No matter what your health challenge, identifying and removing the obstacles to health, while supporting what the body needs, allows healing happen, naturally.

These sessions move you forward from where you are, to where you want to be, step by step.

Motivating, clarifying, educational, practical and supportive.

When we feel great, everything is easier, more enjoyable, we can focus and achieve things in life which brings a sense of accomplishment. Health brings energy, mental clarity, normal body weight, and shape, and there is greater balance in our body systems, and emotions.

At the clinic each session is personalised and individualised. We don't run one size fits all protocols, so you can be sure that you will receive a level support attuned to your needs. We want to help you move forward from health issues as efficiently as possible. When we identify and remove the current obstacles to your body's self-healing capacity, we are better able to support and optimise health processes,  enhancing natural resources for healing, health, and harmony. Working at this core personal level allows us to help, regardless of the medical label you may (or may not) have.



Whatever the problem,

health is the answer.

What are Symptoms?

Symptoms are messengers, signs the body is trying to do something but it is blocked in some way. When we listen to the messenger (hives, fatigue, anxiety, depression, immune issues, allergies, chronic illness...), instead of silencing it (medications, bandaid treatments), the body is better able to heal itself. The body is remarkably intelligent and capable. Symptoms always happen for a reason. Naturopathy helps understand what is going on and supports your body to heal and recover itself more efficiently.

These are the sorts of things Naturopathy & Holistic Therapies work with:

Holistic Therapies

Videocall Sessions or In-clinic Sessions (see above)

Naturopathy & Holistic Therapies

Naturopathy is a holistic model of therapy that helps you achieve a better state of health and wellbeing. Health is the body’s priority at all times, so when things go ‘wrong’, there is always a reason. Naturopathy helps you identify the underlying drivers and causative factors, supporting the body’s resources for healing with a healthier diet, more nurturing lifestyle, herbal medicines, nutritients, body therapies and emotional healing. Naturopathy helps you connect with what your body needs to function more efficiently, improve health, prevent illness, and enhance energy for a better quality of being.

No matter what your health issue, Naturopathy can usually help.



Bowen Body Balance

Bowen helps with a wide variety of health issues associated with tight or imbalanced muscle groups, from asthma to musculoskeletal problems. A relaxing,  effective body maintenance session to receive regularly as part of a self-care plan. Releasing muscle tension is a vital key to healing. Muscles are the primary physical storage areas for tensions stemming from emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. Each strongly held belief creates a specific pattern of muscle tensions unique to itself. Shock, fright, terror, trauma, and stress can cause chronic effects through the system, affecting muscles, fascia, bone alignment, joints, blood flow, lyposture and behavior.  We may combine the use of energy medicines with this manual work, to balance the emotional system as we release the muscles.

This whole-body therapy helps release and rebalance - muscle tension, stiffness, aches, knots, and soreness. Joint pain, tennis elbow, knee trouble, foot pain. Stress, tension, asthma, gut tension, neck pain, headaches, swelling, oedema, and more.


Working through the body's connected energy system, this technique screens for resonance between the body and the testing substance. It uses a resonance process to discover the most harmonising way to support the body's self-healing capacity. 


When the body becomes blocked in its self-regulation processes, we want to become aware of what we can do to support recovery. Recognising stressors and obstacles to healing is an initial step to awareness, and it is wise to consider issues such as: food sensitivities, allergens, nutritional imbalances, chemicals, microbial factors, unresolved infections, stealth pathogens, scars causing interference fields, psycho-emotional stress, electromagnetic pollution, are some of the obstacles to healing we have found in reviewing the body with a holistic mindset.   (*​NB: We do not diagnose or treat medical issues, please consult your medical professional for medical care.)

Bio-energetic System Testing (BEST)



The body is an energy-based electrical system with its own intelligent self-regulatory and self-healing capacity. As part of a Naturopathic program, this process is applied to support the body's natural self-healing and regulatory processes, while working to overcome the obstacles to health that may be hindering this process where symptoms or health issues exist.

Monica uses the original Regumed Mobile Optima system as part of her clinical practice. (Regumed BICOM Bioresonance trademarked devices and accessories are manufactured in Germany to ISO 9001 quality standards,  complying with the European Union directive 93/42/EEC.)  Monica operates from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Read more here.

Bioresonance Therapist



​These Naturopathic sessions are available online without location hassles. Together we review your health issues thoroughly using questionnaires, test results, functional pathology and body metrics to review your needs. We will discuss a course of treatment and monitor your progress with regular video call sessions throughout your program.


Online health support programs run for 8-12 weeks.



In these sessions, we review health issues thoroughly using an initial  health questionnaire, test results, and functional pathology as needed. During the session we will check in with your body using bio-energetic sensitivty testing (BEST), and give your body an energy treatment using the Bicom Biorseonance Prcess. Between sessions you can support your body with a prescribed Naturopathic plan. Sessions aer 1.5 hours and are given weekly for four sessions, with a follow-up review in four weeks. (Therapies used below)


  1. Sunshine Coast - Tewantin Qld

  2. Melbourne Vic (Malvern) at intervals through the year. Email or call to find out the next Melbourne dates.

Monica Williams

Naturopath | Bioresonance Practitioner | Bowen Therapist

Monica is based in

Tewantin Queensland

Monica has been in clinical healthcare practice for over 25 years. Starting with the body-based therapies of Bowen Therapy, Massage, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Shiatsu before qualifying in Naturopathy and Acupuncture over 22 years ago. Monica has spent her career tuning in to what people need to help them restore balance to their lives.


Monica seeks to address the deeper drivers of health disruption, to address the causative factors while regenerating the innate restorative ability of the body to heal.

Monica brings a deeply holistic and eclectic approach to sessions, bridging the gap between medicine and wellness in an empowering and supportive way. No matter what the problem, health is answer.


Monica Williams  0409 188 173

Please no hawking, cold-canvassing or sales calls, thanks.

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