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Monica Williams - Naturopath, Axiatonal Activation

Axiatonal Attunement

An Axiatonal Attunement is a spiritual-energy activation that helps to attune your physical body to the higher dimensional energies we are receiving on the planet at present, here to help us upgrade our energy system, and remember who we really are.


Whether we know it or not, Earth is in the middle of a massive evolutionary shift, and most people are feeling it, although only a few know what it is. There is an energetic stir-up going on, and it is influencing our personal world inside and out. 


Humanity is being called to awaken, to align with our soul's purpose, to tune in to the design of life, the bigger picture. The symptoms of this calling is an inner discomfort with things, a feeling that you can't go on doing what you've always done, a restlessness of spirit, despair - a deep wondering, 'is this all there is?".  Do you feel this way?

  • Tired of EVERYTHING and yearning for a big shift of some sort? 

  • Do you feel lost and don't know why?

  • Have a deep wishing to openly with your soul's version of life?

  • Do you feel like you're splashing around in the shallows getting nowhere and want to dive into the deep waters of life?

  • Is your inner guidance system pulling you in a direction you don't understand?

  • Do you feel lost, stuck, anxious, depressed, despair over the sate your your life, know there is something but struggle to find it?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then an Axiatonal Alignment could be what you need. 

I saw Monica while we were on holiday in Noosa. I had been feeling lost, existentially and in most areas of my life.  I had my Axiatonal Alignment over two days & it was remarkable. I saw so much during my session. I was left with a deep, deep sense of peace and connection, I have never felt it before. Now when I feel disconnected I tune in to the energy and the calm returns. Amazing.



What Clients are saying about their Axiatonal Alignment

Why Do We Feel Stuck?

Disconnecting from the consciousness field makes us feel alone, vulnerable to the negative effects of living a fear-based, ego-driven negative life full of self-doubt and over-analytical thinking. Many individuals are feeling drawn to return to a more awakened state of consciousness, and an Axiatonal Alignment can support and activate this process. Once we can realign with the divinity within ourselves and others, we are more able to connect to oneness on a deep level, and can more actively contribute to the evolution of ourselves, and others, contributing to the raising of our collective consciousness while we are here in this life.  People are feeling intuitive stirrings to awaken, but often find themselves in the discordant gap between where they are and where they feel they need to be. Feeling the call but not seeing the direction can create a deep cognitive dissonance that amplifies through the  body, mind, emotions and life experience. ​ An Axiatonal Alignment can begin to gently open and attune your energy system to receive a higher vibratory energy to support improved nourishment and focus in the body.    When you are out of tune and 'off course' it can feel very much like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and feeling like you are going a tad crazy compared to the people around you. Yet you may find that the more you ignore these inner urgings, the louder the feeling of discord gets until you really have to pay attention, or risk truly not being okay. Sadly for many people there is no-one in their lives who can help move forward in a spiritually aligned way, so fearful parents and friends encourage them to get to the doctor's office, where they are offered antidepressants and a psychology or psychiatriatric referral. This is can ease the feelings in the short term, but it is not the long term answer, as many people soon learn.  ​An Axiatonal Alignment can help put you back in energetic alignment with your larger self, your inner wisdom, and innate intelligence. It helps attune you to your place in the universe, giving you a larger perspective than the mundane offers.  By aligning with the universal energy matrix, you can access its resources, experience an acceleration in personal growth, and feel more connected with your deeper and what it's all about. We have all forgotten who we really are, it is part of the incarnation process. Your task here is to remember, of your own volition, in your own time.   Activating your Axiatonal energy system supports this awakening process. It can allow your energy centres and  pathways to open up and improve their capacity and energy flow, supporting your cells and tissues to hold more light, a higher vibration and frequency.

What is an Axiatonal Alignment?

​An Axiatonal Alignment is an energy attunement process that is focused on reactivating and realigning the body's harmonic energy lines to restore balance and harmony to your body's energy systems. It helps to connect you to your intuition, to turn up the volume on your higher self's signals, and to allow synchronicity to open up in your life as you attune your energy systems and step into Life's flow.   It has three parts : Clearing the meridians and Axiatonal lines to remove any blockages and promote the free flow of chi (ki or prana) energy. Activating and Integrating the lines of the Whole-Self into the physical body's energy system - reconnecting individuals with their larger Self to enhance and attune their intuitive abilities, insights and inspirations. This process helps strengthen and reestablish connections between the lower self and the higher self, and the higher self with your 'oversoul, revitalizing the severed Axiatonal lines and rejuvenating the axial circulatory system. Beyond its healing properties, Axiatonal Alignment is an invitation to step into innate Divine Awareness and enhance the process of self-realization here in physical life. Essentially, it not only clears blocked meridians but also facilitates the flow of energy in life, leading to increased synchronicity, clarity, calmness and awareness. Axiatonal energy and the Earth: The Earth's Axiatonal grid lines encircle the planet and intersect at sacred sites like Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, and Sedona. These grid lines connect to a larger grid that encompasses the entire universe. Unfortunately, our deviation from the natural flow of life has disconnected us from these axiatonal lines. By reactivating these lines using the broad spectrum high frequencies of Reconnective energies, a profound exchange of light, energy codes, and information occurs. ​Once activated, these lines allow us to access higher universal frequencies, live in alignment with our purpose, and expand our body's capacity to hold light energy in the photon field of the body. This improves our capacity for cellular regeneration, revives the body and mind, and strengthens our connection with our soul-essence. The DNA story Our DNA, which once consisted of 12 strands, provided us with innate connection to the universal energy system and access to a vast reservoir of information, energy and light. However, this aspect was shut down and became dormant over time, with the smaller human DNA template limiting us to a life with less light, less universal wisdom access, less intuitive awareness, drawing us into an experience of separation and isolation from our Source. This has contributed to the great many difficulties and challenges we face in human life, imbuing us with feelings of not being good enough, not fitting in, feeling inadequate, and/or perceiving life as burdensome. Life is a creative diving force, joyous and magical, but we have never been taught to live this way, and being disconnected the way are, the way our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were, it is not surprising that we have not learnt that life is the fantastic, expressive, creative opportunity that it is. And without the Axiatonal light force refreshing itself within us, we have been programmed small. Axiatonal Alignment is believed to regenerate these dormant strands of DNA, enabling us to tap into our soul's gifts, insights and abilities; aligning us more effortlessly with our life purpose, enhancing our inner awareness, and empowering us once again.

What to Expect at Your Session

It is beneficial to spend some time with yourself prior to your session. Connect in with yourself. What do you notice? What are you yearning for? Where do you feel stuck? What is purpose right now? What is the reason you are seeking a session? What are you hoping for? Connecting with self and answering these questions can enhance the cognitive aspect of your session, and connect you more clearly with the results that will follow in the days, weeks and months after your session. ​Once you lay down on the table, just let everything go. Have no expectations, don't direct the energy, don't make requests of yourself within the session.  Open up to the space within the space, and allow the energy to do what it does.  All you have to do is let go

Pre-Session Preparation

When you arrive at your session we will have a brief chat and then you will like down on the massage table. I will check your energy system and review your starting point.    I will need to see the navigation points on your body, so be sure to wear warm comfortable clothing, as I can't cover you with a blanket during the session.  ​Once you are ready, you will close your eyes and go within, holding no expectations, but moving into an observational awareness space.  As the energy begins you will  likely experience a deeply relaxing sensation, and as you release the mind, you can float away with the energy, it is a beautiful feeling.   An initial session begins with your session preparation helps your conscious mind connect with where you are currently. Once you lay down on the table, let everything go. Have no expectations, or judgements, don't direct the energy, don't make requests of yourself within the session; let the mind go, drop everything. Open up to the space within the space, and allow the energy to do what it does. All you have to do is let go. During a session, the energy quickly spans across and through the physical body, emanating out to infuse the full depth of your field with the energy frequencies, infusing each level of the photon space around you that makes up your 'aura' . From scientific studies we know that these energies pass through concrete, steel and copper shielded rooms instantaneously, but will you feel it? ​It is estimated that 70 to 80% of people feel the energy. Typical descriptions include cold, warm, pressure, hot, fuzzy, tingly, prickly, pushing, pulling - like strings being pulled - and more. It can be hard to put the sensation into words because for many it’s a new experience. Some are quite surprised by what they feel, while others notice a more subtle energy. Some people have a vision or deeply spiritual experience, and then there are the one or two who feel “nothing”, despite their body giving clear indications of the energy exchange during the session; signals called 'registers'. Once the energy is flowing, we don’t know what ta person may experience, for the energy goes to the core of the primary issue/s they may be facing, whether this be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual plane. This  'core' may or may not be what you are expecting on a cognitive level. This is why it is important to hold no expectations. The session is a two-part process.  Your second session will need to be completed within three days of the first session. A Saturday and Sunday is perfect.  Axiatonal Alignment utilizes focused source frequencies to reconnect your body's gridwork with the ley lines of the Earth and the universal grid across all dimensions of time and space. This work continues to unfold beyond the session and becomes a life-long activation process. As you make choices and decisions that align with your life path, you will experience the ease and progress that come with being connected to the flow of life. Many who have undergone Axiatonal Alignment simply describe life as easier. This work seems to find its way into a person's awareness when they are ready to align with a higher aspect of themselves and their life path. The sessions are conducted over two separate sessions within a three-day timeframe, with the second session completed no later than three days after the first session.

Post Session Integration

Some people notice a change in their physical body, feeling lighter, more energetic, more in-flow. Their symptoms can disappear as systems work better, their body feels less stressed. Others may become aware of a shift emotionally or psychologically, they may have prophetic dreams, visions, or ‘knowings’, where synchronicity or ESP becomes more noticeable. Others experience a quickening in their life path, relationships, or career. The beauty of this work is that once it meets your field, it goes to where it is needed most, and makes the changes that are to take you forward in the most appropriate way for you. The energy does not need to be consciously directed, or felt at all, as it has a universal intelligence about it that allows it go to where it most needs to be. Whatever happens after your Reconnective Healing experience, be sure to have patience and open your perceptions as you allow the healing to unfold in its own way, in its own time.  We have noticed that some people adapt so quickly to the lightness of the energy that as it integrates quickly, their sense of ‘normal’ absorbs into it.  Other people notice changes they weren’t expecting, such as having an irresistible urge to change their diet, move their body more, modify their career path; they may happen to meet new people, be drawn to read new books, or heal damaged relationships and reconnect with family and friends. Overall, most people report feeling more contentment in themselves and their lives. These things are important aspects of the healing journey. In whatever way it becomes apparent to you, be aware not to limit your experience with expectations. Just see what happens from a state of inquisitive observation over the days, weeks and months following your sessions.   Ultimately, we’re learning to heal ourselves and for this we need to learn to connect more deeply with ourselves, to go inside and understand – through feeling – what we need as we move toward self-healing and wholeness. The benefits strengthen through the three sessions, as your system is filled up with the energies in a progressive way.  Generally most people feel calm, refreshed and revitalised after their attunement. If you have not been looking after yourself, this work can trigger a detoxification process, as your energy system expells emotions and metabolic wastes in the weeks following a session. Please be sure to eat a clean, light diet and drink lots of purified water between meals. Keep a peaceful environment around, avoid big crowds, noise and screen time. Take time out from gaming, social media, and other engagements that are not aligned with your centre. This is a time of integration, a time to be with yourself in a deeper way. Seek out nature and time alone. As emotions and thoughts arise, memories flash in, allow them to pass over, don't hang on to anything, let them go. If anything surfaces, don't attach to it or deny it, just observe it and let it go. The most important thing to remember is that the time that follows your session is unique. Trust that you will receive exactly what you need to support your process; be open, aware and receptive - observe, and don't think too deeply on negative things, take the lesson an allow it to pass. Journaling helps you connect to the messages and guidance that flow through in the weeks and months following your session.  Meditations tend to be deeper after this work, and getting into nature more, reducing stress and slowing supports deep penetration of the work, aligning you to soul consciousness once more.

Levels of Being - Connecting with your higher aspects

Monica Williams - Naturopath, Axiatonal activation

 There is a flow to the energy of life. When you are suffering it is because something is blocking that flow that needs to be unblocked. 


The flow that has been blocked or reached an impasse is what causes the anxiety and pain in your life. This energy needs to be freed so that your life energy can flow again along its intended path.


We complicate life by cerebrally interfering with something that ought only to do with instinct. Overthinking causes you to second guess your intuitive instincts, blocking the natural flow and making you feel lousy.


When energy flows again healing happens naturally. When you align with this flow through intuition, you will naturally follow a life path that keeps the energy flowing and synchronicity will lead you forward.



More of what people say after their Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Activation

Noosa Qld

I have found that since my Axiatonal I feel more peaceful, calm and less snagged on the things that would stress me before. I seem to be less snaggable, like my ego has settled right down and is not running the show anymore.  Within a week of my Axiatonal even my ex-husband was behaving more respectfully toward me, and it has lasted 8 weeks so far.  Now that was a perk I was not expecting!

Axiatonal Activation

Maroochydore Qld

I have been struggling with health problems for many years.  Since finding Monica with her bag of eclectic tricks, I have let go of my past traumas, resolved a past anxiety-trauma trigger, finally was able to changed my diet and let go of a lifelong sugar addiction, lost 15kg, and have launched myself into a new career that I love. Axiatonal Alignment made everything easier. Thanks Monica, your work is so powerful, I am grateful every day.

Axiatonal Activation

Brisbane Qld

I was referred to Monica by a friend because they were sick of hearing me pine over my last relationship.  I was in pain every day. After my session I felt so different. 

I had a lot of realisations and I feel so different now. I am left scratching my head as to what I was troubled by in the first place. 

Brilliant stuff. 

Axiatonal Activation

Melbourne Vic

I saw Monica while we were on holiday in Noosa. I had been feeling lost, existentially and in most areas of my life.  I had my Axiatonal over two days & it was remarkable. I saw so much during my session. I was left with a deep, deep sense of peace and connection, I have never felt it before. Now when I feel disconnected I tune in to the energy and the calm returns. Amazing.

Monica Williams - Naturopath, Axiatonal Activation

Cooroy Mountain

Axiatonal Activation

California USA

Axiatonal Activation

Immediately after the session I felt very relaxed and grounded. I feel as though I have come back to present time and on all levels I am present here. I also feel a general feeling of love and connection.

It has now been a few months since I had my attunement with Monica and I still feel extremely grounded and relaxed. I am much calmer generally (especially with my children), and I find that I am able to let things go so easily; the things that used to bug me truly don't bother me now. I would say that I feel inner peace - not in an intellectual sense, it is something I feel in my body. Incidents and stresses show up in my life every now and again but I don't dwell on them like I did before. I can move on and get back to present time much quicker than I did before having my Axiatonal Alignment. It's lovely. It is feeling normal for me now, I only remember when my husband gives me that surprised look. He is also very happy with the new (less wound- up) me.

I met Monica at a training in Los Angeles in early 2017. Since our meeting we have been doing long distance healing sessions with each other. During our last session I experienced a profound healing. It felt as though layers were being shed, as the blocks to my intuition as well as other limitations that had been holding me back were cleared layer by layer. Keep in mind Monica is in Australia and I’m in California.


It was so amazing, it felt like Monica was in the room with me. After the session, we talked and many of the things I experienced she had as well! Since our sessions I have noticed I am so much more in tune with my intuition and am experiencing a new sense of  freedom as I step into my authentic self.


Thank you, Monica, I am just so grateful!!

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