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Biological Resonance Therapy

Biological Resonance Therapy

The body is a molecular system of biochemicals made up of molecules, atoms, subatomic particles all connected by electromagnetic bonds. Every bond has a resonant frequency with which it resonates. Water runs the fgel matrix inside cells that causes a conductive medium which acts as a semiconductor network that can change information at resonance frequency which produces amplitude vibrations and this is how the body works. We are all quantum biological beings. Directing healing to this level makes sense if a person wants to enhance their vitality and healing capacity.


Biological resonance refers to the biophysical application of electrons, resonant to specific tissues and processes in the body, for the purpose of leveraging the body's innate electrical and fluid matrix as a semiconductor of frequencies for healing. This approach can potentially have a healing effect on the body, as demonstrated by various studies and applications, to:

·          Energy boost - increase cellular energy (ATP) by up to 500% - this gives tissues access to greater resources to restore function naturally

·          Circulation - Increase vascularity and blood perfusion by 39% - improving oxygenation, nourishment and detoxification of tissues

·          increase collagen repair and growth by up to 39% (which is actually unheard of) - aids in skin and tissue healing

·          Tissue integrity - increases elastin by 48% - elastin is important for soft tissue repair without hardening and restriction of scar tissue, as well as strong repair of tissues when injury occurs. Without supple tissues, the body is more likely to sustain injury and repeated injury of the original poorly repaired site improve cell signalling to support the restoration and normalisation of cell function


The body is an electromagnetic system and cells function as a semiconductor network that conveys current, charge and information throughout the system in an interactional manner.


The observable effects of treatment include:

1.        Immediate changes in tissues - the tissue being treated tangibly softens when the correct frequencies are used

2.        Immediate changes in sensation - the practitioner and the client both feel the changes

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)  is a way to relieve pain using very low levels of electrical current that resonate specifically with the tissues, organs or areas being treatment. This treatment option can be used on specific tissues in your body involved in health issues, to remove the blocks and strains that are obstructive to healing. During FSM treatment, specific frequencies are chosen to reduce inflammation, scarring, trauma, bruising, swelling, enhance vitality, improve secretions, restore function, repair tissue and reduce pain. It’s painless to receive, and can be applied to a wide range of conditions for the purpose of helping the body to heal itself more efficiently, naturally and wisely.

More on Frequency Specific Microcurrent HERE

Bicom Bioresonance Rx

I use this where there is a history of infections, allergies and underlying toxicities that may be blocking and obstructing the healing process in the body. 

I find this work to be helpful for (for example):

- allergies, MCAS, CIRS 

- food intolerances 

- hayfever

- sensitivities

- immune reactions

- post vaccine symptoms or recovery

- post-Covid lingering symptoms

More on Bicom here

Scalar Wave - Resetting tissue patterns

Scalar waves are self-contained three-dimensional waves that are non-linear and able to disseminate throughout the body via the crystalline lattices that make up the body's elaborate collagen and fascial networks.


Scalar waves increase the energy covalent of every hydrogen atom in the body (verified by spectrography). This is significant because hydrogen bonds are what hold DNA together.

I will often use this process before treatments where there has been adaptation or trauma, to clear the area before applying other treatment energies. It helps stubborn problems greatly, typically those that haven't responded to other treatments. 

The Symptom is Not the Problem

Many modalities mistake symptoms as the problem. Symptoms are simply signposts that should direct us to the cause of dysfunction. Symptoms are usually reflective of the body's attempt to heal itself. Like locking down a muscle group if there is a nerve glued to the fascia between muscles to protect it.


The body is wise, everything it does it does to protect and support you.  When we undertake a treatment program we are always asking:

1.        What tissue is it?

2.        What is happening to it? What does it need?

3.        Why? What is the body trying to do?


This very process can lead us to the cause and help us understand what is going on. The frequencies always work, when they don’t, it is because it is not what is needed. When it does, it tells us what was happening.


Why Biological Resonance?

Because it is holistic, and speaks the language of your body. Living tissue is made up of biochemicals, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, held together by electromagnetic bonds, and every bond has a resonant frequency.  All cells are semiconductors, filled with a gel lattice lined with water molecules to form structurs that turn the membranes into semiconductors. As a result, they conduct a rapid flow of current and information. Membrane proteins are reconfigured in response to the information delivered by biological resonance.


Your practitioner will bring together all the modalities to support you in a holistic way. Sessions are directed to working with the underlying factors at play.  With the skill and insight of your practitioner, Biological Resonance Therapy can be a useful addition to your health recovery plan. 

Central to many health problems sits the Vagus Nerve. This process works with vagal tone which makes it extremely useful when helping people through health challenges. 

The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus controls the body systems via the medulla and limbic system centres. The vagus notifies the stress centres about infection, stress and trauma, activating the stress response and turning it off when the danger has passed (or not turning it off the stress response in chronic infection, chronic stress or chronic trauma, keeping the Vagus suppressed). 

When the vagus becomes suppressed digestion slows, inflammation increases, cortisol increases, and antidiuretic hormone is suppressed so you’re up all night weeing or peeing all day. If the stress response gets stuck on, working with the vagus is the only way to switch the body out of the stress response safely.

If there is a chronic disruption of the vagal control centres in the central and peripheral nervous systems, a state known as ‘Central Sensitisation’ can occur. This is where the stress centres in the midbrain become hyper-responsive, firing off at anything and everything, and driving an overactivation of the stress response to everyday normal life experiences. We see this is post traumatic stress disorder, OCD, panic disorder, anxiety, and chronic pain. A chronically deactivated vagal function will cause increased hypervigilance states. The downstream effect can be far reaching, driving chronic systemic inflammation, digestive problems, SIBO, chronic infections, auto-immunity, allergies, CIRS, MCAS, IBD, IBS, depression, anxiety, addictions  - all downstream effects of disrupted vagal function.


When vagal function is reactivated, a whole range of these downstream issues can resolve naturally, by the body itself. 


Sessions are 90 minutes long, with the treatment running for 60 minutes. When you arrive we will review and assess your progress, then you will lie down and damp, conductive wraps will be applied to key areas of the body.. Typically, two different microcurrent channels are employed, each set at specific frequencies, and 3-4 devices will be used at the same time.


Ensuring adequate hydration before your session is crucial as it helps the body take up the energy, so be sure to consume plenty of fluids in the days leading up to your appointment.

The CE certified, TGA registered FSM device delivers specific frequencies that are subsensory, you will not feel them. During the treatment, you might experience a gentle warmth and a softening sensation in the affected tissues, signifying the therapeutic effects of the microcurrents.


How many sessions? 

Following an initial Naturopathic appointment, most conditions typically require four to six sessions. However, complex and chronic conditions may necessitate additional sessions, while acute, short-term issues might need fewer. Each session typically lasts 90 minutes.

Naturopathic Foundations

All of my work is undertaken on the foundation principles of Naturopathy. Understanding how the body heals itself, the improtants of vital force and biochemical alignment are essential to human health and healing in my world.


Working with Biological resonance allows us to work together to support what your body needs to move you forward to be able to enjoy the kind of life you were born to live.


Many modalities mistake symptoms as the problem. Symptoms are reflective of the body's attempt to heal itself. Acknowledging these signs and delving into the root cause and drivers is essential to devising a comprehensive healing strategy. Monica's sessions are longer for this reason, tailored to understand and support each client's unique healing journey and what their body needs to heal itself better.

& Frequency Specific Microcurrent

This combination of therapies is able to support the body no matter what the challenge, some of which include: 

Abdominal Scars.jpg
Brain Sketch
Tummy Trouble
Hand Reaching Out
Beautiful Smile

Want more information on FSM? 

Dr Carolyn McMakin describes her understanding of how low frequency energy therapy interacts with the body in these informative links. 


No claims are made in the presentation of this information or the outcomes of this treatment. These sessions do not replace medical care. We value an interactive and complementary relationship with your medical and complimentary team, and work well with chiropractors, osteopaths, physios and speech therapists. 

Sessions with Monica

Monica has been working holistically and compassionately with people for over 25 years. Book a Free15 consultation to see if this modality is suited to you.

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