnecting to Self

This work offers a nurturing and healing experience to those people drawn to it. For many, this reset experience opens them to a renewed sense things, releasing the stress and pain caused by retained original trauma, replacing it with connection, compassion, self-acceptance and unconditional love. We all started this life’s journey connected to our soul consciousness, part of the Source, whole and complete. It’s nice to remember and reconnect with this lost part of ourselves.


Healing on this level can be quite a transformative experience.  For many, it brings an opportunity to move fully into their body for the first time, unafraid. So many people live half in half out.


By re-connecting to the truth of who you truly are, the part connected to the wholeness and wisdom that you already are, brings a renewed sense of freedom, connection, and safety to life. A soothing and relaxing process aligned with restoring self-trust, purpose and a more accessible feeling of ‘home’ within.


For Mothers

When mothers of troubled children go through this process, the emotional healing she experiences seems to flow on to benefit the child by proxy. Women often report seeing a change in their children, particularly a calmness and stronger connection seems to come to the relationship between child and mother. Working in this way can help soothe children with ADHD, ASD, behavioural issues, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and any child who seems to have come into this life hypersensitive and easily overwhelmed.


Beneficial for :

This work is useful when dealing with any kind of trauma. Trauma is generally expressed as anxiety, depression, and emotional patterns that recur. 

  • Sensitivity to the world / environment; feeling out of place.

  • Living with a sense of feeling left out or different, insecure, offline with people, out of place.

  • Easily overwhelmed.

  • Chronic procrastination.

  • Love addiction.

  • Narcissistic abuse recovery. 

  • Healing after divorce, loss, bereavement.

  • An unabating deep longing to go ‘home’. 

  • Patterns, people and experiences being repeated throughout life – such as the repeated attraction of abusive relationships or patterns.

  • Couples experiencing fertility difficulties - deep unconscious trauma carried from your own start to life can block you unconsciously. Bringing awareness to this and clearing the trauma can unblock stuck energy through the reproductive system. That feeling of being alive but dead inside. Any history of childhood trauma or abuse.

  • Adoption (parent or child).

  • Difficult pregnancies or births.

  • Loss of a child.

  • Mothers who experienced a lot of stress and trauma during their pregnancy, birth with their own child/ren. It helps to heal the trauma held within the womb, heart, and body.

  • Postnatal depression.

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