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Session information, Healthier By Choice

Once you've made your appointment, what's next?

Book in


To begin, book a Free15 Phone Chat to see if we are a fit for what you need. Once we have had a chat, we will book you in for an initial appointment. All sessions at the clinic begin with a Naturopathic Initial Appointment. This is the place to start for all of our services. This allows us to review your health history and understand what your body is going through, and what you need. From here, if you need in person physical treatments, we will book you in after we understand your needs. 

Get Ready


Once your appointment is booked, set a day aside to get all of your information together. To truly get to the bottom of health issues we want to know everything! 

Initial Appointments

  1. Initial Questionnaire - start by downloading your questionnaire below. The initial questionnaires is best filled in on a computer as a word document. It is very detailed, so be sure to allow plenty of time before your session to fill it out. 

  2. Diet Dairy - track everything you eat, drink and feel the week before your session. 

  3. Depression, Anxiety, Stress Screening - DASS21 - if you are feeling any of these, also do a DASS21 to give us a good idea of you're starting point.

Subsequent Appointments

  1. Medical tests and reports - for your follow up appointment, get a copy of your blood tests from your GP, and ask for a copy of the written report that goes to your doctor when you have a scan (ultrasound, MRI, CAT scan etc).

  2. Review questionnaire - are filled out monthly before your follow up appointment. 

  3. Diet Diarytrack everything you eat, drink and feel the week before your session.  

  4. Other Questionaries - There are other questionnaires and log sheets below, see what you're attracted to. 

How Many Sessions will I need?


Symptoms as Messengers - If your symptoms were trying to tell you something, what would it be? Symptoms are often messengers, a tap on the shoulder to get back on track in your body and life. Symptoms help to pinpoint an area of concern, health issues, particularly chronic ones, are far more complex and require deep insight into many factors of a person's life to discern the root of the problem(s).

How long has it been brewing? It takes time for the body to develop health issues, and likewise, it takes time for the body to respond to treatment in a way that addresses the deeper drivers and factors involved. While your biochemistry is adapting to things we are doing, we want to be tuning in and responding to what the system needs at each juncture.

Regular Appointments - Most health conditions require sessions at intervals to support this process. A program that chunks down into manageable steps enables you to work through a program that systematically supports what your body needs.

For this reason we do not offer single sessions. Please, only book an initial appointment if this is what you are ready for. A minimum of 3-6 sessions are usually required, depending on your needs and scope of health challenges. We are not in the business of playing whack-a-mole with symptoms, taking symptoms is not healing. Helping the body heal from why the symptoms are there is where long term, resilient and reliable comes from. (We are not a medical or pharmaceutical based clinic.) 


Questionnaires give us detailed information about your health history, and help save time in the consultation. It is imperative that you completed your questionnaire with ample time before your consultation. We need this complete to go ahead with the session.

INITIAL SESSIONS - ​Please download and complete your Initial Questionnaire below.

SUBSEQUENT SESSIONS - Download and complete a review questionnaire monthly.


If you are emailing anything to the clinic, please do so 2-3 days before your appointment and let me know you have sent it. I will not be able to access emails while I am in clinic., so it is best to bring a copy with you.

Adult Initial Questionnaire

Children's Initial Questionnaire

Review Questionnaire

Monica Williams - Naturopath

Review Questionnaire - Complete monthly. (Complete on a computer not a device)

Diet-Symptom Diary ~ Initial & Review Appointments

Axiatonal ~ Emotional Reset ~ Hummingbird : Initial Q

Other Screenings




Monica Williams - Naturopath - Mind and Body

Chronic Fatigue
& Fibromyalgia Scale

Monica Williams - Naturopath, Chronic Fatigue


Monica Williams - Naturopath, Gut health

Trauma Number Quizz
PCL 5 - tally up each column & save as PDF

Monica Williams - Naturopath - Kids Emotional Wellness

Mood & Stress
Questionnaire (MG)

Monica Williams - Naturopath - Mood and stress

Post-natal Depression

Monica Williams - Naturopath, Fertility

Short Depression

Monica Williams - Naturopath, Depression recovery

Short Body System Assessment

Monica Williams - Naturopath - Detox Program

MG Detoxification Questionnaire

Monica Williams - Naturopath - Detox


Monica Williams - Naturopath, Allergies

Short Anxiety

Monica Williams - Naturopath, Anxiety

Personality Typing Quizz

Monica Williams - Naturopath, Personality Profile

Our Cancellation Policy:


As our sessions are quite long and detailed compared to a short GP session, so when people cancel or make changes to their booking at the last minute, we can lose hours of viable consultation time. Additionally, we spend quite a bit of time preparing for your session including reviewing your questionnaire information and making the room environment appropriate for Axiatonal activation.

We would appreciate as much notice as possible for any appointment changes, a minimum of three days please.

Cancellation Fees:

  • $50 for changes within 3 days.

  • 50% of the fee for cancellations within 2 days of the appointment. 

  • The full fee is due within 24 hours of the session.


Please only book a session when you know you can make it.

Payment Options:

Cash is always preferred but we accept credit / debit cards.

Full payment is payable on the day of your appointment. Prepayment is welcomed.

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